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Air Vent Tip Featured on Citizen Free Press

Posted by Jeff Id on August 15, 2022

Citizen free press is one of the worlds largest news sites. I left a tip with a screenshot of the money paragraph and a link to the contract signed by Obama’s organization in conjunction with the head of NARA (National Archives and Records Administration.

Link to Citizen Free Press here

Obama had everything from his presidency in private storage completely under his own control. For years after he left office. It is very important that people recognize just how crooked the search of Trump’s home was.

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A Signed 2018 contract providing proof that OBAMA kept classified documents outside of government control — for years.

Posted by Jeff Id on August 14, 2022

A signed contract providing proof that Obama held documents in a non-government facility for years.

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When the largest government in the world is against you.

Posted by Jeff Id on August 14, 2022

Just fyi, I HATE the new wordpress editor.

Nearly 1000 “News” articles were written to show that OBAMA (aka, messiah) did NOT hold ALL 30 million presidential documents for YEARS- without government oversight.

News flash — they lied.

All of them lied.

Some headlines.

Some content …..

Some reality..


The proof …. Right from the OBAMA foundation.

An estimated 20 truckloads of documents, including classified information, sure to contain nuclear secrets, not in control of NARA — two years after the big guy left office.

The below paragraph fro the link above was signed by the head of the Obama foundation, Robbin Cohen…AND NARA

The Hoffman estates facility was NOT controlled, the documents there were FULLY recognized as classified. This was two years after leaving office.

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I’m 8% Smarter Than My Wife Told me I was

Posted by Jeff Id on August 13, 2022

from 2008

Global warming is a serious issue, we are facing the reality that the poles are melting, species are facing extinction, more powerful storms are possible, drought, famine with billions of dollars in cost expected. It can be helped though, we can stop it, we just need to reduce our CO2 by 30% in 25 years. The non-profit intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) has determined that that we must act now to stop it before it reaches the tipping point.

It shouldn’t be too hard either the CO2 level has reached 380 parts per million from 300 parts per million that the earth intended. If we stop producing CO2 we can do it. After all CO2 is only 0.038 percent of the atpmosphere and we have only caused it to rise by 80 parts per million or 0.008% change in atmospheric concentration, how hard can it be.

CO2 is a weak global warming gas, so you might ask how can a concentration change of 0.00008 in 1 or 0.008percent increase in the atmospheric concentration can heat the planet. It works because the CO2 creates an increased formation of moisture in the atmosphere as Clouds. And moisture IS a strong global warming gas an estimated 25 times stronger than CO2. This water vapor is clearly the driver but its presence in the atmosphere is increased because of the 0.00008 to 1 increase in CO2.

Scientists have modeled this in computers, they don’t have any way to measure how much water vapor is created due to CO2 directly. However, by adjusting the parameters according to certain assumptions they can show a global increase in temperature of as much as 6 degrees C. What is worse is with more complex assumptions we may be reaching the tipping point to where the climate change cannot be stopped. If we don’t lower the CO2 to a man made contribution of 0.00006 to 1, we are in for trouble.

By government regulation or cap and trade systems we can decrease our output of CO2. The intergovernmental panel on climate change has determined that the money from increasing taxation will be used by the world governments to invest in the implementation of alternative energy, educating the public, conservation and through this massive effort we can stop this disaster before it happens. The increased taxation and limitation on use of oil will not hurt our economy it will help it by creating new jobs and new investment opportunities. The increased taxation on oil will reduce our usage and help us to switch to a “sustainable” energy like biofuel, wind or solar.

The scientists have been called into question in the past but today, they have reached a consensus. Man is heating the earth. Sure there are still some deniers but they don’t work for the unbiased government agencies they usually work for big oil so naturally they are biased and cannot be trusted.

What is needed is more investment in unbiased government research, government regulation must be expanded, tax incentives for energy efficient products, government investment in the development of new technology must be expanded, more money is needed for all governments to work together to educate and increase the public awareness of global warming and the need for conservation.

The world must join us now at this critical juncture, the UN knows what to do.

Do you see any problem with this argument? Are the government scientists to be trusted?

Common sense for common goals.

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Moving the Thimble

Posted by Jeff Id on August 13, 2022

Odd how time flies.

this was the news in 2019, known to contain truckloads of information including classified presidential records from the Obama administration. Now the feds want you to believe it was declassified.

Another version in 2016 – no mention of classified materials but the expense was 11 million for 74,000 sq feet over only 6 years.


The above, right from

Emily Shaw — aka “yaky duck” — Wayback machine copy


In addition to these born-digital records, a vast body of unclassified physical materials is currently in storage outside Chicago, in a facility staffed by a team of experienced NARA archivists. This physical archive includes roughly 30 million pages of paper and more than 30,000 artifacts of all kinds: clothing, artwork, keepsakes, memorabilia, and more. Our NARA colleagues are already hard at work preserving these historical records, and they will begin to make some of them available to the public on or before January 20, 2022, five years after the end of the administration.

In 2017, more than 20 truckloads of paper were moved to the defunct Plunkett furniture warehouse within minutes of the Obama’s residence.

In October 2018 these huge amounts of records were UNCLASSIFIED according to Obama’s propaganda minister Emily Shaw. Oddly enough, the entire pile of 30 million documents had been reviewed by october 2018 per this link. And of course the Obama’s did nothing wrong.

The classified records have been relocated to the National Archives at College Park, MD, to facilitate their review for declassification as part of the work by the National Declassification Center (established by President Obama via Executive Order 13526) and in keeping with recommendations of the Public Interest Declassification Board.

Stranger though was that FOUR months after these unclassified documents were to be archived, this Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2019, between the Barack Obama foundation and the National archives included this text:

I have no Idea why these folks thought that unclassified documents had any form of classification requirements.

This screen copy indicates that in 2019 the documents were still within the Hoffman site previously identified to hold classified information.

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Hoffman Estates

Posted by Jeff Id on August 13, 2022

Back in the day, we called this JUMPING THE SHARK

Current titles from the media overloards of truth —“Obama didn’t keep millions of classified White House documents. ” Remember that bit.

Old headlines — No Obama documents in Obama library? Historians puzzled by Chicago center plans

Obama’s physical records are currently in a private facility in Illinois

October 17, 2017

So Hoffman estates was located oddly close to Obama quite a few months after he left the presidency. The leftists are claiming it didn’t happen. On this GOVERNMENT site, this is the claim:

The classified records have been relocated to the National Archives at College Park, MD, to facilitate their review for declassification as part of the work by the National Declassification Center (established by President Obama via Executive Order 13526) and in keeping with recommendations of the Public Interest Declassification Board.

Relocated from where, and relocated from when?

Well, my link came from the wayback machine as the site the link used to exist at has been modified. Who had control of the records you ask. Whellll the wonderful and effluvient Emily Shaw of the OBAMA foundation of course.

Because why not.

With this agreement in place, our cross-organizational working group is now putting the finishing touches on a Request for Proposals for a vendor-partner to carry out the work this project will entail. That includes digitizing roughly 30 million pages of content and creating metadata to enable NARA to preserve, search, and provide access to these historical records under the Presidential Records Act (PRA), alongside more than 500 million digital records that were transferred from the White House at the end of the Obama Administration.

Just as a reminder. The current propaganda straight from the never lying government is this:

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) assumed exclusive legal and physical custody of Obama Presidential records when President Barack Obama left office in 2017, in accordance with the Presidential Records Act (PRA). NARA moved approximately 30 million pages of unclassified records to a NARA facility in the Chicago area where they are maintained exclusively by NARA. Additionally, NARA maintains the classified Obama Presidential records in a NARA facility in the Washington, DC, area. As required by the PRA, former President Obama has no control over where and how NARA stores the Presidential records of his Administration.

So I need to end this post. I think a summary will suffice……..

Current news says Obama didn’t take any classified documents from the whitehouse, and Trump lied that he did. Trump had 15 boxes of KNOWN information that he himself declassified. Obama had 20 TRUCKS of information that was not declassified moved to an abandoned furniture store minutes from his own home. Public documents scrubbed from the national archives site confirm that he later was working to contract with private agencies to officially distribute the information per his own team’s decisions.

Obama’s entire record spent months unobserved and in the care of Plunkett Furniture’s old building.

This whole scam is a farce.

Two hours of wasted time, and how easy was it to discredit the entire MAIN story of the media …

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Just so you know, the idiots are scrubbing the internet again.

Posted by Jeff Id on August 13, 2022

Strange how this one still made it through:

Old article link

October 12, 2017

Fist the money shot:

The Tribune reported that while Obama’s physical records are currently in a private facility in Illinois, they will likely be shipped to locations in and around Washington, D.C. One upside for organizers to keeping documents out of the presidential center, according to the report, is that officials could skirt certain federal standards for construction.

So this pertains to the 30 million records which the LEFTIST, fake news is now reporting lying about in the press, were not actually in possession of Obama, months after he left office.

I think in this case it’s such a massive amount of material that it will be important to see how they are able to deliver it and make it easy to search,” Glowacki told the Tribune.

Below is the admission that many of the documents that were being stored in a “private facility” were classified.

NARA told the Tribune that the classified documents from Obama’s presidency will be stored in an existing facility in Washington, while the non-classified documents probably will be stored in a NARA facility outside the district.

Try to find any of this online — good luck.

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Zero Feedback

Posted by Jeff Id on August 10, 2022

Does any of my tens of accidental or otherwise readers, imagine that this blatant and disgusting federal corruption has any feedback mechanism to prevent it growing worse?

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele on Trump FBI Raid: ‘What Would the U.S. Say’ if I Did That?

There are no consequences for vote fraud

or corruption in FISA

or lying in impeachment trials

or raiding of political opponents homes

or taking massive payouts from foreign countries in exchange for state decisions


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Posted by Jeff Id on August 9, 2022

It is not typical for a search warrant to be executed without actually going for a specific item. The courts give permission for the item and the officers are only allowed to take items matching the warrant. In Trump’s case, it is reported that boxes of papers were taken without the agents actually reviewing them.

There is a reason for this, and we may only guess what that reason is. This is my guess:

The reason that the FIB took the boxes from Trump’s house without looking in them, is that it didn’t matter what was in them today. They simply need a plausible container in which to plant the evidence.

Can you imagine how impossible it will be for Trump to prove he didn’t have whatever classified document the FIB plants?

The corruption of this government is beyond question. In Socialism, fascism, communism etc… large central government leads to grift and corruption, our founders warned us of such things.

Political prisoners are a feature of the system, not a bug.

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Vote fraud

Posted by Jeff Id on August 8, 2022

Kari Lake almost had an Arizona primary stolen by massive vote fraud. Their fraud system was overwhelmed with real voters. Numerically, that will be a problem when the real election is held.

People don’t like numbers though so they don’t understand that.

Michigan had lots of fraud as well. Those nice people in Oakland are really showing up to vote.

More ballots voted for a zero competition candidate than voted for the republican primary. Good news if you like prolonged serfdom. In KKKalamazoo Michigan, a hard left area only a tiny fraction more 26,000 vs 25000 voted for Whitless – for no discernible reason.

The Michigan GOP pushed Tudor Dixon as the candidate of choice, despite the fact that she was the least popular candidate for any voter when the governor race started. Trump refused to endorse anyone until a couple of days before the election and then it was Tudor.

Very disappointing.

Trump’s biggest failure has long been his hiring practices. We can only hope that we get something better than witless as governor. She’s been horrifically authoritarian and a complete disaster for the state. Humans have proven one thing though, they do not fear being owned and controlled by others so they will continue to vote for the authoritarians without concern.

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Gateway Pundit Video

Posted by Jeff Id on February 9, 2021

We have a video of a vehicle which is timed with the large Michigan vote drop in Wayne county. I don’t have time to expand on it but as I previously discussed and showed, this is the single most statistically anomalous event in the country. The odds of it being a real sampling of voter opinion were astronomically against. Now, after all votes in all precincts are nearing completion, a van drives up and drops off a huge load of ballots in the early morning hours when counting would typically near completion. There is no legally plausible explanation for so many ballots being delivered so late after voting completed. They are all in very neat post office boxes not being delivered by the post office. The van does seem to be rushing a bit for government work too.

Link to the article is here.

Statistically, the regional one-sided results are not within the realm of reason. Some of the clues as to how the fraud was perpetuated are coming to light.

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The Future of America

Posted by Jeff Id on January 8, 2021

I do love Trump.

He did nothing wrong and shouldn’t panic. The problem is that he still wants to run so he’s afraid of the lack of support. Same problem a lot of politicians have.

In my opinion, the presidency is a job you take ONLY when you really don’t want the job. The fake conservative party is the true road kill this time. We see them very clearly right now. It will change my votes from now until the end of time. None of those conservatives who did not fight for truth are good enough. Not one.

The fight now shifts folks. Now we need to organize and fight for the citizen right to vote. Voting as a human right. Voting only once, as anything else is the theft of anther’s most basic human right. If each invested party (citizen) votes once and only once, then common sense will win and the uni-party fails.

Today common sense is wholly owned by true conservatives. Those who believe in the conservation of rule of law as a means of governance and believe in following and conserving the constitution as written. The left today isn’t John Kennedy’s party and doesn’t have a nickel’s worth of sense to rub together. There is no gray area where Democrats meet that low bar today so by its nature, this is a conservative (not Republican) cause.

It will be a long battle but the battle exists and must be met. I plan to find any organization, any method, any people who are like minded and will do my part to correct this destruction of human dignity. It cannot stand, or there will be war and strife for our children. Decisions cannot be made by a minority or those with no stake in the outcome. We left our children massive debt, a pile of laws so large that you cannot follow them, and a dysfunctional POS government which doesn’t adhere to its own law.

Time to fix it.

What drives me personally is data. Simple calculations from this election show that the vote fraud by Democrats was 20 million illegal votes. These are 20 million actual humans who’s right to vote has been stolen. Their most basic dignity taken in the dark of night such that bad people can alter government for the sole purpose of self. This is 30% over what their true support was in this election. We have two to four years to clean it up. No more.

It isn’t impossible, but it’s damned close. I will not yet go to war physically, but the cold war that we are forced into needs an army. We must monitor, expose and place everything we find in the eye of the public. Every rule must be examined and corrected. Lawyers, programmers, analysts, arm-chair sleuths. Anyone with an interest in fairness, human rights and the correct application of the rule of law now has an obligation.

I’m sorry for your new jobs folks. You lost a lot of your future time but the cause is just and you were not given a choice.

Find any way you can help.

do it.

I will.

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Early Socialism in USA

Posted by Jeff Id on January 5, 2021

Grocery stores have been full here for my half-century of experience. I’ve never seen a real shortage of items of any kind. That was prior to COVID. Since then, we’ve had a lot of empty shelves. They are continuing to be more empty even now, nearly a year later. Not enough to be more than an irritant, but not what I’ve seen in the past.

Absenteeism is incredibly high across all businesses and supply of goods is difficult across most products now. It is also universally difficult to hire people, better than 6 months ago but very difficult. People have money and don’t really need to work.

In addition, in our leftist state, I believe that we have widespread unemployment fraud. A fair fraction of which may have been done intentionally by the state labor department. I say that based on little information but it is impossible to reach them, they have made false claims of attempted contacts and people are being paid full unemployment when legally they are not entitled. I believe this may be occurring because some of the work-at-home state employees, aren’t doing actual work. Either way, non-working people still have money in general because the governments of states like mine are handing it out.

I hope the trend changes soon. These shutdowns do nothing for COVID health and do a lot of damage to supply.

What happens when demand is high and supply is low?

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Georgia Hearings on Vote Fraud

Posted by Jeff Id on December 31, 2020

The link below is to a YouTube video of the fiery Georgia hearings yesterday on vote fraud. It confirms the results of my previous post on Georgia very strongly. Dead voters, fake addresses, fake names. etc.. I must be naive because these came in with very much higher percentages of bad votes than I had ever suspected. The data presented in this blog not only supports all of the claims but the voting data couldn’t have the patterns shown here without wide-spread ballot manufacture.

In addition Arizona held an event where citizens have been canvassing the neighborhoods for addresses with cast votes, looking for irregularities. They’ve found very high percentages of fraudulent votes (ten to thirty percent). Some folks have single letter names “A.Q.” and people who voted numerous times from the same address, under slightly tweaked names and birth dates. Also, some were even registered at state parks and offices as home address.

These fraudulent votes are NO accident. These are the result of a wide-spread plot to manufacture and distribute ballots by one party and only one party. They are caught red-handed and Rudy Giuliani made the point that this is only going to get bigger with time.

I wonder why YouTube hasn’t blocked it yet.

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Regional Georgia Vote Analysis

Posted by Jeff Id on December 26, 2020


Georgia election law in 2020 was changed to allow mail in ballots in a manner which circumvented the need for presentation of voter identification.  The reasons for this requirement are something reasonable people disagree on, but lack of voter identification presents a situation where voter fraud is of real concern. How would one determine whether a ballot was valid or whether someone had voted for another?  It is clear from witness testimony that in this 2020 election a large number of issues were identified during the vote count related to ballot identification.  Reports of these issues are widespread and included; same signature hundreds of times, consecutive addresses, vans full of ballots showing up late at night, individuals feeding ballots repeatedly into the counters, mismatched signatures, improper adjudication.  These issues persisted mostly across contested battleground states where election laws were changed in a similar manner to Georgia.

This study was directed at Georgia alone and was directed toward identifying and highlighting voting anomalies which would be expected if wide-spread vote manufacturing had occurred by either party.   The results are very clear and indicate that wide-spread vote fraud was initiated by some mechanism and was limited specifically to the Democrat party in Georgia.

Discussion and data:

The Presidential vote in Georgia county level voting tells an as yet unreported and significant story.  There are a group of just over a dozen Democrat leaning counties across Georgia which had very large increases in active Democrat voters in 2020 and particularly since 2012.  The problem occurs in that these counties increases were inexplicably missing the corresponding increases in Republican votes.  Other Georgia counties behaved as expected where both Democrat and Republican votes changed at or near historically anticipated ratios. The detail for all counties is reported in this article, however there are 4 very large counties in the Atlanta region can highlight the significance of the problem outlined here.  The four counties in particular are: De Kalb, Fulton, Cobb and Gwinett.  These were identified entirely by their change in Democrat votes from 2016 to 2020 (Figure 3).  In 2012, these four counties were split with two voting Republican and two voting Democrat and they voted in total 59% Democrat.   What is shown below is that these split-voting counties produced approximately 400,000 NEW Democrat votes in 2020 as compared to the 2012 election,  with an approximate net change of ZERO for Republicans.  The anomalies in these four counties are not the limit of the problem.   In the anomalous counties identified below, 98% of the votes went entirely to the Democrats whereas when the same methods are used on Republican votes, no anomalies exist.

In the plots below, pay attention to the scale at the right side on these plots as it does change.  Figures 1 and 2 are Democrat ONLY votes, Republican votes are not considered here and the change in votes represents the gains or losses from the previous election year.

Figure 1 shows 2016 and highlights the increases in the Atlanta region of Democrat votes during the 2016 election vs the 2012 election.

Figure 1

Figure 2 shows large scale increases in 2020, again in the Atlanta area of Democrat votes, this time from the Trump/Clinton 2016 election.  So we have two elections in a row where large scale vote additions were made in the Atlanta region.   Figure 3 shows the total for the two elections.

Figure 2

Figure 3 shows the 4 counties in Georgia identified in the summary.  They have added 393,000 votes for Democrats since 2012.  There were only 3.8 Million votes in Georgia in 2012 so this is an addition of 10% more total votes across the state of Georgia just in these 4 counties which is very significant in relationship to the margin of victory for Democrats in the 2020 election.  Below the 4 counties highlighted in the summary above, they are the only counties which plotted in red.

Figure 3

Figure 4 highlights three counties in the Atlanta area showing more than 2x the number of Democrat votes (greater than 100%), with the bright red county showing an increase in Democrat voters of nearly 3 times. These over 100% counties are different counties than the four referred to in the summary which is again why this problem is not localized to the four discussed above.   Most of the counties in the Atlanta area showed large increases in solely Democrat vote totals.  Some other counties below did show a large percentage increase but didn’t have a significant number of voters.  I sorted by that effect towards the end of the post.

Figure 4

As stated above, Georgia implemented new voting laws in 2020 which circumvented voter identification for mail-in ballots.  If all groups were treated equally, we would expect to see an equal (or at least similar) change in Republican votes in those same regions.  These following plots of Republican votes didn’t support that reasonable expectation, and our four counties found themselves highlighted yet again in 2016 for Republican vote losses, this time in green.

Figure 5


In Figure 5 above, from 2012 to 2016 the Republicans saw moderate gains in each county except for the Atlanta region where they lost large numbers of votes.

Figure 6 shows these votes as a percentage of the total votes.  These percentage graphs are only of Republican votes.  Republican votes went down dramatically in 2016 near Atlanta only, with increases almost everywhere else in the state.

Figure 6 – percentage change in Republican only votes.

Oddly, Figure 7 shows that from 2016 to 2020, the largest increase in vote for Republicans was in those same Atlanta counties. Again, Figure 7 represents Republican vote changes only.  At first glance, this seems consistent with the 2020 increase in total Democrat voters in this area but careful checking reveals that they were received at a much smaller ratio than the split voter base.

Figure 7

Keen observers might note that the Atlanta region Republican increases between 2016 and 2020 were very similar in magnitude and location to the losses from 2012-2016.   It’s like those same voters moved out in 2016 and came back for 2020.

Figure 8 shows the differences in Republican vote totals from 2012 to today.    The Atlanta region is again interesting because several of the counties which saw huge improvements in Democrat votes have NO significant increase in Republican votes.  Also, our favorite 4 counties show almost zero change for the Republicans.

Figure 8

Figure 9 shows the percentage change in Republican votes is added simply for comparison to the percentage change in Democrat votes Figure 4.  Our 4 counties show a change in votes of 4%, -9%, 0% and -4% for Republicans, whereas they showed state-wide record losses of Republican voters in 2016.  A summation shows that the Republicans had an approximate net zero change in votes between 2012-2020 despite the massive pro-Democrat addition of votes in this area during the same timeframe.

Figure 9


Below is the percentage share of total vote increase that went to Democrats. Values near 100% are particularly concerning.   Percentage values in Figure 10 often represent minimal changes in the total number of votes which makes the next figure (Figure 10) difficult to read, but it is added for completeness. I’ve sorted this problem out out for us in Figures 11 – 13.

Figure 10 –  Percentage increase in Democrat votes vs increase in Total votes in each county from 2012 –  2020


In figure 11, I’ve sorted by large changes in total vote >60,000 and our favorite 4 counties showed up again and are 94%, 109%, 100% and 108%.   This indicates that ALL of the new votes in these four counties went exclusively to the Democrat party. 


Figure 11

The shocking bit of data from these 4 counties is the total vote change since 2012.

Democrat vote change -> 393,717 Votes

Republican vote change -> -5608 Votes

Percent of Democrat votes of the total vote increase in these 4 (Figure 11) counties is 101%

These four counties voted 41% Republican in 2012 and showed zero gain in Republican votes since that time.

Below is another sorting of Figure 10 which shows the problem is not fully isolated to these 4 counties.  This plot is all counties where the additional votes went over 75% to Democrats and having a net change in total votes of greater than 5000 votes.

Figure 12


The total vote changes for these counties were:

Democrat vote change -> 529,118 Votes

Republican vote change -> 7825 Votes

Percent of Democrat votes of the total vote increase in these (Figure 12) counties is 98.5% (Again, functionally ALL new votes went to the Democrats in these counties.)

These counties voted 41% Republican in 2012 and 33% in 2020.

Figure 13 is the same plot as Figure 12. It is offered simply for comparison and uses the same filters as Figure 12 but is reverse by party.

Figure 13

The data for these improvements in Republican shifting counties was:

Democrat vote change -> 25451 Votes
Republican vote change -> 86470 Votes
Percent of Republican votes of the total vote increase in these counties is 81%
Percent of total Republican vote in these counties in 2012 was 81%

Democrat vote change 25451
Republican vote change 86470

Percent of the vote change that went to Republicans – 77.3%
Percent of the vote which went Republican in 2012 – 74%
Percent of the vote which went Republican in 2020 – 75%

Minimal change in vote ratio is exactly what you would expect in a typical election.


Counties which showed large percentage improvements for Republican votes, were in almost exactly the historic and present day county ratio for Republicans and Democrats.  This means that in those counties, voting proceeded as expected in 2020.   In the counties of Figure 12, widespread voting increases went EXCLUSIVELY for a the Democrat party.  By identifying problematic counties and looking at the differences in vote count above, it is unavoidable to conclude that a wide-spread vote-manufacturing process was initiated to take advantage of the changes in voter law.  The regional distribution means these votes are unlikely to have been created by a computer software, but rather by manufactured votes. These votes appeared to have been distributed around the state to democrat leaning counties and are in the magnitude of >500,000 votes.   A forensic sampling of the ballots counted and applications should reveal similarities in large fractions of these new votes regarding ink type, signatures and other expected flaws.   The sheer magnitude of the half million one-sided votes means that Georgia’s presidential election was flipped by these votes to the Democrat party.


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