A Novel Method To Produce Votes

Reader “another ian”, pointed to an article from American Thinker which put an article up which appears to have significance in terms of citizen election fraud investigation. After all, we know the leftist FIB and DOJ aren’t going to do it. I have long maintained that ballot harvesting, where legitimate ballots are picked up from legitimate voters and delivered on their behalf is not what is shown by the election statistics. Many people don’t like math, but harvesting doesn’t get you 20 sigma off the bell curve for the areas involved BUT ballot stuffing/manufacturing does.

To make a mail-in or drop-off ballot, you need voter identification information (signature/address etc., no photo) and a ballot. In many states, this has become a simple signature. However, it is widely known that signatures are not being checked, still the signature is helpful in ensuring that a reasonable facsimile can be written. I’ve also long maintained that people are getting access to this voting data and using them to produce ballots for typical non-voters. Registered voters who’ve moved or apathetic voters or even fake voters. This minimizes the number of people who show up to vote, only to find that they have already voted.

There are still large numbers of claims of people being told they had already voted, this is to be expected in a bulk data procedure like I’m describing. As mail-in voters increase in the future, we can expect a reduction in the number of voters who are aware that their real ballot is not being counted as someone from the county would have to contact you directly.

My point is however, that the two requirements (a ballot and identification information) can be achieved a number of different ways. Database access being the best. Here is a person collecting ballot envelopes from the trash by the hundreds on the weekend after Christmas 2021 in Arizona.

This, however, is the new big news:

County election managers change the zip code of 31,000 voters on September 3. Ballots go out that week.  Those 31,000 are undeliverable.  Someone collects those valid ballots.  On September 15th, those addresses are quietly changed back. 

In the article, the data sleuths claim to have purchased voter registration addresses immediately before and immediately after mail in ballots are sent out. They found that 31,000 voters had their zip codes changed before mailing and then corrected just after. This would cause those mail in ballots to be un-deliverable and returned to the post office as blank ballots with the voters addresses on them. The scale of this is sufficient to change elections and this is only one county.

Directly before ballots ship, addresses are modified, directly after, changed back.

It’s interesting that these data sleuths came up with the exact same formula for fraud that I’ve been explaining since 2020. Ballots are being manufactured for non-voters. I’ve told you and told you, there are no large scale harvesting operations going on in states where it is illegal.

  • Count the in-person votes on election day. 
  • Count the early, in-person votes. 
  • Shut down the system (Atlanta water leak, Maricopa County everything). 
  • Bring in undeliverable ballots gathered when you changed voters’ names, addresses, or zip codes, then changed them back.
  • Determine the votes you need to win.  Press the “WIN” button.
  • Wait for the Republicans to file a lawsuit months later.

There are scant specifics in the article so nobody without the database can independently verify the validity of these claims. I would be interested in knowing which county was involved because simply looking at the vote history in the county since mail-in started should reveal a shift of similar magnitude to the numbers taken.

This fraud should be investigated by law enforcement as there will be database and video camera trails to follow in the area of the data server. These culprits are very likely currently identifiable by the police and completely exposed. I would be happy to take some weeks off and do it for them but I’m just a citizen and would need access.

I am hoping we will hear more on this one. For instance, where does the undelivered mail go, and can we get video from that area?

Election Interference in Arizona

Law is a funny sport. Almost continually, we have one political side distorting words and taking things in a context which suits them and another side trying to follow the intent of the law, except when they don’t either. Judges have far too much power in our society and there are zero punishments for their blatant lies. This time, a suit was dismissed against Arizona, by a Janet Napolitano appointed judge, Randall Warner. The suit was initiated by candidate Abe Hamadeh about the ‘smack you in the face’ obvious’ election corruption in Arizona.

The FAKE, LIAR reason is spectacularly similar to all the reasons Trump’s cases were dismissed and the reason my attempted Michigan suit was denied — it is too soon and Results Must Be Certified First.

Remember in Pennsylvania, they threw out a lawsuit challenging the rule changes which allowed the fraud after the election, which is exactly what I tried to do before the election in Michigan but was told I had no standing as no damage had been done.

Justice David Wecht, in a concurring statement, wrote that the plaintiffs didn’t challenge Act 77 before the election — gambling, he said, on the outcome.

Here is how this is similar.

Canvassers on the board of Supervisors in Arizona are being told that they must certify the canvas or the Democrat AG will charge them with a felony. Now I can state with certainty, that the requirement of a ‘vote’, means you can legally decide in at least two ways. I can also give you the definition of Canvass.

to examine in detail

specifically: to examine (votes) officially for authenticity

This is not what these folks are being told, and they are literally being threatened by Democrat prosecutors if they do not comply with the vote.

“I found out today that I have no choice but to vote “Aye” or I will be arrested and charged with a felony.”

Ron Gould of the Mohave County Board of Supervisors was told he would be arrested if he did not certify the election.

Mohave was certified under duress. pic.twitter.com/Urt0aWIiyM

— Kari Lake War Room (@KariLakeWarRoom) November 29, 2022

From here

We’ve been informed the entire Yavapai BOS, with one Democrat exception, expressed a belief the election had serious errors, but were told by the County Attorney, Deputy Attorney, & County Administrator they MUST certify today or face Class 6 felony charges.

— Kari Lake War Room (@KariLakeWarRoom) November 29, 2022

And here is what the Democrat attorney’s are claiming against Cochise county in their lawsuit.

Another organization issued a letter of warning which mirrors the lawsuit now filed by the cheating Democrat SOS candidate.

Now, the Board has voted to delay its canvass and condition it upon irrelevant evidence from unknown “experts.” But as you and the Board are no doubt aware—and as State Elections Director Kori Lorick explained to you in her November 21, 2022, letter—Arizona law requires the Board to “meet and canvass the election” no later than “twenty days following the election,” or November 28. A.R.S. § 16-642(A). This ministerial duty is mandatory, not discretionary: the Board “must canvass” the election results and, as stated in the 2019 Elections Procedures Manual (“EPM”), “[t]he Board of Supervisors has a non-discretionary duty to canvass the returns as provided by the County Recorder or other of the laboratories that tested and certified the voting equipment used in Cochise County.

Note the ridiculous language about irrelevant evidence from experts we are not allowed to discuss. They who must not be named!!!

Everything based on Arizona law 16-642(A)

A. The governing body holding an election shall meet and canvass the election not less than six days nor more than twenty days following the election.

Now keeping in mind what the definition of VOTE means and the definition of CANVASS means, we can easily determine that you are NOT REQUIRED TO VOTE YES TOO ANYTHING. The Democrats are using case history, from other Democrat judges, to force this issue.

The election was illegal, I personally can guarantee that I would take their fake asshole felony charge rather than agree that our vote should be lost. Sounds like a nice relaxed vacation of physical and emotional abuse perhaps in a luxurious moldy DC gulag, maybe some broken bones, lack of medical treatment or communication and solitary confinement.

In the meantime, it is not possible that we have to canvass for authenticity, have to cast a aye/nay vote and can’t ever cast a nay. That is a flat lie and nothing but election interference on the part of Arizona Democrats.

It’s Not Harvesting People

Election workers taking ballot envelopes. Signatures, addresses and all required information to vote in this or the next election are included on these. There is no legitimate reason I can think of to take them and plenty of illegitimate ones. Nothing would stop a person from obtaining a blank ballot and submitting it by drop off. Nobody is checking for anything to validate the voters identification. We know that because so few are being rejected.

Later on, after 5:30, the nice young lady collects even more of these. Note how she stuffs it on top of the file drawer for later collection. No filing required.


Economic Destruction

I don’t want to be right about this. I mean I really don’t want to be right, but we’re in for a bit of a rough winter, spring and summer economically. We will be continuing to pay the price for sending the snowflakes home from work during covid, a measure which has zero scientific foundation, but creates a powerful economic cost. Government’s can’t do a thing about weather but they sure can wreck a good working economy. I know people like to point fingers at the other party in government, or the latest foundation-free caricature of an argument, of claiming the whole world has the same problem so it’s not our fault.

What it was, was a manipulation of the politicians like Trump, who had no choice but to react ridiculously in the name of “safety first”. What we found out was that like Climate Science™, government paper cannot cure disease either. Weird, I thought governments were supposed to cure disease?

When you dump free money into the economy, everyone benefits – for a short time. Then you pay the price. Think of it like playing Monopoly with two sets of money. Prices for everything skyrocket very early in the game but all you end up with is higher prices and a bigger stack of worthless paper. The value of an economy is what you produce. Productivity breeds wealth, nothing else does.

Unemployment numbers are great they say, but in October last year in Michigan we had hundreds of thousands less people working, we have still not recovered. Under Trump, things were booming, real wages were rising and we had a higher percentage of productive workforce with a slightly higher unemployment rate. As soon as Biden and the Democrats cheated an election and used the majority numbers to attack energy production while giving out more free money, many people stopped working. You can see it in the graph. In other words, the unemployment number is a farce and in our state, we have 2012 level employment on a percentage basis. The same farce they used to claim we are not in a recession, remember they redefined recession because of the great unemployment numbers. Some of you dumbasses even celebrate it today.

Currently there are LARGE industries in the US which are reporting a 50% reduction in orders. This isn’t something known to those not in industry. This has already paid off in terms of layoffs that the news isn’t reporting. It will show up in a non-election year quite dramatically. You will likely hear more right about December 7-10th after Warnock beats Walker. Democrats have huge cash due to their money laundering schemes through corrupt organizations like Ukraine and Planned Parenthood, but even that huge advertising advantage can’t get them to win polls. It does pay for the fraud however and the fraud machine in Georgia cities will get it done. Then they will tell you the bad news.

Basically, we got a chance to try universal basic income for the unemployed. People loved it, shelves were empty because the labor force was insufficient to deliver goods but there was enough to survive and the vacation some of you had was thoroughly enjoyed and even voted for. Everyone wore masks and hid in their houses like sheep, pretending that it was somehow reasonable. However, the disease continued on as though nothing happened but the happy sheep were in the pen.

When the free money was handed out, prices skyrocketed and ports were closed, not because demand skyrocketed as the liars claimed, but rather it was due to the lack of workforce to move the goods. For those of you still not voting right, you are so short sighted, you didn’t predict what would happen. Oddly enough, I did and so did a lot of business owners I know. The rest of us continued to work to pay for it, and I for one, knew damned well that we are going to have very difficult times now, especially when we are flat dumb enough to attack energy production at the same time.

You have to stop the stupid ideas folks if you want to turn this around. Open up drilling, cut regulation and stop making new barriers to entry for smaller business. There is a reason that these giant companies don’t want conservatives to speak on Twitter. It eliminates competition for them. The lack of conversation allows them cover to make even greater barriers to entry, charge higher prices and take bigger profits. They give their money to the Democrats who happily help them grow. Free speech is one piece of the authoritarian puzzle, energy limitation, travel limitation, profit limitation, self-defense limitation, medical limitation all spokes on the Marxist wheel.

It would be nice to see a little sanity from the leftist apologists, but I for one expect nothing.

Mar-a-Lago Affidavit Still Not Presented

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

The president of the United States does not need authority to handle classified information. That is why those laws don’t exist. There is no chief librarian that the President answers to, despite the current claims of NARA. The Secretary of State, however, does require permission and did not get it. The SOS also cannot destroy emails under subpoena, but did anyway. She’s a Dem so no harm no foul.

Donald Trump’s house was raided and the FIB followed no procedures to do so. In fact, they have blatantly flaunted the fourth amendment and the actual freaking president can’t get a copy of the affidavit for the search warrant. Odd that some of you consider this ok. It is not. If we don’t stop the lawlessness of the government, you and your family could end up like the January 6 hostages and the rest of society will provide the same effort to help your personal injustice. Nothing.

This is a recent filing reported by Conservative Treehouse.

On August 22, 2022, a magistrate judge ordered the unsealing of a heavily redacted search warrant affidavit. Id., ECF 80, ECF 94. In the public version, released on August 25, 2022, 50 of the affidavit’s 84 total paragraphs are blacked out; of the 55 paragraphs following the header “Probable Cause,” only four are fully unredacted. Id., ECF 102-1 at 7–29. The redactions even extend to section headers. Id. at 9, 18, 23. There is no legitimate basis to withhold the redacted information from Plaintiff.

On August 30, 2022, the Government filed with the Court what purported to be a “detailed” property inventory. (ECF 39-1). However, the supposedly “detailed” inventory provided little in the way of actual information or detail. Instead, the “detailed” inventory incorrectly labeled nearly every document seized as a “US Government Document.” On September 26, 2022, the Government provided a certification of inventory accuracy to the Special Master. (ECF 116-1). It also provided the Special Master and Plaintiff with its third version of the inventory in this matter, which had substantial changes from the previous inventory.

Imagine your frustration at watching this government run over every right you have and paying millions to attorneys to affirm the basic human rights pre-Democrat America used to represent.

In August 22, 2022, a magistrate judge ordered the unsealing of a heavily redacted search warrant affidavit. Id., ECF 80, ECF 94. In the public version, released on August 25, 2022, 50 of the affidavit’s 84 total paragraphs are blacked out; of the 55 paragraphs following the header “Probable Cause,” only four are fully unredacted. Id., ECF 102-1 at 7–29. The redactions even extend to section headers. Id. at 9, 18, 23. There is no legitimate basis to withhold the redacted information from Plaintiff.

The January 6 hostages are experiencing even worse treatment but similar:

The affidavit is a judicial record, and as such there are several grounds for its disclosure. “The common law, the First Amendment, and, as recognized by some courts, the Fourth Amendment may all afford the public a right of access to court proceedings and judicial records.”

Seriously folks, these are public judicial records being held back from the President of the United States. Unprecedented doesn’t even begin to capture the scope of this blatant corruption. It’s all to trick the chicken heads that something nefarious was done. Check out what they took:

Government agents acted with abandon in seizing Plaintiff’s property.2 They seized attorney-client privileged documents, passports, items of clothing, personal photographs, books, and private correspondence between Plaintiff and his friends and family.

So easy.

There is no potentially legitimate reason to be taking personal photos, books, clothing and ESPECIALLY attorney client documents. You need to talk openly to your attorney in order to understand what is even legal. These sorts of communications are very easily manipulated in the press. For instance, is it legal to fire a person in x situation. “Trump intended to fire a black female-ish transgender furry”

The government agencies have gone nuts with power and people still support it. The EPA is assessing carbon tax again, in case you aren’t paying attention, they are not elected representatives. At this point, I assume that no degree of authoritarian fascism will ever check the bulk of the deep thinkers on the left.

I told you so. Many times. Pay attention to the next 10 years, these are going to be spectacular.

Misdeal – Shit like this makes me want to publish.

Link here.

Like Steig, publishing against the establishment is an absolutely fruitless endeavor, but that never stopped me before.

This entire paper is biased beyond reason and uses numerous communication tactics to marginalize the blatant proof of fraud. However, I still like to have fun.

President Donald Trump claimed that the 2020 US presidential election was stolen; millions of Americans apparently believed him. We assess the most prominent statistical claims offered by Trump and his allies as evidence of election fraud, including claims about Dominion voting machines switching votes from Trump to Biden, suspiciously high turnout in Democratic strongholds, and the supposedly inexplicable failure of Biden to win “bellwether counties.” We use a combination of statistical reasoning and original data analysis to assess these claims. We hope our analysis contributes to public discussion about the integrity of the 2020 election and broader challenges of election security and election administration.

First, their analysis only contributes to disinformation. They use total margin as an “independent” variable to prove that Biden should have won, using the indisputable statistical term “unsurprising”.

The 19 bellwether counties are highlighted in red. Visual inspection suggests that, like other counties, they voted in 2020 roughly as they did in 2016; given this (and given that many of these counties went solidly for Trump in 2016), it is unsurprising that Biden won only one of them.

This is the art of the mis-deal. Don’t play poker with these bastards, they are cheaters.

Paxton claims that the expert, Charles Cicchetti, calculated a one- in-a-quadrillion chance of Biden winning; Cicchetti concludes his report by arguing that “In my opinion, the outcome of Biden winning …is so statistically improbable, that it is not possible to dismiss fraud and biased changes in the ways ballots were processed, validated, and tabulated” (p. 9a).

Cicchetti’s assertion that Biden’s victory was “statistically improbable” is based on a deeply misguided application of null hypothesis significance testing. Cicchetti never actually computes the probability of Biden winning. Instead, he tests the null hypothesis that Joe Biden in 2020 and Hillary Clinton in 2016 had the same expected number of votes in particular states. But if the objective is to assess whether Biden won legitimately, then it is beside the point whether Biden and Clinton enjoyed the same expected support. Support can differ across candidates for any number of reasons, and it is absurd to think that any such difference constitutes evidence of election fraud.

The reason this paper got me fired up is the fact that it attacks several flawed analyses using pre-selected data based on the dumbest of the vote fraud claims and it uses those flawed analyses as proof that fraud did not exist. The paper is pathetic. Literally loser, flat stupid, turn in your smart-card, pathetic. I did better work in a few hours on this:

You cannot have ratios that far off the bell curve. They do not exist outside of vote fraud. You folks don’t know, and maybe I will do some more work on it, but the fact that they happen repeatedly IS NOT EVIDENCE that they are not real fraud.

This is actual proof of large-scale widespread vote fraud – for multiple elections – that nobody has been able to refute. They won’t be able to either, because that is what proof means. I love physics.

All voting distribution articles I’ve found, use the normal distribution for voting data. This is important because the best critiques I’ve been given are that I used a normal distribution. Which literally matters ZERO when you are that many standard deviations off the curve.

Instead of attacking the real statistical problems of the election, these authors chose to go after the goldfish and step on them with their heel. Many of you chicken brains will fall for it because it’s ‘smear reviewed’.

The 2020 election was remarkable in many ways (e.g., unusually high levels of mail-in voting and turnout), and election administration may well have been imperfect. But we see nothing in these statistical tests that supports Trump’s claim of a stolen election.

Liars or morons, they have their choice. Correct is not one of them.

Gateway – Again

The early data has come in from AZ and Gateway Pundit found these incredible (a.k.a. not-credible) bits of information.

The Treasurer got more GOP votes than Kari Lake. The senate race, had more votes than the governor. The superintendent of public instruction nearly beat the governor and they DID beat the secretary of state in total Republican votes- truly amazing. However, the congressional races rolled up (added together) beat the republican vote entirely. This is truly not typical. It’s not as bad as being over 23:1 for a single candidate but it is really telling that something untoward was going on.

Joshua has explained in detail that it is definitely not the images below as those are perfectly normal people simply voting several times, and taking cell photos of their work.

Actually, the reversal of importance indicates to me for the first time that machine manipulation may have been involved as something appears to have subtracted total votes on the republican side.

Much to some folks chagrin, I will again explain what is going on. The senate, being a critical race, was cheated by widespread fraud across the entire state of Arizona. Ballot drop boxes were stuffed with ballots from non-voters for the Democrat party. The governor race had the same situation. In addition, the voting day fiasco, where people waited for huge amounts of time to have their votes rejected looks very much intentional, even if it were not, it resulted in large amounts of conservative voter disenfranchisement.

The democrats NEED the senate- they lost this race in a fair vote but won the cheat. They also need the fraud discussion to remain the provenance of us tinfoil hat folks, so the legitimate governor (Kari Lake) who promised to uncover the truth, had to lose. The SOS, which controls elections also needed to lose. They didn’t really care about Treasurer or the Superintendent of Public Instruction so they didn’t work on those.

And so here we are, for the second time in my life, across numerous states, the Democrat fraud machine won the day and looks to escape the biased arm of our justice system.

Clean up Voter Rolls

Typical registered non-voters include:

Apathetic or discouraged voters.

People who moved from an old address.

Illegally registered voters (register by mail signature).

Illegal aliens who don’t want trouble.

Felons who have lost the right to vote

These people, which absolutely includes me (not a felon), leave long-term registrations in places they no longer reside. If you have access to the voting data, or you happen to live in an apartment where a ballot is delivered, you can produce a vote for them very easily without expectation of trouble from law. I use the fact of zero vote fraud arrests as evidence. I have heard of people doing the easy thing and voting multiple times and this may not be that rare but this is not the main fraud mechanism. All tAV readers have seen video of dozens of people dropping off well more than a families worth of ballots. We also know that thousands of people were making multiple trips to non-governmental organizations to pick up and deliver ballots to ballot drop boxes. Beyond the 100% illegality, this activity by itself is suspicious as there are many more ballot drop boxes than NGO’s, meaning this cannot be a convenience thing. We also know from statistics that Democrats are the beneficiary of this operation.

Democrats have been screaming racism for decades at those who would dare clean up the voter rolls. I met with a Michigan gubernatorial candidate back this summer and suggested making voters re-register. He hadn’t thought of that and understood immediately what that would do. We would have several cycles of clean-ish elections despite the insane Detroit (and not Oakland) fraud machine. Perhaps with a conservative majority, we could clean up the laws such that voting is fair. Instead, in 2022, we had massive fraud in Michigan and changed our constitution such that voter ID is not even required anymore. The state also has full right to sterilize our children without our consent or risk of legal consequence. All enacted through fake mail-in ballots. Voters supported neither of those measures. The way the voter ID was worded on the ballot made it seem like it was an ID requirement. An extra-constitutional state official ruled that it was good wording.

Michigan is lost for decades.

Why would anyone concerned with fair voting fight against cleaning up the voter rolls?

They wouldn’t.

Yet this is what the Democrats have done for as long as I can remember. Pollsters have been including 3% Democrat fraud in elections for years, about the same as the margin of the popular vote for those of you who care. California has been a hot-bed of vote fraud for a very long time, registering people who don’t vote and then voting for them has been the game since just after Regan.

I’ve started to see a change in the discussion recently. It’s gone from, the fraud is the big lie, to the fraud is small, to now, yeah we know that. At least people are recognizing the fraud is not a non-issue.

I’ve heard rumors that people have died for the right to vote. Can’t be American people because in America, we give it up freely.

The Right to an Opinion

Answering whether President Trump should be allowed to make comments on social media giant Twitter.

Approximately 51.8% voted “yes” to let Trump back on the app and 48.2% voted “no.”

What does this say about Americas values? Twenty years ago, this would have gone 95 to 5.

I’m very disappointed.

What Happened to the “I Give Up” Ballots

Is this even real?

Overall, he wrote, “72 of the 115 vote centers (62.61%) we visited had material problems with the tabulators not being able to tabulate ballots, causing voters to either deposit their ballots into box 3, spoil their ballots and re-vote, or get frustrated and leave the vote center without voting.”

I mean, how can an actual “modern” country, having held elections for hundreds of years, not be able to count ballots with a computer? I could build one of these things and have a working prototype for you in a month with full tracking and record keeping. It’s completely asinine.

It also has the appearance, and likely reality of being completely FAKE!!!

Because we have check readers that can read awful handwriting accurately and can scan 200 checks on an office desktop as fast as you can tear the stub and put them in. Nearly zero errors, full records, under $1000 machine. It’s MONEY, so it’s pretty secure.

They were reading dots on paper in the early 80’s people. That’s quite a while ago. Despite my obsession with voting every election, I’ve personally never even seen a tabulator error.


I don’t believe it. Sorry. Looks like another tinfoil hat moment for Id. You know, the one… That one where later on it will turn out that I was right again.

Not like this is the moon landing conspiracy.

or the flat Earth thing

Not like the crooks don’t have motive.

Even if it isn’t intentional, which it is because no BUSINESS IS THAT INCOMPETENT (even FTX), it did result in ACTUAL voter suppression. Not the Democrat fake kind where the poor minority folks can’t figure out how to get identification. The kind where people left the polls over this. They had to get on with life. “I give up” ballots were also thrown in the mystery box #3, and apparently co-mingled with counted ballots.

Not good folks, not good at all.

Maricopa Poll Workers Didn’t Even Check Signatures – Again

The Election Integrity Network posted a survey of election workers in Maricopa. The headlines read that 85% of maricopa poll workers were not at all confident that the election outcome was correct.

That’s kinda huge considering they’re at ground zero but the judgment is subjective, allowing any observer to stick their head in the sand with little consequence.

The use of signature verification is not subjective and therefore much more interesting to me as this is what is being used in lieu of ID for drop off ballots. The complete section is below. The interesting bits are below that.

Q12 What method of verification was used by your county/city to verify the identity of voters who voted by mail?

Other, please specify……

I only verified they were signed and dated. I did not do signature verification

only checked signature, did not check ID or try to match

signature matching is supposed to be used.

Just asked for signature and date on envelope before depositing into box. No signature verification was done

I observed the poll worker making sure drop off ballots (mail in ballots) had a signature and date. No ID was checked.

Supposed to be signature matching but I have not personally seen it.

Just asking if ballot signed, phone #, and dated.

For ballots that were dropped off they were checked for having the envelope signed and dated.They did not have to show i.d.

None at polling place

You know that this is true because the ballot rejection rate, when reported, will be very close to ZERO. This is despite dr Shiva identifying 250,000 bad signatures in the last Maricopa election with near zero rejection.