12 thoughts on “Climategate

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  2. The problem with science’s credibility reaches back to early times when anthropologists, archeologists, and paleontologists mixed and matched bone or rock pieces to reveal a new species or significant breakthrough so to acquire fame or fortune.

    Today, politics has forced its corrupt hands into science for the specific purpose of swaying public opinion for political and monetary purposes.

    Best Regards,

  3. Does anyone out there know if the unadulterated hacked emails from 2009 are still available for reading or download?.

        1. Dear Jeff,

          Oversight corrected. Sorry about that!

          I’m also sorry you’ve got to scroll way to the right to find it. My FOIA page is actually just an Apache directory listing, with comments added, and we only get one line for comments. That heading is just the comment on the “..” line, so that it’ll appear at the top.

          I first learned about the 2009 Climategate leak at WUWT. My recollection is that the whistleblower sent the files to several people, including you, Tallbloke, and a few others.

          There used to be several full copies of the files online, but “as for knowledge, it will pass away,” and most of them are gone, now. In fact, I’m only aware of one copy left: the one on my site, here:


          That makes me uncomfortable. Would you like to mirror that entire folder, on your site, for redundancy?

          If so, I’d be delighted to work with you to make that happen. My server runs Linux and Apache, so a simple rsync process should be able to do it. The folder is 700 MB (or nearly 800 MB if you don’t use symlinks to avoid duplications).

          Drop me an email if you’re interested. My contact info is on my site.

          To anyone else on the climate realist / lukewarmist side of the debate who is reading this, if you’d like to mirror those Climategate files on your server, please contact me.

          Warmest regards,

          1. Thanks Dave.

            I really don’t want credit beyond what happened. The way climategate broke was that when I came back from hunting, I had a link on my thread which had over 80 downloads – 89 I think. I looked at WUWT and Climate Audit and several other blogs and found nothing. I emailed Anthony to ask if he’d seen it. EDIT: actually, I took the link down, emailed Anthony and asked if he had seen it.

            He had had it for (I believe)3 days but was nervous.

            Literally minutes later, the next time I clicked WUWT, it was the headpost. I made it my own then and had over 35,000 individual viewers.

            tAV was about 5k readers per day back then.

            The WUWT climategate link makes a lot of effort to ignore tAV. Don’t know why because I did a lot of posts for them but in reality the WUWT blog is much more thorough and important to me so I dont care.

  4. The thing which makes tAV important is that I have open comments without moderation. Anthony moderated everything giving him culpability if the files released there. By notifying him that someone had placed it on an open blog with significant readership I unintentionally eliminated any potential liability. Conveniently for me, when the link appeared, I was literally unavailable in the very deep – cell phone free – woods of the Michigan UP.

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