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Mann 08 Series Weight Per Year

Posted by Jeff Id on September 28, 2008

As many of you are aware I was able to reconstruct Mann 08 by back caclulation tachnique. I used the known output graph for the northern hemisphere as provided by mann and the proxies provided by Mann to determine weighting for each proxy — no easy task. But after many hours of work I came up with this graph.

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Obama and VP Joe Biden – The perfect driveby storm.

Posted by Jeff Id on August 23, 2008

Here we go. The media blitz will be massive. It appears the uber-liberal Biden is the choice. Absolutely no expense will be spared by the media to prop up Obama now. VP choice through the convention, the war has begun.

Let’s remember what makes America different conservatives, we need to teach the immigrants the difference between government control and freedom. Remember our freedoms we still have, we can speak against increased government control, we can expose the false promise of socialism, we need to fight for our freedom again. This time the problem is more insidious, more cancerous, the liberal forces are on both sides of the government now and our freedoms are vanishing.

The media will push harder than ever before this election.

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