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Arctic Ice has Actually Grown? All the Data Agrees?

Posted by Jeff Id on August 31, 2008

The arctic ice hasn’t grown, how is it possible? You would have to be an idiot to believe that. We have been reading everywhere in the headlines that the arctic ice is disappearing. Headlines like this from the first page of a google news search-

Arctic ice melting and not coming back: scientist

Melting Arctic Ice Imperils Polar Bears

Arctic Ice On Verge Of Another All-time Low

Meltdown in the Arctic: Polar icecap shrinking at an alarming rate

North Pole ice cap melting faster than ever

Melting polar ice hits ‘tipping point,’ nears record loss

How can this be true? Here is the data directly from the scientists reporting the melting.

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Drive by Media

Posted by Jeff Id on August 10, 2008

Well we might as well jump right in. Whether you like him or hate him Rush Limbaugh’s catch phrase for todays media is pretty accurate. What it is doing to the general discourse in our culture is without a doubt disastrous.

Watching the news on tv or reading print articles in the paper or on the internet is a bit like listening to a twelve year old girl explaining her religious beliefs. The first thing you need to know is who her parents are.

The general media today has become as polarized as congress. Politics is apparent in nearly every story these days. Take Fox news for instance; their support of the police and prosecutors in nearly every legal case borders on obsessive. I’m not even going to copy any link other than You can go there any time and see the drive by media pre-convict a half dozen people. Read the rest of this entry »

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