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A Summation of the Mann Data on Global Warming

Posted by Jeff Id on September 6, 2008

I have been working hard on importing and plotting the Mann data.  This represents the first attempt.  I weighted the graph in SD units from a SD calc on 1400-1800, the data was not filtered intentionally as I wanted to see the actual this time.

I think there are some very interesting features like the spike at about 580 AD but I need some more experienced individuals to check the graph.  Also, any help in separating proxy from measured data as well as bad proxies for removal would be appreciated.

If we can trust the proxies I think this graph shows the magnitude of the temperature change from past to present more reasonably than the Mann paper.  In order to complete this though I need to remove any directly measured data (which ones are they) and data which is known to have problems.  After that I want to do smoothed and raw plots and correlations.  It should be interesting.

This is very preliminary data, i haven’t had time to confirm every calculation but I think it is good.

This seems to me to be a more reasonable way to view long term trends.  After the few incorrect (contaminated) records are removed we should be able to make some conclusions from this.  Also, I need some help getting the regional temerature curves imported if someone can, I would like to reproduce the Mann calcs as well.

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The Democrat Convention Solves Energy?

Posted by Jeff Id on August 26, 2008

I just saw the best ad for energy I have seen in a long time. What is amazing is that I saw it watching a Democrat convention on Fox.

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AGW Part #5 – Limitations of Ice Core Data or The Smoking Gun

Posted by Jeff Id on August 24, 2008

Ice core data as discussed in AGW Part #4, is the result of trapped gasses in microbubbles in ice. The ice is cut using a long tubular saw/drill and removed in long segments. The theory of ice cores is that once the snow pack becomes dense enough, the trapped air cannot travel through the ice core. Diffusion effects are clearly present however. Therefore, if you introduce a high concentration of gas at one point in the core, over time it will spread out. This tends to “filter” sudden spikes in temperature as recorded by gas concentrations over time. Below is an excellent illustration from an excellent site on ice core data here.

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What a Global Warming Skeptic Believes

Posted by Jeff Id on August 24, 2008

A global warming skeptic is someone who reading and understanding the same data as others comes to a different conclusion.

1 – First and foremost, a global warming skeptic believes in science.

2 – A global warming skeptic believes in intelligent conservation and preservation.

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Biden and Obama -The Campaign with a Lack of Energy

Posted by Jeff Id on August 23, 2008

The biggest issue facing America this year and will be the economy. There are two things loading it down very heavily now, housing and energy. Most of us were wise enough and lucky enough not to own a house which we later couldn’t afford but all of us are paying for broken government policy.

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Obama Supports High Gas Prices -Quote

Posted by Jeff Id on August 20, 2008

From a CNBC Interview See this amazing quote.

Barack Obama: I think that… we have been slow to move in a better direction when it comes to energy usage. And the president, frankly, hasn’t had an energy policy.* And as a consequence we’ve been consuming energy as if it’s infinite. We now know that our demand is badly outstripping supply with China and India growing as rapidly as they are. Read the rest of this entry »

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Obama’s Call

Posted by Jeff Id on August 19, 2008

I can’t stand this kind of thing, the pressure builds in my head until I am going to explode.  Man the world is ignorant.  Check out this Obama phone call to some guy in New Hampshire. Here

I’ve copied the text from the phone call here – It’s a waste of electrons I know but why not. Read the rest of this entry »

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Energy and Politics Part Deux – Wind energy

Posted by Jeff Id on August 19, 2008

I wanted to cover wind energy also, just to get some idea of the number of acres wind farms it would take to create the hydrogen fuel and the costs. This is a rough estimate, but it will get us in the ballpark. Read the rest of this entry »

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You Must Not Think

Posted by Jeff Id on August 18, 2008

Today I ran across an amazing article titled – Psychologists determine what it means to think ‘green’

by — By Sharon Jayson, USA TODAY

The article begins like this

Those who make human behavior their business aim to make living “green” your business.

A couple of sentences later it goes on.

American Psychological Association is stepping up efforts to foster a broader sense of eco-sensitivity that the group believes will translate into more public action to protect the planet.

I am all for voluntary informed conservation, there is no sense in wanton trashing of our world so this doesn’t sound too bad yet. It’s basically a group of psychologists who see it as their goal to help us live cleaner lives. No problem, right?

In the middle of the article this comes out.

• News stories that provided a balanced view of climate change reduced people’s beliefs that humans are at fault and also reduced the number of people who thought climate change would be bad, according to research by Stanford social psychologist Jon Krosnick. Read the rest of this entry »

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Energy and politics

Posted by Jeff Id on August 10, 2008

Ok I just wrote an entire article about energy. I started small and before I knew it I had several pages. Unfortunately what I first posted contained some ugly errors and I had to repost. I screwed up and my first real post got deleted …..completely. I think I can recreate my 4 hours of work a bit faster this time but I am frustrated.

Right now there is a big discussion about drilling for oil vs alternative energy or both. Alternative “green” energy includes biofuel, solar, nuclear, wind, wave, geothermal, and others I’m sure. The now not green energy includes any form of wood, oil, natural gas, coal or anything with evil carbon in it. Why isn’t wood a good biofuel? I can’t figure that out.

As often is the case in what appears to be complicated, a small amount of math can give some interesting results.  Let’s do some energy calculations for fun.

To begin with we in the US used 28.352 trillion BTU’s of power for our cars in 2005. Our power plants produced 39.928 trillion BTU’s in 05 according to the department of energy here.

In watts hours (a different unit than btu which means the same thing like feet and meters) we produced 11.7 trillion watt hours electrically and our cars used 8.3 trillion watt hours. The net result in 2007 is about 390million gallons of gas burned with each gallon containing 121million Joules of energy. A Joule is an energy measure similar to BTU.  The vast majority of the gas is burned in cars.

If you use 1 joule per second you are using a power of 1 watt.

So our cars use 390 million gallons per day x 121 million joules or 4.71 x 10^16 joules/day or 546 billion joules per second which is 546 billion watts —– Wow!

For interest the total gallons per second is 390/3600sec/hr/24 or 4513 gallons/second.

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