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The All Important Blade of the Stick Uses Less Than 5% of the Data

Posted by Jeff Id on September 18, 2008

Many of you saw my graph of the net effect of the extrapolated “projected” data used in Mann 08 in my post titled Mann 08 – Variable Data. What was not clear at the time to me was how this data was created and why.  I think this post clears it up a bit!

The graph below is the last graph from the post, which indicates that a strong positive weighting was added to about 1100 of 1209 series which in reality had no data at these points.  The graph is here.  You can think of it as a summation of the “added in” data divided by the 1083 series that the extrapolation procedure was used on.  This represents all of the data which was never measured but was used in the correlation for the hockey stick.

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