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Democrats Preparing for Big Push on CO2

Posted by Jeff Id on November 28, 2008

Don’t expect the dems to hold back on adding cost to industry just because we won’t have any jobs. They are all lining up on their favorite religion, committees are in place and the leaders are all saying the same things.

Here is an article I read yesterday. John Kerry promising to make this issue a priority.

“It’s a moment we’ve been waiting for, many of us, for some period of time — for eight years, to be blunt,” Kerry said. “And we intend to pick up the baton and really run with it here.”

“I have both the chairmanship of the committee as well as a president to work with,” he added in a conference call with reporters. “And I’m very excited about where the United States is going to be. I think President-elect Obama, in his remarks to the climate change summit that Governor Schwarzenegger held least week, made it very, very clear that after eight years of obstruction and delay and denial, the United States is going to rejoin the world community in tackling this global challenge.”

He then goes on with a bunch of double talk as though industrial cost somehow builds opportunity. Green jobs through higher cost services is a common falsehood which goes regularly unchallenged in the media. Costs do not create jobs, cost savings create jobs costs slow them down.

you can’t back off what the science tells us must be done as a matter of global survival. And so you have to turn this challenge into the economic resurgence — into the economic rebound.

Sure the green requirement will create new industries but the costs will quite clearly take from existing ones. It has the same effect as increased taxation. This has gone un-addressed in the media so it has become an obvious true thought in the public mind. But make no mistake, this is another form of load on energy costs, the same as if they raised taxes.

We are going to charge ourselves money to find prosperity. Not that smart really.

And I think that President Obama is poised to show America how a green economy and a transformational economy away from this dependency on fossil fuel is, in fact, part of the plan of restoring our economy and strengthening our economy.

Kerry repeats then the IPCC required party lines

You can’t accept the science and say yes global climate change is manmade and yes global climate change is happening faster than the scientists, in fact, thought it was going to and then not accept the same scientific conclusions with respect to what that impact is and what we’re already witnessing; i.e., the melting of the ice cap, the rising of the ocean levels, the change in weather patterns, the change and migration of forests, the change in agriculture, the droughts.

Right from the Hansen, Schmidt, Mann playbook. Warming is happening faster than scientists predicted, ice caps are melting, ocean levels are rising, changes in weather patterns. All of this is rubbish and has nothing to do with science.

We just came off a record low hurricane season (after the IPCC forecasters were predicting huge disaster yet again)

The northern ice cap has made such a swift recovery this year from it’s summer low that it exceed all previous records. Remember the fastest melt in history this august, well where are the fastest freeze in history articles?

The big one is that temperatures have nearly stopped rising this century so far. There has been very little to no rise whatsoever according to the main temperature metrics. We were supposed to rise substantially yet it didn’t happen.

The rest of Kerry’s list is more fraud than I can deal with right now. The ugly secret is that he and the rest of the democrats know that this issue is bogus. They know they are dramatically exaggerating the truth.

What Americans need to ask themselves is — If they know, Why would the democrats do that?

Make no mistake even with their buddies in the banking industry, they will happily sacrifice the economy for global warming. For those believers who read this article and think the economy doesn’t matter, just think how much more oil and coal we will burn if there is nobody to pay for the changes to higher cost energy? How many people will starve in poor countries due to higher food costs? What will we do when we cannot heat our homes in the winter?

Will the democrats give us fuel credits?

One other thing is for certain. You can bet the ever more liberal politicians will get what they want.

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