Global Warming Theft

Warning, if you want a quiet read about math read a different Air Vent post, this one is about the worlds rapidly changing political situation.

Link to stupid article here

Our new world government is lining up all the pieces now that the main holdout country has elected Obama.

UNITED NATIONS — Countries around the world are looking to Barack Obama for leadership in reaching a global climate treaty next year, but no nation will be able to singlehandedly deliver a final agreement, a senior U.N. official said Thursday.

Robert Orr, assistant secretary-general for policy coordination and strategic planning, said the president-elect’s comments on the need to address climate change have raised “a lot of hope” _ particularly at a time when some governments are talking about delaying their efforts to curb emissions, partly because of the economic crisis.

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China Must Read the Air Vent

Well I was a bit surprised by the headlines regarding China’s economy this morning. They must have read my anecdotal report Made in China – No More.

Here are a few of the headlines from the national news after a groundbreaking admission from the Chinese leader.

Alarm bells ringing for China’s leadership

Hu Sees China Losing Its Competitive Edge

Chinese economy ‘losing its edge’

They are still talking heavy growth though in their economy, something which I sincerely doubt. The first article says millions of jobs lost, I would be surprised from 65,000 factory closings if the number didn’t surpass a hundred million but they don’t report real job numbers.

The other point they don’t bring up, which again I predicted, was the effect that their national unionization had on their factories. I hope they reconsider their own policies as the world economy operates together now and China labor law, like it or not, affects everyone on earth.

Made in China – No More

The state of China’s economy is something which is little talked of in the US. China does an amazing job of quieting news in their country so their own people have no idea what is happening to them. Last January in response to international pressure to “protect” workers the Chinese government unionized an entire country. A single bill passed through the government designed to give workers rights Continue reading “Made in China – No More”

Super Algae Bio-Diesel Energy

I received an interesting link from Richard M part of his comment is below the rest is HERE.

Richard M Says:
November 24, 2008 at 10:35 pm e

I believe there is some hope for one bio-feul … algae. It has significantly better output than does corn, soy, etc. There is a new tecnology currently being test marketed that uses a vertical arrangement to get more output. They claim 33,000 gals/acre/year.

The great thing about comments on a small blog like mine is that I read each and every one. Along with my natural lack of political correctness I also am unafraid of being wrong. I do it quite often as my wife will happily tell you. Check out the link above, it is pretty interesting.

They claim 33,000 gallons per acre of vegetable oil created using a cool structure which stacks the algae in tubes. This is a huge claim considering that corn produces like 50 gallons per acre or something. Pond algae was the previous best at an inflated 900 gallons of oil per acre. Pretty exciting stuff if it’s true really.

Well we know that bio is a form of solar. Typically there is a very low conversion rate for sunlight into the oil, a bunch of light energy is wasted and a bunch more is put into plant proteins and other things not related to the final product – oil. So the first thing I did was check on how much sunlight energy per acre we can count on. These are just estimates- back of the napkin calcs – but they will give us a smell test.

Direct high noon sunlight is about 1000 Watts/m^2 on a clear day.

If we have 12 hours of top quality sunlight

1000 Watts/m^2* 12 hr/day * 365days/yr* 3600 sec/hour = 15,768,000,000 Watt-s /m^2

Then we assume a cosine distribution for daylight intensity of 63% of peak energy (an optics thing, the approximate average of the cos function)

Assume again that most places will only receive 70% of this amount of light. (also high estimate)

15,768,000,000 Watt-s /m^2* .63 * .7 = 6,953,688,000 Watt-Sec/m^2

1 acre = 4047 sq meters

28,141,575,000,000 Watt-Sec/acre or — Joules per acre in proper units.

How many Joules per acre are there in 33,000 gallons of vegetable oil. Well my 5 minute search didn’t reveal any value for algae veggie oil but it did reveal that wikipedia was using my guesstimated value of 1 gal veggie oil to 1 gal gasoline. They are both hydrocarbons after all. Ripping hydrogen off a carbon chain (oils are to my knowledge all carbon chain based) and combining with oxygen produces the nearly the same energy from nearly every oil type fuel. In college grad school I taught a fuels and lubes lab to keep shoes on my feet.

Well gas is about 121,000,000 joules per gallon so we get 33,000*121,000,000 = 3,993,000,000,000 Joules per acre.

This means that 3,993,000,000,000/28,141,575,000,000 * 100 =14.1% of the total sunlight is converted into oil. This is a huge number.

Look at the system they used.


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Obama’s Expansion of Control

The new US sentate has big plans for next year on fighting the emission of plant fertilizer. The first item is a new program with a budget equal to Nasa. A 15 Billion dollar bill to expand research into clean energy and Biofuels.

Biofuels are the biggest waste of money for energy. Biofuels are simply an inefficient expensive form of solar. If you take even a cursory look at how much of the earth needs to be covered just to power our US cars you find that a huge

Here’s some text from a previous post I did on the subject. — Link HERE

For corn and soy a generous amount of biofuel per acre is 150 gallons of ethanol (you can find many sources on the internet). It takes considerable power to make corn and soy beans into gas. For some time there was a debate as to whether it took more fuel to make the ethanol than it produced. Today some report a reasonable number of 1.35 gallons of ethanol to 1 gallon of processing fuel. So we net .35 gallons/gallon actual. For 150 gallons we get 38.8 gallons of usable fuel per acre.

If we assume 1 gallon of bio-fuel is equal to 1 gallon of gas (it’s not) but it is close. We need 390million gallons/day or 142.35 billion gallons per year. This requires 142.35billion/38.8 gallons/acre or 3.67 billion acres which equals 14.85 million square kilometers. Unfortunately the entire US is only 9.1 million square kilometers.

This simple calculation should completely end the debate on biofuels but it doesn’t. Every honest engineer knows biofuels don’t work but what is worse are the subsidies from the federal government which have driven up fuel prices and created shortages across the poorest parts of the world. The inane policy of our government is actually killing people not to mention costing us money by increasing food prices and taxes.

We have to cover the entire country nearly twice over with corn or soy just to power our cars that drive on the same land! The government knows this yet they pretend ignorance, it’s good for the people. Biofuels are a method for further socalizing farming, nothing else. Yet these cold people shamelessly push these policies which are currently causing starvation in the poorest countries in the world. All in the false name of climate change.

The second policy is even more pointless. A cap and trade system will be set up by the EPA. This will do nothing except add unplanned cost to already existing industries which power our ever weakening economy, it won’t do a thing to stop people from heating their homes but it will cost them more. The unwanted side effect of these increased loads will be to slow technological innovation because the companies large enough to create these advances will have less money for funding them. Just what we need, more spending, higher taxes and more load on our economic system. It really burns me up to think that it’s all based on weak science funded by the same people making the rules.

Only 98 Months Until the End of the World

Just a silly post, sometimes it’s good to point out the extremist viewpoint just to see how far they have gone. I did a post on this site when they declared “conservatively” that we have 100 months until global warming doom well after Nov we will be at 97 so feel free to sell your stock and party like it’s 1999.

The link is here but it is guaranteed to steal a couple of IQ points from you if you read it so be warned.

98 months, and counting

Governments moved quickly to rescue our banks. Why does it take any longer to act to save the planet from runaway warming?

This guy is so far gone that he advocates breaking the law to stop global warming of course he does it indirectly through our buddy Al Gore who’s up to his ears in money from his little global warming project.

“I believe we have reached the stage,” said Gore, “where it is time for civil disobedience to prevent the construction of new coal plants that do not have carbon capture and sequestration.”

His comments followed the extraordinary emergence in the UK of case law that is beginning to legitimate previously illegal environmental direct action.

I feel bad for our friends in England after reading this next quote.

But at the trial, the jury refused to convict them after hearing expert witness evidence on the threat of climate change. They accepted the “lawful excuse” defence, which allows property to be damaged if it is done in the name of preventing damage to property elsewhere.

Oue good English friends are much further along in accepting socialist enlightenment than those of us in the United States — but we were the riffraff when we moved out so they shouldn’t be surprised at our slowness.

Comparing like with like (the data sources and methodology are continually being improved), this year the world ran into ecological debt on September 23, five days earlier than last year.

They are much better than us naturalists at choosing buzzwords. Ecological debt has a nice ring to it don’t you think.

There was an odd point made at the end of the article which really surprised me.

With talk of new runways and coal-fired power stations, the government is engaged in the environmental equivalent of promoting unguaranteed sub-prime mortgages with no credit checks and telling banks with no assets to keep lending.

Sure he’s talking about CO2 but he is comparing it to the US Democratic party policy of forcing banks to make loans to unqualified borrowers at subprime rates with preferential treatment for minorities. This was a democrat policy which Clinton bragged about and directly led to the recent crash in housing. The republicans had their chance to fix it but chose to accept contributions across the board (much smaller than the Dem’s) to ignore the situation. Make no mistake people we have been fleeced by both parties. Fleeced isn’t a strong enough word.

The surprise is that this guy doesn’t realize he is biting the hand of the biggest $$$ supporter of his cause. Perhaps he needs to follow US politics more before he makes these claims.

Well Andrew Simms proudly states that he happens to be on the board of greenpeace UK so what can you expect.

I’m going to put a link on their blog to this article. $5 says it will be deleted.

Update: Darn, comments are closed.

I guess the reason for this post is simply because I can’t understand these people.  There is no objectivity whatsoever.  They are so convinced by their own dogma they become lost from reality.  It’s a form of extremism I suppose.  When it bleeds into court systems and is supported by Gore who is selfish enough to give them credibility for his own personal gain it becomes a bit frightening.  Like Europe adopting Muslim law.

It’s a bad dream where unreasonable positions are supported ahead of the reasonable.   Just nuts.

Obama’s Change – Dingell Out and Waxman In

The change is beginning as promised.

Being a conservative in America today is like being a Detroit Lions football fan, you start the work day with no hope and are surprised when you are wrong. Well no surprise today. A nice limo service driver explained to me last week on my return from the backside of the planet that we have to get behind our president and see what he can do.

Well I was a bit tired and in a bad mood so I carefully explained my position –“The hell I do, I don’t like his policies, I don’t like his friends and associations and I don’t even like his wife.” Well it was a bit strong and a little funny, looking back but I had been traveling awake for 24 hours and wasn’t real happy so forgive me. The driver wasn’t offended and we spent most of the rest of the trip laughing about other things anyway.

At least the Democrats know how to win, the allegedly conservative Republicans didn’t have a clue when Bush won and they gained marginal control of the houses. Instead of following up with their promises of cutting spending they just powered ahead spending more than ever. Make no mistake America has not yet tried conservative government even though we had voted for it.

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Comparitive Criticism of Temperature Reconstructions

It’s good to be back. In China the internet is amazingly slow for any websites which might have political meaning due to intense censorship. The censors err on the side of caution. While I wasn’t blocked, after several ten minute logon times to my own blog I gave up posting. However, China’s multi-billion dollar internet censorship program allows my site but our left wing American blogs (Tamino or Real Climate) won’t allow on topic posts which dispute their claims – think about that one.

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Axiom’s to Live By

I received an email with these.

Political axioms—

‘If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed;

If you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.’

-Mark Twain

Suppose you were an idiot.

And suppose you were a member of Congress….

But then I repeat myself.

-Mark Twain

I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity

is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself

up by the handle.

-Winston Churchill

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The Hockey Stick Data Hoax

I said it again.  Hoax!  The more I learn about hockey stick graphs, the worse it is.

The graph below is from a very important group of data in the M08 latest hockey stick.   This represents an average of 105 of the 1209 data sets used in  M08 or 8.6%.  But wait, the “CALIBRATION” process eliminates bad correlation data series so only 484 of the 1209 were kept in the final calculation.  Of the 484 series which were kept 95 of them were from this very same set of proxies. Mann08 used 95 of these series in the final 484 or 20% of his data.

Proxies are not known to be temperature.  The process of calibration is used to determine if proxies are temperature by pattern matching to measured temperature in the last 100 years.  Well I like trees but they are lousy thermometers. There is a buzzword in the field called DIVERGENCE, everything in climatology is so politicized they can’t call a turd a turd.  Divergence means “doesn’t really match temperature”.  Well guess what 20% of the data right off the top doesn’t match temperature very well so our brilliant scientists who are saving us from CO2 plant food, did the honorable thing and CHOPPED THE DATA THEY DIDN’T LIKE RIGHT OFF THE END!

The last 38 inconvenient years of data for these series were truncated, chopped, amputated, excised and cut from the data.

This is not the end.  Mann08 feeling pretty cocky after pushing the other magic papers through the IPCC is emboldened in the face of the publicity they actually PASTED FAKE DATA ON THE END OF THE SERIES.

The new fake data has a nice smooth and not noisy temperature rise, they then compare the fake data to the temperature value and with great fanfare determined that over 90% of the measurement of tree hardwood series are actually TEMPERATURE.

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The Climate Change Buzzword War

We who are skeptical of the science behind man made clmate change are at a big disadvantage in the AGW debate. They have the world stage, they have the billions of dollars and the ear of the politicians.

We are comprised of scientists and individuals who understand the science and are almost completely unfunded through government grants. There is little voice for a paper demostrating the non-linear temp response of trees or mollusk sphincters. Even smaller voice for demonstrations of statistical manipulation.

What is worse we are loosing on a simpler front as well, —- The war of the buzzword.

Take a minute to think about some of these:

Temperature anomaly

Global warming

Climate change

Hockey Stick

Climate Model

Carbon footprint

Carbon budget

Green energy

Clean energy



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Who’s the Mann, a Skepics Sarcastic Rant on AGW Scatology

A great article from the cultural and scientific center of the universe Pakistan.

The last sentence just hurts to read. Ok, you mean the same pattern I just spent the last two weeks extracting from random data. The same pattern which can be so easily produced from random noise it happens on accident! How flat does that sentence ring now.

I just want to translate that last sentence into “Reality speak”

Now the scientists who studied randomly chosen graphs and produced the original and now defunct hockey stick have done a new study using more randomly chosen graphs from anywhere they could dig them up and using similarly flawed statistical processes produced a shiny new hockey stick.

I like my sentence better.

Out of possibly legal obligations to the stenographer disguised as a reporter who wrote the original article here is the stupid LINK.

Temperature Scale Distortion in Hockey Sticks

Just a short post today. I am tired from working on this for so long. I have been analysing and trying different things so I get a good feel for how the historical data in from what I know, every hockey stick temperature graph ever produced is actually on a different scale from the “CALIBRATION PERIOD”.

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The Flaw in the Math Behind the Hockey Stick

When I did this post it was just the beginning of what I found out. Thanks to dogooza for the RC link. To see the true fallacy of the Mann08 math in detail go to this more recent post.

Will the Real Hockey Stick Please Stand Up?

On Sept 11 of 08 I finally understood how hockey stick temperature graphs are being produced. At that time I made bold statements on several blogs that you can’t do that because the historic temperatures are on a different scale than local temperatures (last 100 years). They were rightfully ignored since I had no data to back them up. Now it’s different!

If you don’t know about proxy temperature reconstruction, that’s a mouthful go to this link first then come back. Ten Things Everyone Should Know About the Global Warming Hockey Stick

Today, I have put together a clear demonstration of why all of these sorted temperature reconstructions are flawed!

From my previous post How Come So Many Independant Papers Claim Hockey Sticks I made this graph showing random red noise data.

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