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The Hockey Stick Data Hoax

Posted by Jeff Id on October 3, 2008

I said it again.  Hoax!  The more I learn about hockey stick graphs, the worse it is.

The graph below is from a very important group of data in the M08 latest hockey stick.   This represents an average of 105 of the 1209 data sets used in  M08 or 8.6%.  But wait, the “CALIBRATION” process eliminates bad correlation data series so only 484 of the 1209 were kept in the final calculation.  Of the 484 series which were kept 95 of them were from this very same set of proxies. Mann08 used 95 of these series in the final 484 or 20% of his data.

Proxies are not known to be temperature.  The process of calibration is used to determine if proxies are temperature by pattern matching to measured temperature in the last 100 years.  Well I like trees but they are lousy thermometers. There is a buzzword in the field called DIVERGENCE, everything in climatology is so politicized they can’t call a turd a turd.  Divergence means “doesn’t really match temperature”.  Well guess what 20% of the data right off the top doesn’t match temperature very well so our brilliant scientists who are saving us from CO2 plant food, did the honorable thing and CHOPPED THE DATA THEY DIDN’T LIKE RIGHT OFF THE END!

The last 38 inconvenient years of data for these series were truncated, chopped, amputated, excised and cut from the data.

This is not the end.  Mann08 feeling pretty cocky after pushing the other magic papers through the IPCC is emboldened in the face of the publicity they actually PASTED FAKE DATA ON THE END OF THE SERIES.

The new fake data has a nice smooth and not noisy temperature rise, they then compare the fake data to the temperature value and with great fanfare determined that over 90% of the measurement of tree hardwood series are actually TEMPERATURE.

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Climate hottest for 1300 years – The Second Coming?

Posted by Jeff Id on September 3, 2008

Ok, Mann is at it again. The hockey stick guy who created the graph used by Al Gore and the IPCC to create the widely discredited hockey stick graph. Already caught one time by Steve McIntyre cherry picking the data to create false statistical values has gone one step further. To read about how the scientifically corrupt IPCC brought the hockey stick back from the dead go HERE. I took the text below from an article HERE.

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Global Warming – Only 99 Months Until the End of the World

Posted by Jeff Id on September 2, 2008

I ran across this story by Andrew Simms at the Guardian which predicts imminent doom and sets the time conservatively at 100 months. Their rational is standard affair.

They start with this cool picture of earth.

Good effect, everyone likes Earth, most of us live there. They follow it with this statement.

Because in just 100 months’ time, if we are lucky, and based on a quite conservative estimate, we could reach a tipping point for the beginnings of runaway climate change.

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Climate Change, A Manufactured Consensus (Follow the money baby)

Posted by Jeff Id on September 1, 2008

I became interested in global warming years ago. I was concerned about its effects and what we could do about it. I am an engineer so I started with the science, reading, studying and understanding numerous scientific papers and reports. It didn’t take long before I began to quesition the conclusions and started looking deeper into the data. I became a Skeptic.

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Arctic Ice Grew in 2008 – AGW What they don’t want you to know.

Posted by Jeff Id on August 31, 2008

Ok, I exposed the false reporting of the media in my previous post HERE but it didn’t help me feel better. This immoral reporting and junk science deserves a full on rant.

The Arctic ice has GROWN from last year not shrunk. It is BIGGER not smaller, LESS polar bears are swimming not that it matters. We just didn’t have our polar bear RADAR activated yet.

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Ten things Everyone Should Know About Climate Change Science

Posted by Jeff Id on August 30, 2008

  1. The UN organization called the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or IPCC is the prime driver in world government research, recommendations and ultimately policy on climate change.
  2. The IPCC was formed in 1986 by the UN governments for the purpose of understanding the risk of human induced climate change, assessing observed impacts of climate change and methods for adaptation and mitigation of human induced climate change. This is well before human induced climate change had been established.
  3. The IPCC scientists are almost exclusively supported through government contracts which pay for research. The IPCC activities, hotels and travel to exotic locations and drafting authors are paid by government funds. Read the rest of this entry »

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Global Warming is Here It is Real and It is Dangerous

Posted by Jeff Id on August 30, 2008

Global warming is a serious issue, we are facing the reality that the poles are melting, species are facing extinction, more powerful storms are possible, drought, famine with billions of dollars in cost expected. It can be helped though, we can stop it, we just need to reduce our CO2 by 30% in 25 years. The non-profit intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) has determined that that we must act now to stop it before it reaches the tipping point.

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