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Pollarizing the discussion

Posted by Jeff Id on June 10, 2010

Sorry folks, no time to play today — again.  Has anyone paid any attention to the idiotic climate poles lately?

Stanford survey finds more doubt global warming

And from more leftists at Grist.

New poll shows (again) that public likes clean energy, doesn’t like taxes

16 Responses to “Pollarizing the discussion”

  1. KevinM said

    New poll shows that number of polling organizations increases.

    New poll shows that value of polls decreases.

  2. greg2213 said

    New poll shows that Pols like taxes and control while showing that non-Pols want fewer taxes and less Pol control.

    New poll shows that grant money to polling organizations increases with the value that said organization has to the funding group.

  3. pgosselin said

    No Black Hawks fans here?
    I’m a fan and I’ve waited 49 years for this. As a kid in Vermont everyone was either a fan of the Canadiens or the Big Bad Bruins. I was the only Chicago fan. Finally it’s our day! Muldoon’s curse is finally broken.

  4. timetochooseagain said

    To paraphrase Milton Friedman (I think): The more the pols fail, the more pollers poll.

  5. Layman Lurker said


    I was cheering for them too. Not a life long fan like you.

    What a great moment it was for a great franchise. Rocky Wirtz brought the class back to that franchise by doing whatever it took to heal old rifts and get Mikita, Hull, Esposito back with the club as ambassadors. The city must just be buzzing right now.

  6. pgosselin said

    Okay, in 1961 I was only 2 years old, so I barely can remember Bobbly Hull guzzling champagne from the Cup ;). But I clearly remember watching the good ol blue collare boys, Makita, Martin, Pappin, Stapleton, White with Tony O in the early 70s. It’s great to see Chicago taking ice hockey seriously again. Nice to see that not everything out of Chicago is a loser ;).

  7. RomanM said

    I have never seen anyone play so hard at the children’s game of “I bet I can make you say [fill in the blank]!“. They had to go through a lot of wording variations to even get anybody to bite at AGW as an issue of any consequence.

    For the record from this website (bold mine):

    Krosnick and colleagues from Stanford and the Associated Press analyzed the results of a recent Internet survey of 906 adults.

    The Stanford study is co-authored by undergraduate student Samuel B. Larson; graduate student David Scott Yeager; and Trevor Tompson, director of surveys at AP.

    I felt like I was reading about a class project similar to the ones I had when I was teaching sampling survey courses.

  8. Kenneth Fritsch said

    Don’t get me started reminiscing about hockey and good old days as a Blackhawks fan. I go back to the era when the goalies did not wear masks and the players were easy to identify because they did not wear helmets. There were six teams in the NHL: Montreal, Toronto, Detroit, New York, Boston and Chicago. The two Canadian teams and Detroit were better teams back then with Chicago, New York and Boston trading years in the basement. Four teams made the Stanley Cup playoffs. Montreal seemed to have the faster and better players, but come play-off time the defensive style of Toronto allowed them to win some cups after finishing down in the standings. I was really hoping for a Montreal and Chicago Stanley Cup final, but the upstart Flyers gave the Hawks a great battle.

  9. Jeff Id said

    All I know is that was some ridiculously good hockey. wow..

  10. Sera said

    Blackhawks have the best looking sweaters/jerseys.

  11. Have you guys seen this Krosnick dude’s Michael Mann propaganda/communication video?

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  13. Brian H said

    #12 is spam.

    And “Polarizing” has just one “L”. 😡

  14. jeff id said

    #13, Poll has two.

  15. RomanM said

    Brian obviously did not pass the test. 😉

  16. jeff id said

    I went craizy with the spelling in this post too.

    “attention to the idiotic climate poles lately?”

    I got a comment by email from someone on my “incredible libertarians” title too. Engineers are widely known for slaughtering the queens English, so why not speed it along.

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