The birthday of Climategate

So it is that season again folks, Deer Season, aka Climategate Season.   A skeptics Christmas where happy things happen to freedom loving people of the world.

Remember this:

Climategate 1.0

and this:

Climategate 2.0

And less exciting for you, but good fun for me:


Needless to say, I won’t be around to release moderated comments for Doug’s thread after tomorrow.  Who knows what will happen this year!  Either way, I’m gone to the northwoods Wednesday to have a much needed rest.

I do miss serious blogging, and have been working on some neat technical stuff in the background but it isn’t ready yet.







20 thoughts on “The birthday of Climategate

    1. The birthday of Climategate is a good time to reflect on the history of consensus science and these simple empirical facts:

      1. Neutron repulsion is the weakest nuclear force
      2. That is why the nuclear structure changes at ~150 amu
      3. Putting neutrons in the core and pairs of n-p pairs (alpha particles) on the nuclear surface
      4. Spontaneous fission begins when the surface is 45 alpha particles surrounding 52 neutrons
      5. Neutron-induced fission of U-235 and Pu-239 occurs when one additional neutron is added to their nuclear cores of 51 neutrons.

    2. I failed to mention that neutron-repulsion may determine the stability and decay mode for every physical structure composed of neutrons and protons more massive than 150 amu (atomic mass units) – no matter whether the structure is a heavy atom, planet, star, galaxy, or universe!

    3. On October 3, 1946, David Snell published an article in the Atlanta Constitution concerning Japan’s atomic bomb program at Konan and Japan’s atomic test off the Konan’s east coast on 12 Aug 1945.

      In researching their book, “The Flight of the Hog Wild,” Bill Streifer and Irek Sabitov recently discovered an intriguing response from Izvestia – the official Communist newspaper of the Soviet Union – published ten days later on October 13, 1946:

      I cannot read Russian myself, but I understand Izvestia called the Atlanta Constitution article “delirium” and described the author – David Snell – as a “provocateur.”

      [Bill Streifer said the full citation is “The Chain Reaction” (Цепная Реакция) by B. Ilyin (Б. Ильин), as part of a selection of related articles under the title “On Topics of Foreign Life” (На темы зарубежной жизни), Izvestia, Oct. 13, 1946, p. 4.]

    1. Nick,

      Be careful what you wish for!

      1) Jeff already said at your link above that he was not going to try to read through all of those emails (I think the number 220,000 has been given?
      2) I doubt that many are holding expectations that there will be major revelations in the “Climategate 3.0” emails… it sure would be nice, but presumably someone among the recipients of the password did enough keyword searches to have a good idea of what is in there.
      3) …BUT… someone with a sense of history and drama might hold off any new revelations for the 5-year Anniversary (nov. 19?). I’m not privy to any info, just speculating that this would be a suitable date for release of any new info.

  1. Jeff, do enjoy your holidays in the northwoods, and I hope deer season yields a successful harvest. I’m glad I found this blog, as I have trouble dealing with the climate change alarmists [wackos]. Your position and arguments are truly, profoundly interesting, and quite frankly are an inspiration to me. So, thank you. And hurry back, I’m looking forward to the neat technical stuff.

  2. Jeff,
    It was five years ago. But the climate hypesters and rent seekers are still standing tall. The major media, shame on them, have no excuse for the complicit support by silence. And while the direction of policy in many cases is improving (Canada, Australia) the academy and science institutions are if anything more corrupt, not less. This is an important time, but we are not seeing truth win out yet.

  3. Hi Jeff

    Perhaps you won’t see this before you go, but on the off the chance that you will, and that you might mull it over whilst you are away….

    It’s good to hear you are intending to get back to some serious technical posts. I still regard the air vent as one of the big hitters technically with a genuine interest in following where the data leads when viewed with the appropriate tools. And it is on that point I had a thought which you might be interested in:

    Judith Curry recently flagged up this book review on her week in review thread:

    Review of Mathematics and Climate by H. Kaper and H. Engler

    Available here:

    It made me think that afaik there isn’t really a blog aimed at providing the key fundamentals in applied maths relevant to climate. Science of Doom is perhaps the closest but he focuses on the physical science aspects rather than the mathematical skills and techniques required to fully engage with the material.

    Given your skill set and readership I wondered if it might be something you’d be interested in picking up at tAV?

    All the best for your holiday.

  4. Try to improve the deer species by shooting only small and stupid bucks. If you get a chance at a big smart one, put a bullet by his ear so he won’t make that mistake again.

  5. Fuck you for allowing skepticism to be trashed by your blog sponsorship of convicted son/daughter rapist Oliver Manuel, you creepy freak.

    -=NikFromNYC=-, Ph.D. in chemistry (Columbia/Harvard)

    1. I thought about snipping this but decided to reply.

      Let’s see how many ways Dr. Nik can be stupid in a single sentence:

      – Assumes he has all the facts.
      – Assumes I somehow know which facts he has
      – Assumes I give a shit which facts he has
      – Assumes I should do whatever he thinks I should because he has some facts
      – Assumes that because I didn’t do what he thinks I should, that I am complicit with whatever acts he thinks someone else may have done
      – Publicly implies that somehow I would support/sponsor rape from all of the above.

      The days of witch hunts should be long behind us but apparently there are still plenty of enlightened folk ready to burn everyone they suspect. Isn’t that the job of the courts? You need to take a deep breath and recognize that you don’t know a thing about what actually happened in this situation and the reality is I don’t know what you may have done either. I have spent very little time looking up any reader history here.

      Rape is bad, rape of children is bad, I have had nothing to do with any of that and never will. I am not a judge, I am not a lawyer or cop or prison guard and never will do those things either. Our jails are filled with innocent people simply because it is a source of money. Why should I react just because YOU think YOU know something. I’m sure not going to spend time reading up on commenter here just to figure out if they pass some litmus test to allow them to speak. I do think I will ask Oliver to stop posting the neutron stuff though because it is off topic here.

      You ok with me now princess or is your thong still in a bunch??

      1. I once had to be tested for possible heart problems. The Cardiologist I ended up with for the testing was an arrogant very short man. He was middle aged but made the point every few minutes that he was a Harvard grad. Even though I tested 0 symptoms of a heart attack: no ekg signs, no enzyme signature, no other symptoms, he insisted that I have the intrusive and risky heart catheterization dye test, where an iodine based dye is injected by a catheter run up from the groin to the heart. I am very well insured (pre-Obamacre days) and was questioning if the test was really needed. His reply was that he was from Harvard, knew better, and that all the people in the lab, including me, were going to die from heart disease because of our extreme overweight conditions. And besides he was from Harvard. He said this in front of the staff, me, and my wife. I needed to lose a few pounds (~15). My wife teaches yoga and pilates. He was so pushy, and I know enough to know how few symptoms I had, I also was not impressed he ignored the fact that I am allergic to medical iodine. So I declined. He stomped off. I told my primarly care doctor to never refer me or anoyone he cares about to that arrogant twit. That was about 7 years ago and I am in great shape, lost the weight, and have never had better physical and cardio checkups. When I read Nik’s out of the blue spew I wonder if he had a pre-med roomie at Harvard.
        Oliver is a kook and a creep. But he is not alone, apparently.

        1. I think Nik who knows all, is probably as much of a loser as he claims others are. Signing with your degree and school is a pretty pathetic way to claim authority. Look Mom — I went to class!! There are all kinds on the internet though aren’t there.

          I’m glad you fired your obviously moronic doctor.

          In my experience, the first sign of someone stupid is when they claim how smart they are.

          1. The person posing as the smartest in the room is also a tell to beware of what they have to say for me as well. I don’t know why that storyabout my over nighter in the hospital posted as anonymous.

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