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Zero Feedback

Posted by Jeff Id on August 10, 2022

Does any of my tens of accidental or otherwise readers, imagine that this blatant and disgusting federal corruption has any feedback mechanism to prevent it growing worse?

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele on Trump FBI Raid: ‘What Would the U.S. Say’ if I Did That?

There are no consequences for vote fraud

or corruption in FISA

or lying in impeachment trials

or raiding of political opponents homes

or taking massive payouts from foreign countries in exchange for state decisions


12 Responses to “Zero Feedback”

  1. Paul Maeder said

    I’m happy to be one of those “tens.” And, I expect it to grow much worse. It seems to me the powers that be have learned over the last few years that the only consequences of their actions are some futile screams and moans but no real counter action. We like to think of a balance of power between two opposing parties but what we really have is the powerful versus the people. This is a good time for folks to study a bit of history. I’d suggest the time of the end of the Roman Republic. Very similar to today, but not very encouraging.

  2. Here in the UK, the media have run a year long campaign to topple the Prime Minister. We are following the US down the slippery slope to rule by unaccountable elites. It’s certainly not Biden in charge of the US

  3. George O'Har said

    Jeff, nice to see you back here. Hope all went well in your time away from the blog.

    Myself, I feel despair. The corruption is so deep, so deep it’s stupefying to contemplate, I don’t see how it can be addressed via normal means, i.e., the ballot box, political reform. The Federal Gov has to be shrunk down to size. It operates in its own separate universe. Just looking on paper, you would expect we either have a civil war, or the union somehow breaks apart without a war. But how would we have a civil war? There are no hard and fast geographic boundaries, as in the Civil War (Take Oregon; Portland is Antifa territory; the rest of the state is fairly conservative).

    The other thing that is likely to happen is complete financial collapse. Gov will not stop spending! I don’t think everyone in charge is stupid, but the vast majority of them are incompetent. America, essentially, is run by idiots (too many of them fresh out of college).

    They are either going to get us into a war, which we could well lose (I’m a veteran; I would go to jail before I would defend what this country has turned into). There is no accountability whatsoever in government. None.

    If at all possible, I’d like to see disunion. I can’t even talk to my neighbors. We have nothing in common. They are so all-in on COVID, shut downs, masks, vaccinations, Trump is vile, there’s nothing wrong with Biden, climate change…talk is dead.

    When you stop talking what do you do?

    You get a divorce. Breakup of the union is not impossible, but it would present problems, especially if the people on the other side use foul means, you know, like the clowns (time to disband the FBI) who raided a former president’s house. What were they thinking?

    I do believe that if disunion were possible, a sizeable number of citizens would favor it. I know I would. Side benefit of that it would make America less of an imperial power.

    Actually, a viable alternative, short of war or collapse, one within the existing system, to fixing the problem is the 10th Amendment. States just have to walk away from the Federal Gov. Bottom line? I feel bad for the young people who are going to inherit a completely dysfunctional nation.

    • Jeff Id said


      I agree with this far too much. Disunion would not be allowed but the brainwashing of our populous has truly paid off.

      • Disunion is the only solution left. We have reached a point where there is no reconciliation. We either destroy the federal deep state, or become the new USSR. Secession is a way to allow those who want to be the USSR to peacefully coexist with those who desire freedom. I am moving to the free states. You can keep the slaved states.

  4. born01930 said

    Long time follower here…you post some of the most valuable stuff on the internet as long as you don’t miss it when deer hunting. The feedback mechanism will be over reach. Was the Trump raid a bridge too far? Probably not, but if they come with handcuffs I think that would start a chain reaction. How will it go? That’s the question.

  5. We will lose our country if we cannot clean out the deep state. That is indeed true. We are on the verge now. We have a stolen election and a weaponized Justice system. The fact that the FBI knows more about what is in Melania Trumps closet than they do the Hunter laptop tells you all about justice (or lack there of) in America.

  6. Pouncer said

    Welcome back. I count myself among your dozens.

  7. Pouncer said

    Among push back projects, among a bunch of crazy ideas the BLM movement found its acorn with the demand that cops wear body cameras while on the job. The FBI and other feddie cops must also be so equipped. The right can push this and give the left full credit. If the FBI records themselves finding the ticking bomb it’s one thing. If they don’t record it, or record finding a “box” later described on their paperwork as containing a ticking bomb (smoking gun, pee tape, whatever) that’s another.

  8. Like the Russian Hoax, damning evidence will be manufactured. The Democrats appear determined to win the next Election.

  9. Greg said

    Glad you are back! To me in a far off place America is doomed to split into separate countries. Hope it can be done without the usuall

  10. Well, on the bright side it’s not as bad as it was in the first years of the soviet union. On top of all that, they just outright killed or starved to death half of the country’s population. So, there’s still a lot to cover here.

    Also, nice to see you posting more. It doesn’t feel as lonely.

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