It is a fact that energy is the most abundant resource in the entire universe. There is so much energy around us, tied up as mass, that if the typical human mind could understand, there would be true terror. There is a truly accessible equation for many, and it explains how much energy is available – E = mc^2. Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. If we ignore the natural concern of why is a speed and a mass equal to energy and simply accept the equation, we find that everything we see and touch is comprised of truly vast amounts of energy.

Did you know that when you burn a sandwich in your stomach, the mass after the sandwich is processed is less than the original mass by amount in the equation E=mc^2? Eating a sandwich, you are converting about 0.0000000000005 % of the total mass to energy.

From here. If your body could convert an entire pound of food directly to energy, it would result in 9,743,510,792,854 food calories and enough energy for 4,871,755,396 — four point eight billion days (13 million years) of food-energy at 2000 calories per day. Us animals get much more than energy from food as our bodies need matter to operate, but this point is about the vast amount of energy in everything around us.

Through history, from the bronze age, to today, access to energy has determined our ability to process materials into useful items. Aluminum production is a very high energy process, but aluminum itself comprises over 8% of our planet’s crust. HUGE amounts of aluminum are available, I literally stopped recycling cans when I found this out. The aluminum is actual-factual rocket fuel so it burns/reacts/converts to bound up aluminum very quickly. “Bound” being chemically reacted with something else. Aluminum is literally everywhere, but due to its reactive nature, it takes significant energy to release it from things it has combined with and much more energy than an early human history metal — something like copper or lead. This is why Aluminum was developed much later than bronze.

Now our technology can’t release all of the energy from matter, we don’t actually have the back-to-the-future, “Mr. Fusion” in our repertoire of technology. We currently are a ‘stored-solar’ based economy in the form of hydrocarbons. Oil, coal, gas.. etc.

Look at this graph of energy consumption (carbon) for production of various metals.

Thinking about historic development of materials, brick, Lead,Copper, look where Gold lands. As we had more availability of energy through technological progress, each element became accessible. The value AND AVAILABILITY of each item can almost be calculated entirely from the energy to produce it.

Look how far along the graph aluminum is. Lots of energy required but not nearly as much as gold. You can almost see the history of societal usage from bronze, iron to aluminum Titanium and you can see the expense of gold and platinum right at the most extreme end.

So folks, the universe is complicated and sometimes needs to be considered by multiple factors in order to make the right decisions. Alternatively,,,,,,, sometimes it is gobsmakgingly obvious.

CO2 emissions have done the following things to our planet:

No trend in hurricanes
No trend in drought
No trend in rain
No the fish are not shrinking
No butterflies are going extinct
Polar bears are doing great
Antarctic ice is not shrinking away
Sea level rise is a dead straight line for 150 years
Penguins are doing great too.

Increase in planetary plant coverage.

Have I mentioned that I hate the new WordPress editor? – just want to make sure folks know.

ZERO, negative effects of CO2 have been confirmed ANYWHERE on earth. ZERO. Not per me, but per the data and science of he UN IPCC dumfux who need money. Any chicken-brained moron can simply read a few dozen climate papers and figure this out.

They are liars on the gravy train of government life, nothing more.

So, why this post? Because, ENERGY is the key to EVERYTHING!!! EVERYTHING we will ever achieve as a species is dependent on how much ENERGY we can release. All FREEDOM, all WEALTH, all SCIENCE, all ACHIEVEMENT of any kind will come from energy. Cheap plentiful energy is incredibly critical to our and our children’s well being.

Today, we are in a governmental crisis, NOT AN ENERGY CRISIS, the government is not allowing the population to provide what the population needs. These limitations come in the form of limitation by regulation. The ostensible purpose of governance (the citizen pursuit of happiness) has been bypassed. In our current governmental crisis, the government is providing first for itself. Some don’t understand that, but I think most do.

Our authoritarian chiefs know that limiting your access to energy is the single greatest way to control a population. Not food, not money —- energy. Because everything of consequence requires energy (e.g. food, production, medicine, value of money, travel etc..).

That is your real crisis, a manufactured shortage of energy, giving all control to the government, in exchange for the “faked crisis” of climate. Climate has become a hundred billion dollar industry comprised entirely of wealth redistribution for the benefit of the private-jet class in power. Keep in mind, I’m very lucky and not an un-wealthy individual complaining for jealousy.

Now let’s do the fun part:

My ideal world

Unlimited fossil fuel consumption. Clean coal, Oil, Gas etc..

Hundreds of billions annually for the development and eventual implementation of fusion and fission nuclear replacement generation to slash costs of new materials, travel, products, foods. Perhaps small reactor development will become an option.

Little sharing with other nations, until after we have established production – this has a philosophy behind it as well.

Nothing invested for wind, bio fuel or hydro-geology.

A tiny bit for solar research, nothing for production.

The good news for us is that E=mc^2 has physical meaning which even politicians cannot deny. These developments in energy production will happen with or without government. It will just take longer and be less successful if we shut our energy production down for the only remaining explanation, the cynical purpose of consolidation of central power.

6 thoughts on “Energy

  1. Pardon my being off topic, but I wanted to ensure that you see the following statement relevant to your recent comment on Roy Spenser’s blog post about Christopher Monckton’s forgotten-sunshine theory that “It seems to me that the argument is one of language more than math”:

    That statement was made in context of a head post showing that the forgotten-sunshine theory’s basis is the erroneous proposition that a feedback system’s output has to be linearly proportional to what it would have been without feedback. If you want more math, see

    Incidentally, your comment at Dr. Spencer’s site is what alerted me to the fact that you’ve returned to blogging.

    1. This literally cracked me up “Not Very Nonlinear” Don’t know why that got me but that was my point at Dr.Spencer’s blog.

      I read your WUWT post and you have it right. I had dinner with the lord once, with several others, sat next to Dr. Watts. Monckton is a good guy but probably a bit stretched in this case.

      1. I’m glad you enjoyed that section, although my goal wasn’t humor so much as to characterize as clearly and fairly as possible something Lord Monckton had expressed in too confusing a manner.

        As to Lord Monckton himself I’m afraid my experience has given me a somewhat different view. However impressionistic his descriptions of the science may have been, his flypaper mind and entertaining delivery originally led me to the opinion that he was an asset to the skeptic cause, and I said so publicly ( I’ve since come to believe he’s a net liability.

        Doubts first arose when I tried to lend him a hand with his math by pointing out ( that the central equation in his “irreducibly simple climate model” boiled down to the erroneous proposition that the output of a time-invariant system having state could reliably be estimated by treating it as a stateless time-variant system. His response to my concerns largely consisted of evasions and misrepresentations of my positions. And now that I’m also pointing out errors in this forgotten-sunshine theory his responses have been intemperate (

        Although I confess I’ve become morbidly fascinated by how successfully he’s duped less-critical WUWT readers, I’d ordinarily look upon all this as nothing but a tempest in a teapot. After all, none of the real heavyweights in the skeptic community has been taken in by his theory, and for me as a retired lawyer it’s just another day at the office to be the target of such opprobrium. But he has stated his intention ( to file another climate-lawsuit amicus brief based on his erroneous theory. Not only could that give a court in a potentially high-stakes action a damaging impression of the skeptic community but it could also distract attention from more-credible briefs of the caliber that, e.g., William Happer, Richard Lindzen, and Steven Koonin have filed.

        So my view is that we’d all be better off on balance if he turned his attention away from the climate issue.

        1. Sorry for the short reply but i’m on a phone with only two thumbs—there are bigger fish. You have great skill.

          It’s odd for Spencer to spend so much time.

    2. just finished another article you wrote. I appreciate that you literally stuffed values into the feedback equations. Everyone can learn a lot from that.

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