Always Endeavoring to Improve

We have a lot of people here who claim to not do math and I am learning that I sound intimidating to those who do math. – just another big compliment for me – thank you! Then they turn right the hell around and do it. Curious sent me a spreadsheet showing an artifact of a rounding error in my “fake” voting data rounding error post. Don’ mess with him. Richard Greene is upset concerned about a comment about sea level rise which he interpreted differently from my meaning.

That is what I mean folks. Climate Audit was built for open data. tAV will ALWAYS have the same philosophy. We will NOT change here or I’m going to an island without you guys/girls etc…. Maybe with the girls.

  • Trust but verify
  • Do the right thing
  • Think for yourself

That’s all this is – not much magic there. The reason Joshua got in trouble is because he does not even remotely understand that philosophy and simply existed to poison the discussion. Ray taught me that I should change.

20 thoughts on “Always Endeavoring to Improve

  1. I saw the two words missing. Rate of. I could do that.

    But I refuse to believe that masks have no value.
    Until somebody convinces me otherwise I nominate the spittle that flies when people are talking as the greatest source of infection. Just about any mask would catch 90% of that. That would reduce the infectious material moving around freely. I don’t know how they measured their trials, but I would allow masks at least 4 points out of ten.

    Now Roy’s UHI queries. I haven’t studied it, but one significant factor that I haven’t seen mentioned is gross energy consumption at a given location. It shouldn’t be hard to find. Most of it would be recorded in somebody’s business accounting.

    And yes, you may chuckle. I do read that as 0.5 degrees. But the primary data worry me. Have they been fiddled?

    1. “I nominate the spittle that flies when people are talking as the greatest source of infection.”
      Only a slight disagreement on that point but I think you are somewhat correct.
      However, in my lifetime that I can recall, I generally don’t stand so close to people that they are blowing snot on me.
      So yes, it can be transmitted as you think, but I suspect that happens more rarely than you think.

  2. “Richard Greene is upset concerned about a comment about sea level rise which he interpreted differently from my meaning.”

    I am perpetually upset according to the wife!
    Don’t let that upset you.

    I just read exactly what you wrote on sea level and did not interpret anything. You have to be more precise with your writing. Every sentence should stand alone without needing interpretation or any knowledge of past articles here, which I did not have. So it’s all YOUR fault. None of my faults are my fault.

    I wrote a for profit newsletter called ECONOMIC LOGIC for 34 years. It’s tough to avoid writing sentences that can never be misinterpreted.

    I also commented on the vote count curve charts in a previous article. the charts I published on one of my blogs in 2021 had ballot dumps as short vertical lines in the pro-Biden count, making it very obvious a big pro=Biden vote dump happened after midnight in several Democrat-controolled cities.

    In nearby Detroit, for one example, it is possible that late votes were 95% for Biden because the Detroit voters were 95% for Biden.

    But the fact that just enough pro-Biden votes showed up after midnight, AFTER Republican ballot counting watchers were thrown out of the building, with the windows covered with cardboard … sure seems like fraud was in progress. That this procedure was similar to what happened in Atlanta does not seem to be a coincidence

    I lost my own 2020 election count charts inside an Apple computer that suddenly stopped working, but there is one of those charts included in my old article below, from late 2020:

    1. I’m surprised you have all this info at you finger tips and you think there was not massive fraud.
      I guess it was because the Dems were so proud of their win they gave everyone who was interested axes to checkout the ballots and chain of custody invoices etc (poor sarcasm).
      Really I don’t feel like talking about it today. I’ll wait to see what happens with Kari Lake. If she becomes Governor everything will be exposed.
      The same effective fraud was manifest in all the swing states.


      1. I am 99.9% certain there was massive election fraud in 2020 that could have caused Biden to win. But the mules and the late ballot arrivals are not election fraud. They are likely to be symptoms of election fraud, but symptoms of fraud do not change a single vote.

        Individual ballots must be successfully challenged to change each vote. If enough ballots are successfully challenged, a judge could demand another election. But then cheating could happen again.

        Very few people are prosecuted for election fraud
        Very few politicians want to investigate election fraud — those wjo won elections want th genera public to believe elections are honest. One can not deiscover election fraud if one does not ivestigate — that’s what happened in 2020 when politicians looked the other way, except Trump, but he lost, and had a limited time to investigate (until January 6.

        If my comments were interpreted as not believing there was election fraud in 2020, I need to do better writing. I wrote an economics newsletter for 43 years (not 34 years in prior comment — I can’t type either) so should communicate better.

        I’m trying to say that how the ballots were delivered (by mules), and when they were delivered (after midnight on Election Day), are not considered election fraud. The votes still get counted, and if the votes get counted, they are not considered to be fraudulent votes.

        Election fraud leading to cancelling votes, or redoing an election, requires proof that individual ballots are NOT from registered voters who signed the envelope, with their signature matching a previous signature on file.

        1. I wish I had the expertise that Jeff does of writing such stuff, but I don’t.
          Some of this is based on the fact that the Democrats did everything they could to steal the election. Mass mail in/ absentee voting has been their wet dream forever.
          Many States ILLEGALLY changed voting laws to accomplish this.

          Just for Michigan alone:

          Statistically, that’s as close to zero for a rejection rate as you can get.
          If you haven’t seen 2000 mules, it’s a must see so you can understand how and why the ballots the mules delivered turned into fraudulent votes.

          1. Thanks Matthew, I have just finished watching a few of those news reports on the Detroit vote counting.
            Wonderful fair election inspite of all those evil republicans trying to disrupt the process.
            The real tell is they will run computer verifications but won’t allow anyone view the ballots themselves. The mule’s ballots are fraudulent and the signatures are the tell.

            In Michigan they had double the number of absentee ballots (1,500,000) but only about 1,400 rejected for dodgy signatures.


  3. “I just read exactly what you wrote on sea level and did not interpret anything. You have to be more precise with your writing. . Every sentence should stand alone without needing interpretation or any knowledge of past articles here, ”

    As I like to write things honestly, I will do my best to communicate to you . In the meantime,

    my words were perfect your interpretation was imprecise.

  4. Yep – we all drop the ball.
    Open book, warts and all, is the only way to go.
    Still remember the heydays here fondly.
    Amazing contributors and contributions.
    Learnt a lot then, but forgotten a lot now.
    A good site index would be helpful – not easy though, I guess?
    Thanks for the blog.
    Stay true, stay free 🙂

  5. I would like a sort of index. I would like to be able to access the maths on the swing states’ fraud by the states name. I think a C02 information thingo would be good.

    A cross between an index and an encyclopaedia of the main current topics of outrageous lying.

    Of course whilst remembering that the vax was safe and effective and CO2 is a pollutant that is about to destroy our climate.


  6. Ha ha. Woho.

    I just went on Lake’s Twitter feed.
    Apparently the Supreme has sent her case back to the lower court saying that they have to look at signature verification.

    I won’t get to excited yet we will have to wait and see. Besides I don’t want to steal all of Mr Id’a thunder.


  7. Following a twitter post from fellow Texan Professor Katharine Hayhoe led me to this from a climate activist advocating using comic books to drive the climate policy discussion:

    ” … comics can enhance the participatory nature of research and facilitate a move to more ‘desire-based’ research frameworks that emphasise character-driven and anti-essentialist narratives. The work reported here should be of broad interest among geographers engaging in geohumanities and climate change researchers experimenting with creative methods to narrativise and communicate human experiences of climate change. My intentions are to move beyond disciplinary boundaries; speak to scholars working in the interdisciplinary fields of climate change, comics studies, climate change communication, and visual studies; and invite more engagement with this mode of creative research translation.

    TL;DR — ” … who needs math?”

    With that in mind, let me address the actual professional climatologist who dragged me into the issue, Professor Hayhoe:

    Consider the comical illustration of the climate system as a cylindrical swimming pool, the direct forcings of Greenhouse Gases coming into the system as is from a garden hose, and various “carbon sinks” in the system modeled as a drain. What’s wrong with this picture?

    Revise Professors image replacing the hose with cylindrical 1-gallon buckets to start. Suppose the diameter of her original cylindrical pool were set such that each gallon added raised the level of water in her pool by one millimeter. Every bucket raises the water the same amount. This is what her comic teaches. It’s linear. Y is (she illustrates) a straight line function of X. (T)emperature is a (graphically) a direct and simple arithmetic function of (G)reenhouse gasses. And so she wants to turn off the human industrial hose.

    But GHG forcings are NOT linear. So the “pool” should not be illustrated as a straight sided cylinder. The IPCC and all climate physics shows that the direct response to GHG forcings is logarithmic. So the shape of the pool should be a sort of curved funnel. Near the “drain” the sides of the pool rise nearly vertically. But as the pool deepens the surface gets wider, a bigger diameter, and the sides curve to a more gentle more nearly horizontal slope. While the initial gallon bucket raises the height of the water level — the climate response — drastically, as more and more buckets are contributed the rise in the level for each bucket is less and less.

    Hayhoe is using a comic book illustration to LIE ABOUT THE BASIC PHYSICS of her profession. Or as her activist colleague would put it, Hayhoe has graphically narrativised and communicated misinformation about climate change.

    We don’t need to work the equations to see the falsity, we only need to know that such math exists.

    It’s difficult for me to regard the profession as operating in good faith when the activists and advocates for their side of a discussion cheat so egregiously.

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