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Arctic Ice Grew in 2008 – AGW What they don’t want you to know.

Posted by Jeff Id on August 31, 2008

Ok, I exposed the false reporting of the media in my previous post HERE but it didn’t help me feel better. This immoral reporting and junk science deserves a full on rant.

The Arctic ice has GROWN from last year not shrunk. It is BIGGER not smaller, LESS polar bears are swimming not that it matters. We just didn’t have our polar bear RADAR activated yet.

We cannot be PAST the “tipping point” because the ice GREW. We know you AGW guys wanted it to shrink but it DIDN’T, not because of magic but because the earth is COLDER, yes COLDER than it was before. Sure this doesn’t disprove AGW but it does mean that the ice is BIGGER, MORE, INCREASED, LARGER, GREATER, MORE HEAVIER, LESS LIQUID than last year!

I am sick of the government funded scientist making rediculous claims such as being at a ‘tipping point’ with no basis whatsoever. I think it was Einstein who said – if the data doesn’t fit the theory change the data.

The earth has COOLED since before 2000 not WARMED, all your data show it. I know you want it to WARM but it can’t because it is COOLER, LESS HOT, MORE CHILLY, MORE ICY, SNOWIER, MORE GOOSEBUMPIER than before!

The fact that the DRIVE BY MEDIA can’t even take time to look at a graph before spreading the kind of nonsense all over the world is a huge disservice to humanity and I’m sorry they wasted the ink, trees and electrons to expand such deliberate falshoods.

What a joke, I feel better now.

2 Responses to “Arctic Ice Grew in 2008 – AGW What they don’t want you to know.”

  1. dhogaza said

    Melt season is not over yet, and ice area is about tied with 2007, which, since this La Niña winter led to more ice freezing over winter, means more has melted this summer than in 2007.

    And the area anomaly graph is also useful.

    Yes, the extent graph at NSIDC has leveled off for the moment, and indeed may do so. If extent were to end up higher at the end of the year, area lower, what would this mean? Less compaction. Less multiyear ice …

  2. Jeff Id said

    The additional melt ice rate (slope) was expected due to the fact that an additional portion of the melt was thin first year ice because last year was so warm regionally in the arctic. Next year there will be more two year ice.

    LaNina has dropped off to the point where most don’t consider it a factor now. You can disagree with that point if you want.

    An increased ice extent would mean that the temperature drop that GISS, HadCrut, RSS and the rest are reporting are actually freezing more water. Multiyear ice will of course increase this winter and we can conclude we haven’t reached a “tipping point”.

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