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Police Reveal Climatehack details.

Posted by Jeff Id on July 20, 2012

Steve McIntyre has a post up on an interview with the Norfolk Police regarding the conclusions on the Climategate hack. Apparently, there was a sophisticated effort to break in to the mail server and access was available for an extended period of time. This document is very interesting in particular.

On another note, I have been ridiculously busy but have a nice guest post to add later this evening.

6 Responses to “Police Reveal Climatehack details.”

  1. Thanks, Jeff, for the information.

    Society is at a turning point – now almost three years after Climategare emails and documents provided undeniable evidence of corruption in publicly-funded research in November 2009.

    Those documents revealed

    a.) Misuse of government science in the manner former President Eisenhower had warned about on 17 Jan 1961 [1]

    b.) This abuse of science had been captured by a CSPAN video recording thirty-seven years layer on 7 Jan 1998 [2]

    There is no turning back now.

    c.) We will have the tyrannical government George Orwell predicted in the futuristic novel he wrote in 1948 and entitled “1984″

    d.) Or there will be a return to:

    _ d-1) Integrity in government science, and

    _ d-2) Constitutional limits on government officials !

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    1. Science versus Propaganda (1961)

    2. Global Warming Scam on Film (1998)

  2. Duster said

    So, the constabulary asks the leaders at CRU, “is there anyone that would want to hurt you or make your appear in a negative light?” The CRU lot then points to the blogosphere and that is the end of any evidence-based investigation. In fact, in so far as the EAC was able to determine, the attack could have come from anywhere, and was run by someone “competent.” So, far from ruling out an insider they found little, except that the data went out a net work port, and that the “team” members were more worried about Steve McIntyre, Anthony Watts and JeffID than about colleagues and graduate students they may have handled rudely.

  3. Interesting that the data hacked supports the sceptic community. You mean UEA has been lying to us? I’m shocked. And the police confirmed the lie? Gob smacked.

  4. A couple of other intriguing mysteries, never solved by authorities over the past six decades, suggest a creative perpetrator of the CRU hack:

    1. How did George Orwell figure out in 1948 that society was headed to the authoritarian government described in “1984” ?

    2. Who added a mass-fractionation curve, described as “purely schematic” in the caption, to Figure VI,3 (p. 586) of the 1957 Bible of Nucleosynthesis? Decades lapsed before it was noticed that solar mass-fractionation undercuts the foundation of B2FH?

    B2FH, “Synthesis of elements in stars,” Reviews of Modern Physics 29, 547–650 (1957)

    – Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  5. Here is my attempt to state society’s problem succinctly:

    The Problem: World Leaders Lost Contact with Reality in 1945</b

    They cannot possibly lead society in ignorance of the “fountain of energy”,/b> that made our elements, sustains our lives, controls the Earth’s climate, and powered inquisitive minds and creative talents of our most celebrated religious leaders, scientists, artists and philosophers to unanimously agree:

    Mankind’s greatest accomplishments come from this free-flowing stream of energy.

    – Oliver

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