True Green

If you ever wonder what the UN, IPCC and Climate Science ™ are truly about.  Naomi Klein has your answer.  While some falsely claim that 97% of climate scientist alarmists agree with global warming doom, the reality is that the most powerful of those people believe in ending capitalism and embracing socialism.   There has always been this tendency in humanity to reject what is obviously true and embrace insane ideas, e.g. killing people for Allah or Christianity is just as bad as Muslim.   While both religions have bad history, taken objectively neither of these are reasonable opinions to hold.  Yet those are deeply engrained in today’s popular and insane culture. The acceptance of nonsensical ideology is front and center in the case of capitalism vs socialism and communism.

Every evidence of greater comfort, cleaner society, better quality of life, reduced poverty is fully in view in capitalist society, yet the public actually pays money to listen to ignorant fools prattle on about the benefits of central control and the need to destroy the very industry they rely on.  To these fools extreme poverty and human suffering so evident in Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, on and on, can all be cured if we just imagine the good people in control.   It’s like a war on air.  We need air, but we feel it is bad so lets get rid of it!!  From the idiot pope, the majority of media, to morons like Naomi, people are screaming for less production – so they can personally have more stuff and less poverty.  These people are literally that stupid.    And there are a lot of them out there.

I can’t pretend to understand how people get to that level of ignorance, but when Hillary and Bill Clinton are caught peddling US government influence to funnel money from foreign countries into their own “non-profit” company, it doesn’t prevent people from thinking that somehow she’s one of the good ones so that is what we should have for president.  Bernie Sanders pounding on about the evil rich and how his own version of robin hood where everyone gets free college paid for by everyone else.  He completely misses the point that much of the population isn’t smart enough to need college.  It is simply of no use to them.  You can’t teach them to be smarter but you could make them less ignorant. Today’s public universities are so polluted with liberal activist professors it is nearly impossible for any rational teaching to be done anyway, perhaps that is his real goal.  These once good schools have become left-wing indoctrination farms. Ignorance has therefore become a key component of their curriculum.  Students are often forced to repeat the nonsense knowing it will help their grades until it becomes part of their own thought patterns. In case you are one of the confused ignorant morons, there are plenty of ways to get through college and stealing from productive people to give to non-productive people is not a plan for societal success.

Climate science is often compared to a religion these days.   In the same way that Muslims can believe in an invisible man who will make them personally better off if they kill other people, alarmists posing as scientists believe that somehow stopping production will lead to a green nirvana.  Better living will come if we simply stop working to make our lives better.  If we prevent companies from improving efficiency, or delivering services at lower cost, we will all have more and the world will be better for all of us.   There is no more evidence for that than there is for Allah’s favor in return for murder, but believe they do and since it is an irrational non-evidentiary belief, you can’t negotiate with them logically.

That is what climate science is.  Left-wing radicals lying about dangers because they have a single poorly concealed goal in mind based on a projected future which cannot physically exist.   Naomi knows best.  Were that goal in any way rational, it might be a good thing, but their barely concealed goal is completely irrational and dangerously so from a societal standpoint.  That is why despite the shrill alarmism in the media and from the IPCC, there is not one single actual danger from warming that has been discovered.  No increased hurricanes, no dangerous sea level rise, no tornadoes, droughts, rainfall, extreme melting of glaciers, no extinctions, on and on.  Despite what you keep being told in the media, these things didn’t happen due to global man made climate change and many didn’t happen at all.  That is why even though climate models have failed completely, the “scientists” cannot admit that failure even while simultaneously trying to fix the ostensibly non-existent problems. That is why we get nonsensical “scientific” papers that conclude fish are shrinking, sheep are shrinking, pretty little butterflies passing away from heat stroke, and Antarctica is melting — these are all lies.  Flat lies, although I’m sure some of the irrational climate alarmists are crazy enough to believe their own nonsense.

The result of this ignorance is purely evil.  Peoples lives are already being destroyed by crazy regulations brought about by the same alarmist groups for the same purpose.  It is actually become quite a common problem across the world.  Yet people are lining up for more socialism, more regulation, less production, higher taxation so they can personally have more….

True green.






24 thoughts on “True Green

  1. Well as you know, these people fundamentally believe they are superior to everyone else. In such circumstances even Bints like Naomi Klein can be seduced in to believing they are intelligent.

  2. Thank you Jeff, for addressing the problem.

    ResearchGate allows us to confront consensus scientists that control mainstream research journals today and most federal research grants:'S_SCIENCE

    ResearchGate also allows them to publicly respond, if they choose.

    I encourage others to join the effort to expose flaws in science – flaws that may threaten mankind’s very survival if incorporated into public policy.

  3. Hi Jeff,

    You seem a little too worked up about numb-skulls like Naomi Klein. Yes, there are lots of people on the left who have suffered irreversible recto-cranial inversion, and can hear nothing you say. So they are quite beyond reasoned argument…. consider, for example, Mr. Obama. But it has always been so, and I expect always will be. The only thing sensible people can do is to work toward maintaining reasoned public policies…. and that means patiently explaining how and why all the nutty proposals like Ms Klein makes are in fact nutty and economically damaging.

    1. I’m just thoroughly tired of stupid. We have 9 coal plants which are to be shut down next April in Michigan alone. Coincidentally, or not, there is a huge push for installation of “smart meters” across all of our neighborhoods.

      1. Good riddance to coal power, fewer open pit mines, less soot, less PM2.5, lower CO2. This change over gives the most bang for buck. Regarding smart meters: If you don’t measure, you can’t manage.

        1. I can manage just fine without outside measurement by an unknown and uninfluencable entity. These meters are not for measurement, they are for central limitation and I suspect you know it.

          Soot is a non-issue in Michigan but I wonder what makes you so sure lower CO2 is net positive. I’m not sure, and I’m pretty sure I’ve read as much as anyone on the matter. My scientifically based objective opinion is that CO2 is highly positive and reducing its emission is likely a negative bang for the buck — care to prove me wrong?

          1. Beyond reducing its emission, elimination of power generation rather than replacing it is flatly stupid. Are you one of the ignorant too, or are you smart enough to see that it will be problematic for industry, people and general health of society? It must be replaced with stable generation rather than simply shut off.

      2. Duke Energy just deliberately blew up a coal plant here in NC. The purposed nuclear plant got deep sixed and we also got the push to install Smart Meters. I said HE!! NO! so they sent out a team of Propagandists to lie to us. Even when I handed them printed out information from the DOT and Duke they just kept on lying.

        We have to PAY an additional $30/month. Supposedly it is because they have to drive out to read the meter. Another BIG FAT LIE. My husband has been reading meters and sending in the postcard since the 1950s.

        The Duke Energy letter to the Stockholders point blank says:
        Most of the electricity generated in this country is fueled by four natural resources: coal, uranium, natural gas and water. We include a fifth fuel — energy efficiency. By helping our customers use power more efficiently, we can help them save money and reduce the need for new power plants. In aggregate, energy efficiency investments are the least expensive and most environmentally benign source of energy for our customers…

        As co-chair of the National Action Plan on Energy Efficiency and the Alliance to Save Energy, I reviewed state regulatory plans for energy efficiency…. Our goal is to change that regulatory paradigm so that earnings from energy efficiency are on a par with earnings from investments in new power plants….”


        Duke Energy extended a $10 million loan to Obama’s re-election convention committee. Duke did not leave the Republicans out. North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory worked for Duke Energy for almost 30 years. Analysis by Democracy North Carolina, shows McCrory received over $300,000 in direct campaign contributions from Duke-Energy related donors during his 2008 and 2012 gubernatorial races. The Republican Governors Association, which spent over $10 million supporting McCrory’s bid, also received around $760,000 from Duke.

  4. Very well said Geoff. It is just like reading one of Joseph Postma’s articles at the Climate of sophistry blog.

    However there is one big difference, Joseph knows 1R can bot equal 2R, without energy being created from nothing. He also understands that the 1R down can not heat, or add energy to the original emitting surface, because that would be a violation of the 2nd Law of thermodynamics.

    How stupid does someone have to be to believe calculations based upon 1R becomes 2R, and that include a violation of the 2nd LoTs? The 2nd LoTs always applies to all matter, and energy can not be created from nothing. Yet, so many currently do believe and accept such based calculations!

    It is not just the people who have been dumbed down, plainly “academia” and many who are considered to be “academics” have been dumbed down too. Certainly such are plainly being very stupid currently, most obviously when they are being (politically correct) “green”.

    How long untill”they” and so, so many other realise that they should have questioned what they did not understand, because what the “experts” currently tell us is so, physically can not be so. It is intact stupid, and only an idiot could believe it.

    The world has gone mad, and boy are so many truly green….

    1. A few years ago, you posted here saying you were novice to math and physics and you wanted to learn. Since that time you have made a very convincing case that you are a novice but unfortunately have learned nothing I can see.

      If you are still a novice after several years of working the same problem, we call that something else. It is irritating when people who are clearly not math inclined or physics trained stomp around in a world where many of us are, while claiming we are all wrong. In school you would get your F in very basic physics and have to work out why. Out here, you claim an A and give the graduated class an F, but only when talking to yourself. The refusal to learn and the certainty that you are right smacks of some sort of personality disorder. Same thing DC has probably but I’m a novice at psychology – thank god for that!

      1. Jeff,
        Seems to me the common thread among those most lost by radiational physics is that they do not have much (any?) formal training in math and physics. If someone never actually studied and understood such things, outside the politically charged environment of global warming, then it is understandable they might conclude ALL of global warming is politically motivated non-sense, when in fact the basic stuff is technically correct, even while the ‘projections’ of doom and the animated insistance on draconian and immediate reductions in fossil fuel use really are little more than politically motivated rubbish.

        It is the ‘grain of truth’ about increasing GHG causing some warming, mixed into a sea of bonkers green advocacy, which makes it complicated to effectively explain and defend a “lukewarmer” position.

        1. I think when the brownouts become commonplace in 10 years, we should cut any obama voters power first. Seems fair to me.

        2. As to the grain of truth, I couldn’t agree more. The problem is that the craziness on the internet obscures reasoned disagreement, and allows all who don’t spout alarmism to be lumped in the same pile.

  5. Jeff, of interest to you: (Other states also included)

    Demand Response and Smart Metering Policy Actions
    Since the Energy Policy Act of 2005:

    Click to access Final_NCEP_Report_on_DR_and_SM_Policy_Actiona_08.12.pdf

    ….In January 2007, the Michigan Public Service Commission presented to the Governor its “21st Century Energy Plan,” which recommends demand response and AMI. The Commission then created four working groups to support the plan—two of the groups will consider demand response and the smart grid through, respectively, the “Demand Response Team” and the “Smart Grid Team.”

    • In June 2007, the Commission opened a proceeding to implement the demand response portion of the “21st Century Energy Plan.” In the same Order, the Commission also formed a working group called the Michigan Demand Response Collaborative, which is to facilitate the deployment of demand response. The Commission directed all of the state’s regulated utilities to participate in it. The demand response collaborative is to develop pilot programs and “emphasize the use of ‘smart’ metering, advanced technology, and time-based or real time rate structures.” It must also assess the
    impact of time-based rates on customer demand for electricity.

    • In April 2007 the Commission directed its Staff to convene a statewide collaborative on smart grid infrastructure to improve the state’s electric grid. The Smart Grid Collaborative, as the group is known, is responsible for establishing evaluation criteria and standards that would trigger pilot programs or broader deployment in Michigan if options appear cost-effective and practical to implement. In March 2008, the Commission added the task of considering plug-in electric hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) vis-à-vis the smart grid to the workload of the Smart Grid Collaborative. In particular, the Smart Grid Collaborative is to develop pilot programs that study PHEVs and will file with the Commission a report about the pilots—the report is due in June 2009.

    ….the Commission directed its Staff to develop a report on AMI. The Staff filed its report in October 2008, concluding, “Advanced metering infrastructure initiatives are an important tool to modernize the electricity grid, reduce peak demand and reach energy efficiency goals.” In the report—“Staff Report on Minimum Functionality Standards for Advanced Metering Infrastructure”—the Staff reviewed federal and state AMI policies. It also summarized and synthesized the comments filed in August 2008.

    In October 2008, Governor Granholm signed a bill that fosters the deployment of demand response (Senate Bill 213). Key language from the new law follows:

    “The commission shall do all of the following:
    “Promote load management in appropriate circumstances. “Actively pursue increasing public awareness of load management techniques. “Engage in regional load management efforts to reduce the annual demand for energy whenever possible.
    “Work with residential, commercial, and industrial customers to reduce annual demand and conserve energy through load management techniques and other activities it considers appropriate. The commission shall file a report with the legislature by December 31, 2010 on the effort to reduce peak demand.

  6. Hi Jeff. I know a bit about advanced (smart) meters. For the record they really are not smart, just more advanced than the old dumb meters. They can record some useful stuff that we never used to be able to get at the lower voltage level I.e. Houses, but a part from remote reading and in some cases remote disconnect and reconnect they really can’t do anything else.

    As a consumer eventually you may want to take a bit of control of your consumption but until it is pretty automatic, not many people can be bothered. Where I come from we have them plus our water is metered. So far it just seems to make people more aware and in the case of water use less than other areas without metering.

    Being an energy guy I also am test driving a remote readable gas meter, so I can log in and see my gas consumption by half hour. So far all that does is confirm my teenage son has very long showers. 😄

    1. In the early ’90s we lived in Miami. FPL (Florida Light and Power) sent us a note asking if we were interested in participating in an experimental program which would include a reduction in our cost per kwHr. A new meter and control would be installed and some devices installed in a box to be attached to our panel. We had a pool (don’t do it), an electric hot water heater, and an A/C system. The idea was that FPL wanted to cycle the 3/4 hp pool circulation pump (big pool-even crazier), the hot water heater, and the A/C off for brief intervals during peak demand periods and thus avoid the cost of building additional peak capacity which because it was not run continuously cost much more for the kWhrs it provided. We did it.

      From time to time, mainly in mid afternoon, the thing would shut down the pool-pump for four or five minutes, then on again, then ten minutes later off for a few minutes. we had a big hot water heater so the thermal coast was enough to bridge the gaps.

      I liked the whole idea.

      I can see this wouldn’t work so well in the instant (+/-) on-demand hot water heaters they use on showers in England.

      I always drill out the restrictors in shower heads.

    2. Neil,

      You might be interested in this:

      In our meter, which is a step more advanced than this one:

      It says:
      The modular architecture of the CENTRON meter allows new snap-in personality modules to be installed in the meter without disturbing the finely calibrated metrology board in the lower, measurement portion of the meter. Optional snap-in personality modules include demand, time-of-use (TOU), load profile and various communication protocol options

      This allows them to move toward that load profile system, which is limitation of usage based. Everything on their site is designed to hide the fact of what they are actually moving toward. Gail Combs #6 comment is pretty clear on these matters. It is easy to let it go and say meh…but this is no small thing they are doing. The data itself is a problem as well. If you had access to it with nefarious intent, you could get a lot of things done illegally knowing people aren’t home.

  7. My “forecast” as below was archived 22 August 2011 …

    “From 2003 the effect of El Niño had passed and a slightly declining trend has been observed. This is the net effect of the 60-year cycle starting to decline whilst the 934 year cycle is still rising.”

    Both cycles were going up until about 1998-2003. Now the 60 year one is declining until at least 2028, but the ~1,000 year one will still rise for up to about 100 years, maybe peaking in the 2030’s though.

    Carbon dioxide has absolutely nothing to do with it. Greenhouse gases (mostly water vapor and a dash of CO2) water down the temperature gradient (making it less steep) and they do this by way of inter-molecular radiation which, as every engineer knows, has a temperature leveling effect. That effect works against the gravitationally induced temperature gradient. The latter is a direct result of the force of gravity acting upon molecules moving between collisions. The Second Law tells us entropy will tend towards a maximum – it does not say anything about temperature, because entropy is far more embracing of all kinds of internal energy, including gravitational potential energy, whereas temperature is proportional to molecular kinetic energy, nothing else.

    Modern day experiments with centrifugal force have proved that Josef Loschmidt was right about a force field like gravity producing a temperature gradient. Robert Brown tried to help Anthony refute this with a pathetic article that I have refuted on the “WUWT errors” page of my website climate-change-theory dot com and Brown is clearly proven wrong by the experiments and evidence in all planetary tropospheres, with or without surfaces at their base.

    So the “lapse rate” is not formed by rising “parcels” of air molecules. Indeed, such “parcels” (and all the Stephen Wilde nonsense) are complete figments of the imagination with nothing to stop molecules moving outside their imaginary boundaries. The gravitationally induced temperature gradient is the reason why air is cooler at higher altitudes in the troposphere. The tropopause and stratosphere do not refute this, because they are in hydrostatic equilibrium (not thermodynamic equilibrium) due to the excessive absorption of solar energy some of which makes its way downwards from the stratosphere to the troposphere through the “temperature valley” of the tropopause.

    Until you all come to grips with what the Second Law entropy maximization tells us, you will understand nothing about planetary temperatures.

    1. Kay Doug. You’ve been around long enough that I’m starting to see the pattern. You are ready to learn again — and then alter your message in the wrong direction but still ready.

      “So the “lapse rate” is not formed by rising “parcels” of air molecules.”

      How many molecules do you think are included in an updraft, and how many are required for the “dry adiabatic lapse rate” to form. Please note that I asked you this question with slightly different wording a half dozen times when you originally made your grand Loshmidt discovery.

  8. Where I come from we have had central control of hotwater (at the customer’s choice) for the better part of 50 years. High thermal mass means that the energy can be shifted through time, it is used sparingly and reduces peak demand (not total energy). We also have voluntary demand reduction markets. I can understand why you might be concerned about being forced to do things and I too would object. The key aspect to me is choice and correct price signalling. To be honest I see little value for most households, although I can go to a half hourly spot priced product and save money as my profile is more night and less day compared to what is assumed for a customer such as myself. I will do this when my current fixed price contract ends. As you can gather I come from a country where we have competitive electricity retailing and so customer choice matters if we are to survive as suppliers.

    I have no qualms about an add-in that would allow me to take control (manually or automatically) via the great internet of things, but in all honestly it would be very boring and ignores the fact that the best time to make energy efficiency choices is when you replace appliances. I have friends that already control their heating etc via their smart phones, monitor indoor air quality etc.

    There is a difference between what you are concerned about, quantity rationing, and pricing. As long as pricing is the driver for decisions I have no issues. I understand that I am taking a philosophical perspective as a person who believes in markets.

    As to worries about people using consumption data for bad purposes. I think it will be easier to just case houses than trying to find the location of a meter that appears to indicate that no one is home. Maybe someone with a “big data” algorithm might crack some interesting info, and I have worked on machine learning in relation to load forecasting using half hourly data, but to be honest I worry less about that and more about how insanely easy it is to take out a power grid by blowing up a few interconnectors.

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