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Bye Bye Paris

Posted by Jeff Id on June 2, 2017

I am absolutely thrilled to see a tiny bit of sanity in our government.   Every day the left gets loonier with one fake conspiracy after another dying when hit by fact, and every day Trump makes a little more sense from it.  Not sure why pulling out of the Paris agreement was so damned hard a call, like firing the idiot inspector Comey, it was the most obvious decision in the world.  Fake CNN news seems to be the order of the next 4 years, and people can see right through it.

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The more time they spend on fake Russia nonsense the better, I just wish real news outlets would ignore it so I wouldn’t hear about it.  When dropping out of a completely bogus climate agreement prompts fake articles about attacks on minorities and children and on and on, it just makes me giggle. People really are idiots.  I wish it would make some difference in the pro-socialist and otherwise fake climate-change industry, but the push to socialism won’t even be slowed down by it.  I wonder what idiots will think in 50 years when we still don’t have a single piece of evidence of any bad effects from man-made climate change.

Some sanity in the midst of the idiot shit-storm only politely referred to as news, was rather nice.

14 Responses to “Bye Bye Paris”

  1. Trump keeping promises is both new and different in DC. Politicians on both sides of the aisle still have not realized that Trump is not a politician. So they will continue to be gob smacked by his actions. The lemmings of the left will continue with their hysterics. And the Earth will abide.

  2. jinghis said

    You nailed it, Global Warming, Russia hacking the election, are just fake news. There is nothing there except hysteria.

  3. M Simon said

    The hysteria on the left is charming.

  4. Frank said

    This post doesn’t appear up to your usual standard of analysis (or my comments are sub-par.) Trump’s backing out the the Paris Agreement because he thinks the current agreement isn’t in the national interest won’t accomplish anything in the long run. He won’t be able to negotiate a better deal and the next Democratic administration (likely left of Obama) will merely pick up where Obama left off. The Supreme Court will continue staring into a crystal ball trying to determine Congress’s intent when they were writing the Clean Air Act a half-century ago – without any concept of the situation we face today. (Congress amended it to cover CFCs and we have had stable policy for several decades.)

    Mr. Trump could have proven that Mr. Obama didn’t have the authority to commit to the Paris agreement (citing entangling legislation and treaties that could make our commitment binding). If he then insisted that Congress pass legislation explaining what they expected the EPA and State Department to do about GHG and the State Department do, Trump might have set us on the path to a stable national policy. A policy that instituted a minimal carbon tax (that might rise with rising temperature) in place of all of today’s subsidies would allow Congress the flexibility to make other important changes in tax law. (Those changes might keep more people like you in business). Best of all, it would remove decision-making from the executive branch and the DC swamp and return authority to Congress (where it belongs). While waiting for Congress, Trump could combine the intentions of the PRC (People’s Republic of California), Texas, and other states and assert that these was the only legitimate expression of national intent.

    No way. Dictator Trump, not Congress, is going to make all the decisions, though he (and possibly Mr. Pruitt) probably know almost nothing about the problem.

  5. Frank said

    Mr. Trump could have fired Mr. Comey for almost any reason except refusing to halt the investigation of his campaign. That bordered on obstruction of justice (not prosecutorial discretion) and promoted the feeding frenzy in Congress. It is too bad Trump doesn’t have enough brains not to meet the director of the FBI without an attorney to advise him while his campaign was being investigated. Worst of all, he doesn’t know what everyone working for his campaign has done.

    The NSA and CIA have given Congressional committees all of the documents they sent to the FBI. So I expect we will have a better idea if this is a real or phony investigation soon. I’ll await the results from this experiment before deciding if the investigation is a total hoax”. The only one who lies more than the MSM is DT, so I don’t believe either. The MSM’s fanatical opposition to Trump is more likely to help him than hurt him.

    Interestingly, although it is illegal to hack someone’s private server, it is not illegal to publish the information obtained from a hack. (Otherwise Jeff might still be in jail over Climategate.) So its hard to imagine what crime anyone committed even if they collaborated with Russia to elect a President who was unusually favorably disposed to Putin. Or would you call that treason? Foreign donations of cash are illegal, even though Bill Clinton escaped after receiving $500,000 from China for his “defense fund”.

    As for Mr. Comey, if HRC was going to escape indictment for excessive neglect in handling secret information, I preferred hearing it from him rather than from Lynch. She was compromised at least three ways: by her long relationship with the Clinton’s, by her improper meeting on Bill’s plane, and by secret allegations that months earlier she had reassured DNC chairwoman Stabenow that HRC would never be indicted. Comey believed that Lynch should have recused herself. As a former Deputy AG who had resisted extreme pressure from the Bush WH, the non-partisan head of an independent agency (confirmed 93-1) with a decade of experience in DC, he outranked the Deputy AG, Sally Yates (a minor leaguer from Georgia called up at the end of the Obama season for her first experience in the big leagues.) So, Comey went behind his compromised boss’s back, announced the decision at a press conference, defended it in front of Congress a few days later, and secretly informed the Intelligence Committees why he had done what he did. Lynch and Obama must have recognized that Lynch was under investigation; they never said a word. Comey clearly explained to Congress and the country: what HRC had done wrong, why others like Petraus had been prosecuted (he lied to the FBI and told his lover/biographer he was showing her secret information), candidly agreed that some of HRC’s Congressional testimony differed from what she told the FBI, and even admitted that Clinton’s aides has received unnecessarily generous treatment from the DoJ in return for their “cooperation”. He did this to preserve faith in an independent American judicial system, not help or hinder Hillary’s election.

    After that coup, everything went to hell. HRC’s email was discovered in Weiner’s computer, the Russians hacked the DNC, the Trump campaign was populated by an unusually large number of people with connections to Russia, many of them did suspiciously stupid things, and Trump stupidly insisted on getting involved with an investigation that involved him. If it was wrong for Lynch to see Bill Clinton privately while his wife was under investigation, WTF was Trump doing questioning Comey in private about a different investigation. No wonder Comey immediately wrote himself a memo documenting their conversations and told others precisely what had occurred. The country will be better off with an independent Director of the FBI with less baggage.

    Please forgive this “alternative history”. These are the facts I have accumulated so far.

    • Jeff Id said

      [I reread my reply and was forced to edit for clarity and correctness – sloppy and lazy writing. ALL changes in brackets ]


      You make a couple of assertions which you mislabel as ‘facts’ and other unproven brush over comments which you hold as truths. Holding you to the same standard as DT, you would classify them as ‘lies’ but I don’t use the word that lightly. The media does lie as in deliberate misrepresentation of known facts, and outlies all other attempts at lying by any other liar on the planet that I’m aware of[see that sentence was just fun]. Even North Korea is more truthful than CNN at this point–which does make me giggle. When people fall for it, it makes me shake my head.

      You deserve some examples of my critique as you have kindly taken the time to explain your position.

      “Mr. Trump could have fired Mr. Comey for almost any reason except refusing to halt the investigation of his campaign. That bordered on obstruction of justice …..” — You make the assumption that Trump fired Comey for investigating him. This is not a fact known anywhere but has been repeatedly implied by the FAKE news media. You shouldn’t fall for it, but since you did, and you have created many conclusions and implications from that false assumption [which need to be addressed]. As you said we will hear more nonsense in coming weeks, and Comey (an obvious liberal advocate) gets to make the facts up, I’m not considering him to be a trustworthy source and nobody else should either. He has repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to protect HRC from serious crimes while pretending objectivity that simply does not exist. I doubt very much that he will extend that same courtesy to a conservative president, or his administration.

      You have stated also:
      “As for Mr. Comey, if HRC was going to escape indictment for excessive neglect in handling secret information, I preferred hearing it from him rather than from Lynch. ”

      But your preference is rather moot, many crimes were committed and Comey let her go – very biased man. HRC was obviously guilty and the evidence was all over the internet. Comey let her go scott free and you write that Lynch should have recused herself because SHE was compromised. Were it my decision Comey and several levels below him would have lost their cushy FBI jobs much more quickly. I can’t even come close to agreeing with you on this. In HRCs case there was mountains of actual evidence, [some of] which was intentionally destroyed by HRC during the [fake] investigation [and cover up]. Anyone else would be in jail right now. Actual verifiable evidence existed in this case but no ‘special prosecutor’ for her, NOPE, only for Trump and only in a case where everyone involved has stated there is NO evidence whatsoever. Comey was HRC’s inept advocate all along even though he had an impact on the election, he was simply an incompetent advocate rather than objective. I say that because nobody can conclude she was not guilty of criminal behavior with confidential data, obstruction of justice in destruction of data, and collusion with the FBI to cover it all up.

      That Comey admits the double standard in prosecution does NOT excuse the double standard in any way, in fact it means Comey had willful intent to ignore broken laws for whatever reason and that in itself is criminal. I really don’t know how you would accept such nonsense as valid rationale simply because Comey said it. It really is beyond me. You and we are being lied to by Comey. I recommend people pay attention when others lie to you, there is a reason.

      What is worse, is the Clinton Russia scandal where she sold uranium in exchange for over a hundred million dollars to her [personal account fake 501 3c tax exempt Canada based charity [[this is what forced a correction]], and of course a 2X speaking fee for Bill Clinton in Moscow [into their personal account]. This is an actual smoking gun laying in her lap with a dead man on the floor and the media, the FBI, and all law agencies simply let it go. NO special prosecutor, NO real investigation and the evidence is MASSIVE! If it wasn’t quid-pro-quo payment for transfer of actual nuclear weapon material, how the hell did she get that cash ? Oh and the evidence could have been on the laptop that Huma turned over in exchange for immunity and the actual destruction of the evidence — by the FBI.

      But Lynch is the problem not Comey? wow. My alternative view says that the FBI is a swamp full of powerful liberal activists with some good investigators underneath. Trump should fire them all, the media is going to say what it wants anyway. If that happens to stop the fake Russia investigation because the investigators have nothing to look at, so be it.

      The entire FBI has acted as an arm of the liberal party during this last election cycle and probably has been for a long time in a less visible manner. I can’t remember the last time a special prosecutor was appointed with no crime listed or even implied. I can’t remember a time when so much false accusation was ever ‘leaked’ from a government. DC is behaving like a swamp full of liberal activists who are above the law and I really hope to see some real prosecutions of the real liberal criminals start.

      Don’t fall for fake news.

    • #1 – I love the 2 digit IQs talk about how stupid Trump is.
      #2 – Comey did list Hillary’s crimes. But he said “no one would prosecute” which is NOT his job. His job was to list the crimes, and then refer to the DOJ for prosecution. Did you see lynch then say she was going to prosecute the crimes Comey said she committed?

      You want something that you got. Lynch was never going to prosecute. But she had the grounds. Comey listed them.

  6. hunter7hunter said

    Wow Bill. Some of the comments on this are deeply disturbing.

  7. gallopingcamel said

    I love your rants. Paul Homewood agrees when you point out the futility of the Paris Accord …… gain but real pain!

    The idea that CO2 emissions or CO2 concentration causes temperatures to rise by a measurable amount is absurd. It is based on a discredited theory (1896) from Svante Arrhenius.

    CO2 emissions and concentration have risen significantly over the last 20 years but the average global temperature has not. Chanting “If you can’t explain the pause you can’t explain the cause” may be annoying but it is still the truth.

  8. Orson said

    What next? WUWT has posted up an interview with Scott Pruitt on Breitbart – and Pruitt proposes a Red Team/Blue team project.

    The trouble is how to organize and control such a project without the massive cult of the AGW-herd

    With the reverse or James Lovelock, the attenuation of Eco-Nazi radical James Hanson (last December), the mystifications of John Houghton and Kevin Trenberth, and even now that EPA assistante admin (and the face of Obama’s global warming/climate change initiative)
    Gina McCarthy concedes: ‘Climate change has become a religion’ —

    Maybe the anti-CO2 cult is pulling back….before it’s now being pushed?

    • Joe Crawford said

      Orson, you might start with just a no-time limit debate between a few of the better know, and more vociferous of the ‘true believer’ CAGW and a few of the more realistic true scientists and a few of the more sceptical outcasts. Since the CAGW crowd have refused to debate the sceptics so far, intimating that the path of future funding will be influenced at least to some extent on the outcome/results of that debate should entice them to participate. Several days of debate, held over several weeks should bring out most of the limitations of the current science, its supporters and detractors and it should provide a good starting point for future studies and funding.

  9. Orson said

    OH – and I forgot to mention the mellowing of AGW-angst “the science is settled” since 1992, Al Gore. His recent interview finds him less alarmed than in 25 years.

    How strange is that?

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