Muppets Like Me

So lets have more fun than that.

I’m done with the authoritarians FAKE game of skin color.

never cared who’s skin was what color

never will.

BUT Neither did you…..

BUT that is what the authoritarians want us to discuss.  It isn’t that mexicans have invaded our country en masse, it is that we are racist for noticing that they are fucking Mexicans.

Not my fault.

I love Mexicans by the way.

Unlike our millennials, they are future voters of common sense who know that governments can actually screw you in a manner that you cannot recover from.  BUT on the average, they are blatantly uneducated, ignorant, and unmitigatedly hard working people who are running away from the disaster of a government they actually voted for.

Someday, when they can actually read English, those same Mexicans will vote conservative.   In the meantime there are many millions voting for leftist authoritarians, because our politician leftists sound like the same leftists who ruined their country AND Venezuela.

We don’t have any need to accept them as voters today.  No immediate need. No requirement for cheap labor, no requirement for expensive, on the authoritarian dole, voters.

See how that works?But you are supposed to think lack of amnesty is a big deal for you personally.  Amnesty is above actual tax cuts, above actual health insurance deregulation, above food stamp programs, the military, selling our uranium to aggressors, authoritarian politicians ignoring actual written law, on and on.

You are supposed to think you are racist.

You are told to think that illegals need citizenship.

You are told that spending on preferred government items is needed.

You are a muppet!!

Me too, but — I’m changing.

19 thoughts on “Muppets Like Me

  1. Trump is getting the illegals and border under control and just as importantly he is reworking the trade agreements, making them fair for everyone.

    However Mexico is falling apart, whole sections of the country are under Cartel and Ahito control. It is going to be interesting going forward no matter what happens and it might become a smaller version of Brazil.

      1. It is more like unintended consequences and another reason why Mexico will pay for the wall, one way or another.

        Mexico’s economic system where it is extremely hard for an individual to own property is broken. If it is fixable is up to the Mexican people, we can’t impose a solution and acting like a pressure relief valve soaking up millions of their people and pumping billions back to Mexico just makes the matter worse in the long run. It also destroys our country too.

      2. 27 years ago, we had 20 MILLION fewer illegal aliens here, and virtually NONE from Islamic shitholes.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    Not sure I completely understand the post. There are plenty of illegal aliens who would, if they could, vote against leftist authoritarians in their home countries. There is not much new there. Those who can will vote in the USA for whoever will let them and their relatives come to/stay in the USA. This is niether surprising nor informative.

    Not sure what to make of the “I’m changing” comment. I am not changing at all. People in the States illegally should not be here.

    1. Hi Steve,

      Just having some rant fun. I’ve found myself fixating on the news message of the day too much. I’m turning the crap off and trying to at least minimize how they push my thinking around.

      People in the states illegally should not be here. The solution is easy, cut off welfare, build wall and eject those who are here. Some will get hurt, but that is better than us being bankrupted, murdered and having our votes being cancelled out by ignorant masses of uneducated people who hear only the shallowest forms of media messaging.

  3. My wife and I were planning to relocate to Queretaro in the fall of 2017 to enjoy a much better lifestyle than we can afford in the USA.

    For a variety of reasons we decided to remain in the USA even though that means I will have to continue working (aged 80).

    We still fear the corruption in the federal and North Carolina governments. However with Trump in the White House there is a chance that the “Swamp” will be drained.

    I manned the phone lines to help George Bush get elected but soon realized he was just another puppet. After that I stopped voting as it was obvious that all the candidates were bought and paid for by the “Donor Class”.

    Suddenly Trump has restored my hope that stupid, corrupt government can be fixed. Trump may be able to restore the rule of law so that criminals from the lowest to the highest will be held accountable. I live for the day that everyone from the MS13 to the Clintons will subject to the same laws that you and I respect.

  4. In this jokey post, why no mention of immigration reform and the possibility of a legal workforce for agriculture, nursery, landscaping, cleaning services, food processors, meat plants, etc.. etc… etc…. I guess it’s a partisan issue so right wingers and lefties can fight over it, but really everybody eats food grown, harvested, processed, delivered, stocked, sold by illegal aliens. People are blissfully unaware of reality.

    1. Immigration reform?? That is what Trump wants. Unfortunately the left just wants to flood the country with new Dhimmicrap voters living off our dime if they decide they don’t want to work.

  5. The “Cheap Labor” canard.

    The family took a trip to the Wisconsin Dells last summer. Since I did not care to ride roller coasters all night, I walked around and talked other visitors and some of the young employees. Like many amusement park complexes, there is always a shortage of local teens to work since the demand is greater than the supply. Talking to one of the 19 year old females (forget which East European country she was from) she said that she had a set period of time for her to work at the park and after that, she would be allowed to travel the rest of the US for a short period before she HAD TO RETURN TO HER COUNTRY.

    I would presume that most small business owners know that there are government programs in place to import labor when there is a documented shortage. (not talking about the farce called H1B visas) I don’t know the specifics of the programs, but I did know they exist. I would suspect that many, if not most Americans don’t know.

    Therefore, the idea that we should just let any Mexican walk across the border as they please to “do the work that we won’t” is codswallop and nonsense.
    Most Americans don’t know the history of immigration and quite frankly don’t know what immigration really is.

    So endth the rant.

  6. Couple of observations, first off by war, parts of Mexico was integrated into the US. California, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Texas, etc….. Next, the perception that undocumented workers is an invasion and the biggest issue is that you are considered a racist is delusion on your part. There are about 13-15 million undocumented workers here. Not all are Mexicans. So in a country of around 300 million, that’s about 3% or less and it’s over a 30 year period, I just don’t agree that it’s Mexican invasion en masse. And it’s not that you are racist, but you are parroting fake news from racists, so if you are not racist you are just a kinda dumb tool of racists.

    1. ” I just don’t agree that it’s Mexican invasion en masse.”

      First, your numbers are not accurate but even at these percentages it is still a very weak argument on your part. What percentage of Europe did D-day represent?

      Maybe that could clarify it but I doubt it. 49 years and I still find myself regularly amazed by peoples ability to deny reality. Eventually some of this innate human ability to replicate poor logic with such certitude needs a proper explanation. It may be one of the greatest failures of psychological sciences.

    1. Sorry for the delay. No deer for anyone in camp this year. Very high water! I did see the back end of one through dense woods on the last 15 minutes of the last day.

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