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Easy Call

Posted by Jeff Id on June 17, 2017

America is not allowed to elect a conservative president of any form.  The deep state, fourth branch of government has declared that they now have critical mass to enforce their will upon us independently from our elected officials.  Liberal feeders have infected every branch of government, media and education to the point where even without any evidence, a conservative president will be impeached.  There is zero evidence that Trump has done anything wrong, yet we are surrounded by openly visible liberal crimes that go un-prosecuted.   Comey leaking to get a fake prosecutor, Hillary selling the US for personal gain, Obama fast and furious, Hillary’s dead ambassador to Lybia and the lies to cover it, instead we have fake prosecution recommended by deputy ag Rosenstein for Trump firing Comey, the very act that Rosenstein recommended in a public letter.  Now we have a fake ‘public’ trial by partisan judges where every witness admitted that there is no evidence of wrongdoing.   A trial which hasn’t ended because now the prosecuting liberals have switched from the proven false ‘Russia stole the election’ charges to different FAKE charges of obstruction of justice.  Obstructing the investigation of the proven fake Russia stole the election charge by the way.

How does one obstruct justice regarding the non-investigation of a fake crime?

Only in America methinks.

Trump could order the investigation of something he was guilty of, stopped,  without being guilty of obstruction by the way, because he’s actually the boss.  He’s completely allowed to do that.  Any common sense in America?  No, instead, Muller hired 13 lawyers to prosecute a crime which by definition cannot exist.   Trump is in charge of the FBI.  He can stop any investigation at any time, yet he did NOT.

13 LIBERAL lawyers. Hillary and Democrat donors, Investigating a president without even a potential crime.  YES they will make something up.  We don’t know what but LAWYERS lie for a living.  They twist fact into innuendo as a matter of duty.  They find crime and innocence where none exist, and innuendo is their primary weapon.  Having so many liberals paid to find a problem with the president is a huge issue.

But it got worse today.


“All Americans, regardless of party, agree on the fundamental principle that no one is above the law,” Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) told MSNBC Friday. “And if President Trump were to fire Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, and then [get] special counsel Mueller fired, I believe Congress would begin impeachment proceedings.”

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) echoed Lieu’s sentiments, saying that Congress would come together to make sure they overrule Trump’s authority on the matter.

“Congress will not allow the president to so egregiously overstep his authority,” Schiff said in a statement.

America is in trouble when the left, with no evidence can issue a statement to THREATEN the boss of the FBI with impeachment if he doesn’t allow his own employees to prosecute him for something that DID NOT HAPPEN. Obstruction of false politically motivated liberal attacks is the true crime and that is nothing but a job well done.

It seems Trump has little choice.  In his place, I would fire them all right now with the statement that it is in our country’s best interest that these idiots move on.  Muller, Rosenstein, and about 2500 other Obama swampmongers would leave right at this exact moment if I had the ability.   Trump gets the same result either way, prosecution, innuendo and nonsense.  Chuck them to the curb with extreme prejudice and put in someone who will investigate Comey, Clinton, Muller’s fake investigation and Obama.  Because those folk all actually did obstruct “justice”.

Clinton lied to investigators–obstruction.

Clinton destroyed evidence–obstruction.

Clinton bribed and manipulated office holding investigators — obstruction.

A democrat operative who was apparently leaking to Wikileaks was shot.   obstruction.

NO REAL INVESTIGATIONS of any of these things.





12 Responses to “Easy Call”

  1. jinghis said

    This is the same Deep State that is pushing Climate Change and the War on Terror, etc. etc.

  2. Jeff id said

    I’m concerned this time. Violence is being condoned on the left Muslim bad guys being supported. Media lying to promote the situation instead of their readership. White folk actively being ridiculed and opressed with impunity. Looks like the early stages of a really bad war.

    • jinghis said

      I agree the optics are horrible and if Trump is impeached it will be a shooting war that will make the Civil War look like a warm up for the main event. The left has to know this, so the real plan is to just dig in, obstruct and outlast Trump which is fair enough.

      However, I don’t believe anything the MSM says and I think the Probe will truly be aimed at the Russian hacking of the election and that means Hillary’s emails, Foundation, uranium deal, DNC, Unmasking, Wiki Leaks, leaks in general, Seth Rich, etc. There is absolutely nothing that leads to Trump or his people. Instead it is clearly a major scandal for the Democratic party and the Deep State.

      I think we need to let this play out and see where it is headed. A real investigation as compared to a political show trial, is invisible during the investigation phase. This phase has all the earmarks of a well thought out strategy typical of Trump and his team. I have a feeling that in a couple of months all of the people screaming for the investigation to go on are going to be screaming for it to be shut down.

  3. paullinsay said

    I’d wait and fire them all on the morning of July 4, strip and lock their offices, then tell them to drop dead.

  4. Lieu’s premise is critically flawed. It is clear that Democrats are above the law. Comey detailed the laws Hillary broke – no prosecution. Nixon was forced to resign for allegations he did what has been admitted that Obama did. No repercussions.

    Democrats are not only crooks, they are liars.

  5. page488 said

    As a child, I lived in Pensacola, FL, during the run up to the Cuban Missile crisis. At school, we had repeated drills in the event of a bombing. I was damn scared at the age of 8 or 9.

    I lived in Birmingham, AL, during the civil rights movement of the sixties. Being within the city, proper, our house was very close to all the action – Bull Connor, his fire hoses and the like. I was scared then, too.

    Now, because of the leftists’ pursuit of absolute power by any means, whatsoever, I am so frightened that I actually went out and bought a gun a few days ago. A hand gun. A rifle will likely be my next purchase. I may be an elderly woman, but I’m not going down in a civil war without a fight.

    The left clearly has become unhinged…..and dangerous. They tacitly, if not explicitly, have now determined that they must eliminate all their enemies one way or another, whether it be by the political (destruction by the media) or real assassinations of Trump, you, me or anyone else, or by the creation of an out and out civil war. Fundamentalist liberals (socialists, communists) no longer care about the people of the US, at all, but only about implementing their Utopian ideology. It’s their way or the highway; they want what the want and they want it now, and anyone who gets in their way is toast.

    What’s even worse, they’ve been fomenting unrest among poor blacks for quite some time to further their goal of a civil war. And, I do believe that civil war is their current goal, since they have failed, both in the media and at the ballot box, to peacefully implement their agenda. At present, I think they believe that their only path to power is destruction of the country as a whole. I think they see themselves as rising from the chaos to grab grab power and implement Utopia .

    I don’t think that anyone on the left gives one rat’s ass about the circumstances of the average black woman/child in the projects. Whether or not the liberals consciously planned to create a “breeder caste” for votes could be up for debate, but the fact remains that the caste does exist, votes en masse as expected, and liberals happily accept their votes and the tragedies of their lives. The left uses these people shamelessly, and appears to have no interest in improving their lives.

    I stand behind President Trump. Hopefully, the President will continue to do his job, no matter what kind of garbage the media/ leftists have on the agenda for him.

    I am so grateful that he won!

    • Jeff Id said

      Page, if you are just buying a hand gun now, it sounds like you haven’t practiced much with one. If that is the case, find some training that involves safety and actually firing the gun. I’ve been shooting my whole life and typically don’t like being around inexperienced and even some experienced people with firearms. Constant vigilance regarding the handling and pointing of a firearm are absolutely required. Quick access to a loaded weapon is a necessity in a defense scenario, but loaded weapons in instant reach for everyone are a bad deal so a quick release mechanism like a coded box that allows owners to access the weapon quickly is my preference. Even when secured, I don’t keep a round in the chamber. With practice, I can access in about 5 seconds after I decide it is required. It did work for me one time when someone was trying to break in. The sound of the slide racking a round was enough to convince them to leave at maximum tennis-shoe speed. I figure if the badguy can get to me quicker than that, I lose. If you already know all this, I’m sorry to write it – take care.

      Unrest does play into the authoritarians hands. They call Nazi’s right wing, but they had many of the same policies as the socialists. They call Muslims right wing but again many of the same policies as the socialists. They call both conservative but it isn’t anything resembling an American conservative – who the Dems like to falsely call facists. They should look up the meaning of the word in my opinion. To me it seems like a better description of the evil forms of government can be lumped into the word authoritarian. And whatever form of authoritarian government individual Dem’s, Muslims, Nazi’s, communists prefer, it is all the same thing to me. Someone else having more power to decide what you can and cannot do. Universally, it becomes a system which benefits the boss over the citizen.

      Our freedom put us ahead of the rest of the world and our gradual decline into socialism is pulling us right into the mire with the rest of them. I agree that unrest plays into their hands, and masses of impoverished people are beneficial to the Dems goals. Despite the incredible amounts of evidence as to what happens with authoritarian government, lots of people still believe in it.

  6. gallopingcamel said

    The FBI is so corrupt. They can not indict anyone for the crimes committed by the the last administration. Here a re just a few:
    1. Fast & Furious
    2. IRS targeting of political opponents.
    3. Twenty percent of US uranium sold to Russian oligarchs.
    4. NSA and other three letter agencies spying on Americans.

    It is time to rebuild from the bottom up. There is a precedent……Ronald Reagan fired the air traffic controllers and rebuilt from the bottom up.

  7. jmarshs said

    I came across this link on Willis’ Blog, Skating Under the Ice. It offers an interesting take on what may be happening with regards to the Trump investigation. Comey could be in for a heap-of-hurt….

  8. Hunter said

    The news is starting to emerge that the entire Russian-Trump gambit gas been a cynical democrat trick. Hang in there. Blowback should be huge
    Think on this: Schumer knew it is a scam but kept pushing the lie that Trump had been colluding. Long past time for censorship.

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