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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Posted by Jeff Id on July 23, 2020

Even Orwell couldn’t have predicted the state of our world.  The riots, masks and lies are all in competition for who can spread the fastest.   All of it due to an election where the candidate running against the president literally has dementia.   Real actual dementia, not the pretend kind that the media lies about with respect to Trump.

Biden Actually Said This: “I Had Nurses at Walter Reed Hospital Who Would Bend Down and Whisper in my Ear…Breathe in My Nostrils to Get Me Moving” (VIDEO) 

A complete fabrication of reality, right during an interview – from his basement – which he will not leave.

In case you are wondering,  that is effing stupid beyond reality.

Then we have Gretchen Whitmer who’s totalitarianism has been on full display since the legislature gave her 1 month of executive authority which she has extended indefinitely, thanks to some left wing Detroit judge making up law.   Gretchen single handedly has decided to defund the state police and department of corrections.   This blatant stupidity is as bad as taking elderly critical care people from the hospitals and stuffing them in nursing homes where there are no doctors – which she also did.  Plenty of trolls in threads are saying she was required to balance the budget so she did a lot of things.  Unfortunately, while she did de-fund other things, the numbers matter and that tells a different story.

Executive order 2020-157 (more than one per day including weekends) is based on a requirement that the state balance the budget, which this cannot do.  Our shortfalls are much larger than this EO, which is for $619,989,600.

Of the 620 million 507,739,200 came from the department of corrections and state police.  A whopping 81.8% of her executive order came from the police to correct for a budget deficit caused by unnecessary shutdowns of the economy.  Most of the money was taken directly from the overloaded corrections facilities. No laws have been changed to reduce occupancy of these facilities, just the funding.  You might ask how much of their budget is that?  Good question.

Here is a link to the state police budget briefing for Michigan in 2019.

So there was 777,900,000 in total funding for the state police.   Of that 115,070,100 has been cut or 14.7 percent less total budget to work with.   Of the state general funds, this represents a 23% reduction from the general fund.

Look at that tiny little green slice the state police represents.  Of that whole circle, this is where she decided to take money to reduce the budget. We have 25 billion in health and human services, but we’re going to defund the police.

You can see the department of corrections represents 2,019,056,200 or 2 billion dollars.   This was the primary cut she made and she took 392,669,100 or 19.4% of their budget –gone.   A truly massive change for a single year.   If you had the job of making this decision, can you truly imagine doing it this stupidly?   It is clearly political but the insanity of the Democrat party has reached new heights. We have riots which are being allowed, masks with zero science driving them, unnecessary and ineffective economic shutdowns, blocking of drugs that work for COVID.  Nobody sane can actually want this kind of governance.   Sure, I would like to see correction reform but to simply take the money and leave the same rules in place is pure insanity.

We have sheriffs who have refused to enforce the constant executive orders, not because they object but because there are too many to figure out what you are supposed to do.   They contradict, are constantly being rescinded and replaced.  Hell we had a huge one come out on a Monday and was replaced in its entirety on Thursday.  Over 30K in legal fees just trying to comply.  Completely nuts.

Why people?  I know some of you are really truly committed to the name Democrat, I hated it before but this ‘party’ is not even close to what it once was.  At least they dropped the bigoted lawmaking nonsense that they pushed on African descended people and randomly assigned their own history to conservatives. The cheat-by-mail fraud in this election will be catastrophic and likely the next big disaster created by these fools.  I have applications for ballots from previous homeowners, but I won’t use them.  I know of one person who lives in an apartment and received 7 applications.  Democrats will use them, and the politicians know it.

The constitution matters, laws matter as written, the judicial activism and totalitarianism are not going to be accepted without a fight and that fight may go beyond the ballot box.  Common sense matters, all lives matter, people matter but black lives matter is a Marxist front group for Democrat funding.  This Marxism and totalitarianism is on full display now, and also matters and cannot be allowed.

A little common sense wouldn’t hurt.




6 Responses to “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up”

  1. Anonymous said

    I’m in country far far away but going through the same rubbish. Hopefully you Americans will see thè light and votè against the dees. Otherwise Empèror Xi will prevail. Joe can’t put two worďs together

  2. Matthew W said

    The mail in ballot scheme is the penultimate vote scam for the Democrats.
    I have no word for Joe Biden.

    • Anonymous said

      The president stopped advertising in Michigan. Not good news.

    • yonason said

      Even the second worst American president opposed mail in ballots.

      Though I’ve read that he now endorses them.

      • Jeff Id said

        I don’t mind mail in. What I don’t like is the mail in for everyone.

        They send every voter an application to vote to the address they WERE at. Nobody checks to see if they are still there. If the voter requestes a ballot, it at least verifies that A person is physically in existence. I’ve got applications for permanent votes in Michigan. Check the box and receive the ballot permanently for every election. The person that the vote is for, is no longer in this state and has no idea that their vote is being given to me. I have copies of their signatures from the purchase of the house. I will NOT use these votes but I damned well could.

        Democrats/leftist/socialists etc… often believe themselves to be superior to the point where ends justify the means. It’s a general trait of their personalities in my opinion. This is why guys like Mann get away with publishing false information and still can sleep at night. It’s all for your own good, it’s a favor from them, very generous in their minds.

        • yonason said

          Yes, thanks. I should have been more specific about which category of mail-in ballot is most vulnerable (though I think all may be more at risk now than in the past). I also agree the rest of your comment. And, from what you write, I infer that these links may interest you.

          This one is a classic, IMO.

          It’s basically about “…the liberal mindset and why, inevitably, liberals side with evil over good, wrong over right, and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success.”

          If you like that last, you can search for “unified field theory of Liberalism” to find his second presentation on that to The Heritage Foundation. It’s very similar, but with some data that wasn’t in the first.

          If you’re already familiar with any of those, sorry for any duplication.

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