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Posted by Jeff Id on October 3, 2020

So Trump has COVID. He followed all CDC guidelines, still got it. The problem I have is that I’ve seen COVID and while it is very very contagious, it cannot infect 12 people or however many there actually were in contact during debate preparations —- AT THE SAME TIME!!!.

Oh Jeff, you don’t understand. If you are in a room with an infectious person…….

TWELVE plus people folks.

Worse than that Trump took the biggest hit of all of them.

Tell me. Tell me please!!! ANY incident where there was a house party or some other nonsense having 100 plus people, way more than the debate prep, with ANYONE positive that resulted in 12 cases. We don’t know the real number yet, but it is over 10 only because not all is reported.


It does not.

Infection, almost never happens like that. Some might get it, but twelve is statistically unrealistic. Think of the last time you heard of twelve. Imagine the odds of of that happening to the President four weeks before an election with debates right now.

The worst COVID case in the group…… THE #1 worst. President Trump…. He received the highest viral load. What a coincidence!! How amazing!!

Symptoms get bad with high immediate viral load.

This was an assassination attempt folks. Think about it for a moment. You need to deliver virus. A cloud of dead stuff. You need to deliver a lot of it. The only way you ensure success is to deliver enough. But fifty nanometers is very small. You choose a location, you choose a delivery mechanism, you do the deed and all of a sudden you have a dozen conservatives participating in debate preparation all sick. All within the same couple of days.

It is NOT reasonable to assume this was nature. Not when everyone is tested before meeting the president, not when the virus requires a fair concentration to cause infection in the first place. It’s not reasonable to assume nature did this.

The virus is scary but it does not work that way naturally folks. Dozens of people don’t get it at once, mask or not. It would take a huge concentration of virus to get the simultaneous same day infections we are seeing. It is statistically unrealistic. I’ve had several cases in my office, all spaced many weeks apart. Despite days of maskless exposure, despite month long delayed testing, no masks, nobody spread it. The point is that we’ve witnessed an assassination attempt, there is no other way to interpret this data. This was yet another attempt to thwart the election and the viral load given to the president was massive or else few others would have gotten it.

It may come out in time but in the meantime, pay attention. We are losing this country to the authoritarian left. They tried to kill Trump and whomever was helping him. I doubt very much that China was the one but they may have been, the political timing with debates suggests deep state folks.

It doesn’t get better from here without some prosecution. Please commence with the tinfoil hat beatings.

8 Responses to “Assassination”

  1. jinghis said

    I think you nailed it Jeff. . .

    About the prosecutions, there aren’t any indications that we will see anyone held accountable for anything. After Trump is re elected, we will see more people losing their jobs and some funding may be lost.

    Assuming Trump recovers fairly quickly, Trumps election is assured and the pandemic will be over.

    If the assassination attempt is successful, we will get to see Civil War 2.0.

  2. Jeff Id said

    They have had actual COVID parties that didn’t even come close to this infection rate. It’s not reasonable.

  3. Serioso said

    I’m suprsed you haven’t heard about “superspreaders”

  4. amac78 said

    > [SARS-CoV-2] cannot infect 12 people or however many there actually were in contact during debate preparations — AT THE SAME TIME!!!.

    Strongly disagree on this. Using PCR to quantitate viral RNA is not the same as quantitating infectious virus particles, but it will do here.

    The Drosten lab in Berlin did the best early work on this. From June 2020, An analysis of SARS-CoV-2 viral load by patient age by TC Jones et al. The key point is that there is a large variation in how much virus is in the saliva (etc.) of infected people. The range is something like a low of 1E3 viruses per ml, to a high of 1E10. (From memory so don’t quote me.)

    Most people infected with SARS-CoV-2 are only slightly contagious, or not contagious at all. But a minority are very, very contagious. This is unlike influenza, where, during the window, most infected people are pretty contagious.

    And people with SARS-CoV-2 can be contagious for a few days prior to the development of symptoms — why it’s so hard to control the spread. And some infected people (20%?) remain asymptomatic.

    Hence super-spreader events. Super-spreading people, it seems to me, though you don’t see that terminology used (I suppose it could offend, something that trumps truthfulness).

    There *are* examples of lots of people getting infected. Database with 1,400 entries.

    Trump has downplayed the threat of this virus from the beginning. (Nobody on the right seems to think so, but it’s nice to have something to agree about with the rest of my family for once, none of whom would dream of voting other than in the “D” column.) He hasn’t been cautious. That event 9 days ago, few masks and not much if any social distancing. (As with Pravda, just because the media reports it doesn’t mean it’s false, they are subtler than that.)

    > The point is that we’ve witnessed an assassination attempt, there is no other way to interpret this data.

    Strongly disagree. IMO, the way the Deep State works is better illustrated by the actions of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. E.g. Conservative Treehouse analysis of their text messaging. And those of McCabe, Comey, the Obama national-security high-ups whose names I can’t even keep straight.

    Occam’s Razor says no assassination. Just Trump’s negative qualities interacting with the impersonal biology of a virus. His luck in business, show business, and politics has been extraordinary, it failed him this time.

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