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Moving the Thimble

Posted by Jeff Id on August 13, 2022

Odd how time flies.

this was the news in 2019, known to contain truckloads of information including classified presidential records from the Obama administration. Now the feds want you to believe it was declassified.

Another version in 2016 – no mention of classified materials but the expense was 11 million for 74,000 sq feet over only 6 years.


The above, right from

Emily Shaw — aka “yaky duck” — Wayback machine copy


In addition to these born-digital records, a vast body of unclassified physical materials is currently in storage outside Chicago, in a facility staffed by a team of experienced NARA archivists. This physical archive includes roughly 30 million pages of paper and more than 30,000 artifacts of all kinds: clothing, artwork, keepsakes, memorabilia, and more. Our NARA colleagues are already hard at work preserving these historical records, and they will begin to make some of them available to the public on or before January 20, 2022, five years after the end of the administration.

In 2017, more than 20 truckloads of paper were moved to the defunct Plunkett furniture warehouse within minutes of the Obama’s residence.

In October 2018 these huge amounts of records were UNCLASSIFIED according to Obama’s propaganda minister Emily Shaw. Oddly enough, the entire pile of 30 million documents had been reviewed by october 2018 per this link. And of course the Obama’s did nothing wrong.

The classified records have been relocated to the National Archives at College Park, MD, to facilitate their review for declassification as part of the work by the National Declassification Center (established by President Obama via Executive Order 13526) and in keeping with recommendations of the Public Interest Declassification Board.

Stranger though was that FOUR months after these unclassified documents were to be archived, this Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2019, between the Barack Obama foundation and the National archives included this text:

I have no Idea why these folks thought that unclassified documents had any form of classification requirements.

This screen copy indicates that in 2019 the documents were still within the Hoffman site previously identified to hold classified information.

One Response to “Moving the Thimble”

  1. Item #2 – It is not alleged, it is a FACT that Hillary clinton had classified documents not in the custody of the government. We know this because Comey told us it is a fact. He also (falsely) claimed no prosecutor would take the case. I personally know of at least a dozen that would – as long as they could get the venue moved out of DC. Hell, take it to her home town!

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