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I’m 8% Smarter Than My Wife Told me I was

Posted by Jeff Id on August 13, 2022

from 2008

Global warming is a serious issue, we are facing the reality that the poles are melting, species are facing extinction, more powerful storms are possible, drought, famine with billions of dollars in cost expected. It can be helped though, we can stop it, we just need to reduce our CO2 by 30% in 25 years. The non-profit intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) has determined that that we must act now to stop it before it reaches the tipping point.

It shouldn’t be too hard either the CO2 level has reached 380 parts per million from 300 parts per million that the earth intended. If we stop producing CO2 we can do it. After all CO2 is only 0.038 percent of the atpmosphere and we have only caused it to rise by 80 parts per million or 0.008% change in atmospheric concentration, how hard can it be.

CO2 is a weak global warming gas, so you might ask how can a concentration change of 0.00008 in 1 or 0.008percent increase in the atmospheric concentration can heat the planet. It works because the CO2 creates an increased formation of moisture in the atmosphere as Clouds. And moisture IS a strong global warming gas an estimated 25 times stronger than CO2. This water vapor is clearly the driver but its presence in the atmosphere is increased because of the 0.00008 to 1 increase in CO2.

Scientists have modeled this in computers, they don’t have any way to measure how much water vapor is created due to CO2 directly. However, by adjusting the parameters according to certain assumptions they can show a global increase in temperature of as much as 6 degrees C. What is worse is with more complex assumptions we may be reaching the tipping point to where the climate change cannot be stopped. If we don’t lower the CO2 to a man made contribution of 0.00006 to 1, we are in for trouble.

By government regulation or cap and trade systems we can decrease our output of CO2. The intergovernmental panel on climate change has determined that the money from increasing taxation will be used by the world governments to invest in the implementation of alternative energy, educating the public, conservation and through this massive effort we can stop this disaster before it happens. The increased taxation and limitation on use of oil will not hurt our economy it will help it by creating new jobs and new investment opportunities. The increased taxation on oil will reduce our usage and help us to switch to a “sustainable” energy like biofuel, wind or solar.

The scientists have been called into question in the past but today, they have reached a consensus. Man is heating the earth. Sure there are still some deniers but they don’t work for the unbiased government agencies they usually work for big oil so naturally they are biased and cannot be trusted.

What is needed is more investment in unbiased government research, government regulation must be expanded, tax incentives for energy efficient products, government investment in the development of new technology must be expanded, more money is needed for all governments to work together to educate and increase the public awareness of global warming and the need for conservation.

The world must join us now at this critical juncture, the UN knows what to do.

Do you see any problem with this argument? Are the government scientists to be trusted?

Common sense for common goals.

One Response to “I’m 8% Smarter Than My Wife Told me I was”

  1. Yes and no. And that volcano down in the SP is going to do more for Global Warming over the next 5 years than man could possibly even dream of doing over 50. Why? It ejected a crap load of – wait for it – H2O! And that is a bigger GHG than CO2.

    That Volcano may have just saved us from a new mini-ice age.

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