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When the largest government in the world is against you.

Posted by Jeff Id on August 14, 2022

Just fyi, I HATE the new wordpress editor.

Nearly 1000 “News” articles were written to show that OBAMA (aka, messiah) did NOT hold ALL 30 million presidential documents for YEARS- without government oversight.

News flash — they lied.

All of them lied.

Some headlines.

Some content …..

Some reality..


The proof …. Right from the OBAMA foundation.

An estimated 20 truckloads of documents, including classified information, sure to contain nuclear secrets, not in control of NARA — two years after the big guy left office.

The below paragraph fro the link above was signed by the head of the Obama foundation, Robbin Cohen…AND NARA

The Hoffman estates facility was NOT controlled, the documents there were FULLY recognized as classified. This was two years after leaving office.

4 Responses to “When the largest government in the world is against you.”

  1. Jeff Id said

    Obama moved ALL OF HIS 30 million presidential documents to an Illinois hoffman estatates area abandoned furniture store. For YEARS.

    NONE of it was government controlled or owned at that point. NARA/Obama admits the intent and following crime in a single NARA/OBAMA signed document.

    Two years after leaving office……..

    Quoted with my own highlights — “The Obama Foundation agrees to transfer up to three million three hundred thousand to the National Archives Trust Fund (NATF) to suport he move of CLASSIFIED and unclassified documents from Hoffman Estates (an abaondoned furniture store) to NARA controlled facilities.” Search- (BOF-NAEA-LOI) — letter of intent.

    In one sentence .. admission that the documents exist, admission that they are classified and admission that they are at the hoffman estates bankrupt funrniture store.

    Signed in order, by the head of the Obama foundation AND the federally culpable NARA department. Robbin Cohen and David Ferriero.

  2. Jeff Id said

    This article just made the citizen free press

  3. Martin C said

    November can’t come fast enough – but ONLY if a lot of the ‘moderates’ wake up and vote agains the dammocraps . . . time will tell . . . or course, the LAMESTREAM YELLOWSTREAM media won’t dig into this issue at all . . .

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