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The Hidden, Changing, Twisting Story of NARA

Posted by Jeff Id on August 20, 2022

It is hilarious how incompetent our government is. Today we are told on the official site that in 2017 NARA moved innocent, not-dangerous unclassified records to a NARA controlled facility that just happened to be a defunct furniture store. This gives comfort to some that our government is staying within prescribed bounds.

The next screen shot states that the records were moved from “somewhere” to the National Archives. This is still up on their website to this day:

Back in the day — way back in 2019 — this was the story in the Chicago Tribune.

Now I wouldn’t believe anything from the Tribune either but the building just happened to be located within minutes of Obama’s residence. The problem however, is that by using the Wayback machine, we find that NARA thought the documents in Hoffman Estates Plunkett furniture store were classified:

The Foundation agreed to digitize the unclassified textual presidential records. 2. The Foundation agreed to transfer funds to the National Archives Trust Fund to support the move of classified and unclassified records and artifacts from Hoffman Estates to an existing NARA facility.

In addition, back in 2019, the confused David S./ Ferriero of NARA and the Obama foundation signed a legal document with the ‘Obama Foundation’ based on the original letter of intent:

Well, we do have to wonder why the head of NARA was so confused about unclassified documents that they signed a deal which recognized that the documents were classified when we all were just told that the documents caringly and securely stored in the furniture warehouse were not classified.

A ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ was later developed which gave Obama foundation the authority to choose which vendors were allowed to ‘digitize’ these documents. Just as an additional FYI, in the meantime, these documents were fully protected from ANY FOIA request.

In addition, the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between Obama and the NARA, stated :

The Foundation will develop and issue a Request for Proposals (“RFP”) in consultation
with NARA to ensure that the RFP reflects all NARA requirements.

f. Metadata and document classification requirements

I’m sure this is likely just some confusion on my part but the agreement also required high classification access permits for the individuals working with the documents. This occurred in a couple of sections.

Interestingly, in US code 2205, 3 below the president retains full access to his own records and is allowed to appoint someone else to have access.

The building didn’t even have proper ‘security cameras’:

The workroom within the Hoffman Estates facility will require a number of building
improvements in order to accommodate a mass digitization operation, including but not limited
● Installing and providing ongoing maintenance and support of data and telephone lines
● Enhancing electrical capacity
● Installing appropriate flooring tile
● Constructing a server cage
● Holdings security requirements (e.g., security cameras, etc.)

In summary, Obama’s entire classified and unclassified presidential records were moved to a furniture store without even having proper security cameras present. The records included classified materials, which very likely are still there as this work was apparently never started, Obama has full access to them per the code above and it is all perfectly legal because…….

The story continues however, you always get your money’s worth at The Air Vent. The NARA individual responsible for these legal documents, just retired when the DOJ was requesting the placing locks on Trump’s document room in his own house.


4 Responses to “The Hidden, Changing, Twisting Story of NARA”

  1. Jeff Id said

    When I disappear, you guys know what happened.

  2. Why do the democrats think we are idiots and do not know about Internet Archives?

    Because they know the fake news media will cover for them.

    CNN is dead even though they are cleaning house. PMSNBC is going down fast since Madcow realized she was on the dead pool list and targeted and bailed. The Deep state will not be denied. Until they are cleansed! We have one shot left. After that we are either on the road to recovery or doomed.

  3. […] Recently I noted that the head of NARA resigned right about the time Trump was working with the FBI and NARA on the documents in his home. I found this to be oddly coincidental after a 10 year tenure. Yesterday, news broke that the new NARA head was completely involved in overruling the declassification of documents by President Trump and was, in fact, heading up the attack on him. […]

  4. […] Here […]

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