Texas AG Ken Paxton Tells the Truth About Election Fraud

And it lines up perfectly with everything I’ve explained here. As a point, I usually don’t watch video’s that are over a couple of minutes. This one is worth its time – all the way to the end. H/T CitizenFreePress

5 thoughts on “Texas AG Ken Paxton Tells the Truth About Election Fraud

  1. I’m sorry I watched a Y*&Tube video, but that was all good.
    Mass mail in voting has been the wet dream for democrat totalitarians forever.

  2. Texas held local elections 6 May (after an earlier week of “early voting”) In my county very few mail ballots were used at all.

    The county has completely abandoned the traditions of pre-printed ballots and voting in your “home” precincts. Now, whether in early voting or on election day, the method is a touchscreen selection system that prints a paper ballot ( — tradition is observed by making the bar-coded and plain-text paper ballot the size, rectangual shape, and stiff paper stock of an 1970s vintage IBM “Hollerith” card, complete down to a diagonal Kansas Corner to ensure correct orientation in a card reader) at any site in the county. Ballot issue and registration confirmation is done over a supposedly encrypted cell-phone modem. Oh well. ANYHOW, since the ballots are the same early or on the day, this election about twice as many voters chose to vote early.

    Early voters went strongly FOR a set of local school bond propositions. Election Day voters strongly opposed those measures. Given the skew between early and ED voting, the propositions succeeded. Bond passed, borrowing approved, taxes raised, and construction of Taj Mahel school facilities commmencing any minute.

    I’m inclined to the notion that the outcome of a vote should be indifferent to the method of a vote, provided the methods are both “fair”. Given the skew between early and ED voting, I’m looking hard at the details.

  3. The first thing Mr. Paxton should do to eliminate the possibility of fraud in Texas is get rid of old-fashioned “direct-recording” voting machines that don’t produce an auditable paper record of your ballot. Texas is only one of six states still using voting machines that can’t be audited. See “DRE’s:


  4. Nevada changed to 100% mail-in voting for 2020 and was a battleground state. Any state were going to show evidence of fraud, it would would be one of the most likely. Between 2016 and 2020, the popular vote shifted against Trump by 2.4% (-2.0% in 2016 vs -4.5% in 2020) and against Trump by 2.0% in battleground states (where fraud is more rewarding and therefore more likely). In Nevada, Trump lost by exactly the same percentage, 2.4%. If mail-in ballots increased fraud, that fraud likely HELPED Trump.


    In other states like PA and MI, political scientists have shown that Trump lost the 2020 election compared with 2016 in the suburbs, not the Dem controlled big cities where one might expect fraud.

    And Mr. Paxton lied to you about signature matching no longer being required in Georgia. A state driver’s license was enough validation to get an absentee ballot mailed to a voter (without the former requirement for signature matching), but when the ballot was returned, signature matching was required before counting that ballot. Where signatures didn’t match, the ballot could be cured.

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