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The Simple Mind

Posted by Jeff Id on December 16, 2009

Protesters in the street, the most leftist leader in US history, every nation against the US, every freedom taken, the pretend rationale.

This is the revolution. As in assmajinidad, listen to the words, not what you hope they are.

Eyes wide shut.


Common sense constrained

_____Intellectualism refrained

___________Affronted by rationalism

_________________Logic forlorn

______________________Creativity to porn

Fear not the change

______The old free is the blame

___________Eyes closed, relax

‘________________Tis help- not tax

Worry not mine.

_______Have hope not greed

_____________Collective will provide

___________________Thus ye may survive

Free, in the womb.


23 Responses to “The Simple Mind”

  1. Mark T said

    Even after the documents that spell out their agenda are released, the open demands to make the rich pay for the developing countries, the continual revelation of fraud allegations, people, nay, sheeple, still refuse to believe that this is all about money. It is an open attempt at the largest wealth redistribution scheme ever, and the masses are so blinded by their religion they can only rationalize it away. Shameful, Jeff… let me know if you want a tent-site next to mine in the mountains.


  2. Eric Barnes said

    Slightly OT, but I just saw the Conspiracy Theory episode on AGW on truTV with Jesse Ventura. It was outstanding. I looked at his wikipedia page here and was astounded. He’s the rogue politician who doesn’t seem to know how to speak like a politician.

  3. telecorder said

    I know that there are a whole lot of us that share your sadness, disbelief, concerns and foreboding of what the recent and current events that have seemingly exploded over the past few months portend. A few of my blogged thoughts from less than 2 weeks ago…

    One Loose Thread Revealed

    The recently revealed AGW CRU Whistle Blower’s thread is exposing, and quickly unraveling, a lot of the possibly heretofore concealed interwoven fabric… Is it now really such a stretch to connect some of the possible dots?

    “I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” James Madison

    The deeper one looks into how we possibly got here, it seemingly gets even worse –

    The First Global Revolution – A Report by the Council of the Club of Rome – 1991
    Page 86 of 184

    “The common enemy of humanity is man.
    In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill.

    …But in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap, which we have already warned about, namely mistaking symptoms for causes.”

    The 1991 report is an interesting, and sobering – cautionary, read. It makes one wonder if it’s in the ‘Book of Secrets’ for all incoming presidents and heads of state. I imagine that one’s innate perspective of life going into its reading will dictate what they take away from it.

    If one is an optimist, they might gear their governance policies toward ensuring expansion of science, personal freedoms and ‘growing the pie’; if one’s perspective is of a pessimist and feels prosperity and abundance is a zero-sum game, I’d imagine one would one steer towards trying to ’share/spreading the finite wealth and mitigate the perceived subsequent, but inevitable pain’. (And minimize/delay the impact on one’s nation)

    Sadly, it would appear that, in most cases, its the latter. After all, if it’s a ‘zero-sum game’, what better way to achieve the agenda than to seize the ultimate political power — Tax/suborn/subrogate the sources of wealth that got us here – individual freedoms, open science, carbon-based energy and… the air we breathe.

    For the ‘developed countries’, it will require the lowering of their ’standards of life’, yielding of political power and transferring their accumulated wealth; For the ‘developing countries’, its a time for reparations and implementing new, ongoing, sources of wealth — treasure, political power, intellectual property and technology achieved by others.

    Fast forward to today — Read the proposals and alternatives that are were(?) being bartered/haggled over by the intelligentsia and political powers… can anyone doubt that the UN/UNFCC is was the lead in to an attempt for establishing a Supreme Body aka — a [b]‘One World Order/Government’?[/b]

    Yes, there is a huge disparity amongst individuals and nations;
    Yes, Humanity is confronted with many bleak, but surmountable, challenges;
    Yes, Climate Change is real;
    Yes, Mankind is affecting our environment;
    Yes, it may be past time for a Global town hall series of meetings to discuss and achieve a possible consensus for a path forward.

    But one that all vested stake holders –
    –are a part of,
    –are given a voice in and
    –are given access to truth and the facts, and all known possible consequences, in the light of day BEFORE legally-binding deals are made that will so severely impact every facet of an individuals’ political, social and economic stature.

    Just, please, not in the smoky back rooms of international, politically connected/funded think tanks & conferences.

    Yes, we may all soon be witness to The First Global Revolution — Hopefully, just not with the intelligentsia’s currently envisaged structured, mandated approaches and outcomes…

    Just think — a minor posting on a tAV ‘thread’ has led to the current unraveling now being played out for all of Humankind… Interesting times that we live in.

  4. Steve McIntyre said

    I was in Venezuela during the first Chavez coup attempt in 1993 or 1994. The hotel that I was staying in was the scene of a battle between rebels and government. I was also pinned in an alley by gunfire the next day. Unusual experience.

  5. Paul Kelly said

    Now is the time to convince environmentalists that climate catastrophists are not their allies. They are a distraction and hindrance to the goal of as quickly as possible transforming to 21st century energy. The fifteenth Conference of the Parties will end as all the previous have, little accomplished and let’s do this again soon – the foie gras was marvelous. The top down government control dictated by focusing on CO2 doesn’t work. We’ve got seventeen years of proof that they can’t even get started.

    Policy should not be based on CO2 and climate, but on what actually deploys alternative energy solutions.

  6. cogito said

    Frightening, very frightening.

  7. G Howe said

    #4-Steve-Glad they missed. At what point in your life did you lose the ability to “stay low”? 😉

    #5 – Paul -good summary. The enviros need to back to following whales. Exclusively.

  8. Geoff Sherrington said

    In my early childhood at the end of WWII mine was a poor country. Our youth had suffered huge numbers of dead. My family of 5 lived in a 2-room shack with a cold tap under the water tank for daily bathing. No reticulated water, no sewerage, no gas, a little electricity, rationed food. Many meals were no meals. We had no personal way to travel except on foot.

    Many counties were in the same condition. We all started from close to scratch. Some grew from there, others stayed bad or worsened. It’s not my fault that I now enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world. I worked bloody hard for it, as did my fellow countrymen.

    Darned if I’m going to give our dedication and effort away to bunches of indolent contries that made no effort to improve their lot. Darned if I’m going to be dictated to, by people still caught in the time warp of failed economic – and now environmental – theory.

    Cruel? Maybe. Apt? Yes.

  9. twawki said

    Scientific diagram demonstrating how all these political inter-relationships work!

  10. twawki said

    and Jeff no every nation is not against the US. The leftist media would have you believe that – but the world over many people admire and hold the US high – why else would so many want to migrate there if it wasnt a good place!

  11. Amabo said

    And most of us people out here might be like me and have no particular feeling about the US at all.

  12. Mark said

    Actually every nation, including the ruling junta in the US, appears to be against Canada. Harper is the only leader in the West who has the spine to be openly sceptical of the science, process, and motives behind Copenhagen. Your guy(BHO) wants to, and unfortunately will probably, sign something stupid in Copenhagen – and regardless of what the Senate does, he’ll use the EPA do push the agenda.

  13. Jeff Id said

    #12, Go Harper.

  14. chopbox said

    I just received an email from a neighbour asking me to sign a petition to slam Canadian prime minister Harper for dragging his heels at Copehagen. Meanwhile I sit here fuming, wondering why Harper doesn’t get up and rip into those using global warming as an excuse for massive transfers of wealth. Who else is going to do that? Obama? Gordon Brown? As my kids say, puleeeeze!

  15. chopbox said

    This is Harper’s moment. Will he seize it or will he watch it slide away in silence?

  16. chopbox said

    Answer: he’ll watch it slide away.
    At a recent town hall meeting with the member of parliament taking questions, he was asked why he was keeping quiet regarding “global warming”. The MP answered that the Reform Party (principled) opposition to Kyoto had cost them dearly, and they were not about to repeat that.

  17. Steve Fitzpatrick said

    FWIW… I travel frequently in Latin America, mostly in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, but sometimes in other countries. I have made a point of asking lots of people what they think of Hugo Chavez. Pretty much everybody (from secretaries to engineers to taxi drivers) has the same opinion on him: He is nuts, really bad for Venezuela, and bad for the rest of Latin America as well. Venezuelan’s who are able to are leaving, and it’s pretty clear why; he has destroyed the economy.

  18. Mark said

    Tough go for Harper with a minority gov’t and our biggest customer lurching left and protectionist – best strategy is passive aggressive and agree to do as little as possible until the adults get back in charge in the US. Just thank god the Liberals aren’t in power – they’d have sent the whole Cabinet for the 2 weeks and agreed to finance the whole party.

  19. Mark said

    BTW – just for fun have a look at the site for the pic of the globe in front of the Copenhagen hall – the entire northern hemisphere is covered with snow – hopefully not a harbinger…

  20. RB said

    With strong fundamentals behind the commodities market, which many call to be in a secular bull market, and the oil sands, Canada has strong interests in opposing any emissions cuts. It has nothing to do with Harper’s grasp of the science or motives.

  21. Mark said

    RB – maybe (you make it sound like a bad thing!) – or maybe Harper actually believes what he said a couple of years ago about the whole Kyoto thing …” a way for socialist countries to get their hands on the wealth of the West” (I may be paraphrasing).

    Regardless of his values or “grasp” – his approach is the only sensible path for Canada to take.

  22. Comrad Leif said

    I found this comment on Climate Progress under the moniker Leif – Leif comments a lot over there.

    Methinks this might not be about CO2 after all.

    — “Revolution is societies method of dealing with compound interest.” Do not recall the source, however a very pertinent observation. As a smaller and smaller portion of the world amasses more and more of the resources humanity might look at history. There is more than enough money out there to eliminate the national debt as well as put the world on a sustainable trajectory. (I recently read evidence that the drug cartel laundered 350 billion dollars in cash during the banking crises.) All society needs to do is redistribute the wealth and start from scratch. It has happened before, what is to stop it from happening again? —

  23. JBean said

    It doesn’t bother me that other countries or their leaders don’t like us.

    What bothers me is that our leader agrees with them.

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