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The November Surprise

Posted by Jeff Id on November 2, 2016

So each election for president in the last several cycles has include revelations by the liberal media that the conservative has done something bad— in the last 3 days.  Romney apparently hates dogs, Bush had a DUI etc…

You would think that they would bring this crap earlier but it isn’t as effective when a person can explain what actually happened.  I was expecting another rough Trump tape – nothing compared to William Clinton.  I was expecting some tax thing or whatever, what I wasn’t expecting was an immediate and unqualified exoneration from the FBI.

However, I just learned that the FBI has “chosen” people working in shifts to look through these NEW emails.

IMO, it, that, zhe, she, whatever, will be exonerated falsely again before Tuesday next week.    Comey is still clean in that case and Clinton gets the final push.

Why else would the FBI work in shifts?


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  1. Lord Jim said

    “BREAKING: Bret Baier’s sources at the FBI say “Barring obstruction, new evidence will likely lead to an indictment for Hillary Clinton.”

    If they planned to clear her I doubt the FBI would have dropped the Clinton investigation file (not due for release until 2041):
    [she said release what you have]

    Plus there is information yet to be dropped (see:

    • page488 said

      I certainly hope this is true! Hey, off topic, but I’ve noticed that Chelsea has not been very visible during the campaign. Anyone know why?

  2. Gail Combs said

    The I Gottcha is the NYPD ALSO has the emails

    AND Charles Ortel is going after Clinton on STATE not federal charges.

    That means a bypass of the Federal system. (Cops know who the honest judges are too.) Also while Obama can pardon Federal crimes he can not pardon State crimes.

    The FBI is now in revolt over the mess. 100 resignations….

    Steve Pieczenik says other agency’s personnel are in revolt.

    An NSA whistleblower says DNC hack was not done by Russia, but by U.S. intelligence….

    Wikileaks and Anonymous are leaking information all over the place.

    And the millenials, those very bright computer types, are NOT Hillary supporters but Bernie/#neverHillary

    The Clinton’s and their bunch of Kelpto-elite are not computer savy and there for have to rely on these people to rig the election.

    The only question is how fast the house of cards collapses.

  3. The fire is not what kills you – it is the smoke.

    The problem for Hillary at this point is NOT an indictment. It is the fact they had to investigate to begin with. Your prognostication may come to pass. But if so, I think it will be a dud. The taint is in. Regardless of what Comey says.

  4. Jeff Id said

    My business partner had a good thought. What if the FBI indicts before January and Obama then pardons ‘to avert a constitutional crisis’. Comey’s clean Obama’s clean and crooked Hillary skates.

    • Jeff Id said

      It would explain the rush.

    • Dean P said

      Two opposite views on pardoning:

      Obama can clear the HRC presidency, and at the same time say it was the Republicans (i.e, Ford pardoning Nixon) who first did this.

      Pardoning an elected but not sworn president would go over like a lead balloon and HRC’s presidency would be forever ruined (extrapolate from how Ford likely lost in 1976 due to his pardoning Nixon). There would be open revolt against her, and many democrats would be part of that due to pressures from constituents.

      If, however, she loses then a pardon for HRC and WJC would be almost a lock and would carry no ill effects

    • That is the most likely outcome. I have had even some Republicans who are supporting Trump say that is what they would hope for.

      I hope it is not. After a conviction, I can see supporting Clemency. I think that is the only thing that can help the nation:

      #1 – By showing no one is above the law
      #2 – to clean up the abuses this regime and the Clinton campaign have done

      But I doubt that will happen. Obama will pardon her just to avoid having to be pardoned himself.

  5. gallopingcamel said

    I am baffled by the idea that Obama could pardon the Clintons. To make that possible a conviction would have to come down before January 20, 2007 (The End of an Error).

  6. Lord Jim said

    Looks like I was wrong.

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  8. omanuel said

    When Climategate emails surfaced in late Nov 2009, I knew this was but the tip of an iceberg of deceit that included:

    1. Misrepresentation of nuclear energy by Weizsacker (1935) and Bethe and Bacher (1936)
    2. Misrepresentation of the Sun by the false Standard Solar Model of a hydrogen-filled Sun.
    3. Misrepresentation of the cosmos by a Big Bang Model of Cosmology and single-stage expansion.
    4. Hiding xenon isotope data from the Galileo probe of Jupiter in 1995 because the data confirmed our 1983 prediction of “strange xenon” in Jupiter and 3.5% per mass unit of solar mass fractionation of xenon isotopes implanted in lunar soil returned by the 1969 Apollo mission to The Moon . Nine (9) theoretical stages of velocity-dependent mass fractionation is required to enrich lighter xenon isotopes by 3.5% per mass unit, from A = 124 to 136 amu (atomic mass units).

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