Jo Nova on SVB

If you wonder why so many were saying they wanted to buy, and then they didn’t. The federal government loves green and likely approves things they shouldn’t. I was definitely suspicious of this.

Credit – Reader Ray

Chiefio has an interesting post as well. Left by Reader Pouncer. Not sure what I actually do here today — and there is nothing wrong with that.

17 thoughts on “Jo Nova on SVB

  1. FWIW

    In case you felt that you were a lab rat to the Peking Pox campaign –

    From today’s Covid and Coffee newsletter on why de Santis took Florida on a different course –

    “The White House task force was just hammering me for the first few months because they wanted me to be clamping down harder. So I asked Deborah [Birx]: when in American history has this ever been done, and what were the results? Because I kinda feel like, we’re flying blind here, and we may be doing things that might be damaging.

    And she said, it’s kind of our own science experiment that we’re doing in real time.’  ”

    (My slight re-arrangement there)

    Down here in Oz we had no state premier in the de Santis mould.

    1. Desantis is a rock star. Trump will break him but in my mind that t changes nothing. Desantis is a rock star. He should wait 4 yrs.

      1. DeSantis on the national stage will be an establishment stooge. That’s who he is already surrounding himself with where he is getting his finances.
        DeSantis will be like Bush senior destroying Reagan’s legacy and work.

        1. drive by slander without evidence. DeSantis is far more conservative and far more principled and far more effective than Trump ever dreamed of.

          1. I like DeSantis but I’m not sold on him. I’m not a Trump hater though. I thought he was very effective and the more agressive way he’s talking, I would not mind one bit. What’s great about DeSantis?

    1. It’s true.

      I’m white, except when applying for government money, and my ancestors on both sides did not own slaves. In fact, at least under my surname, they fought to free slaves.

      Am I exempted from paying the taxes for such stupidity?


      Pure racism by the left — again. California never had slaves, and in the ultimate cultural appropriation, “brown skinned” people are trying to get on the list. They are also discussing gay reparations too.

      None of this is constitutional under equal protection under the law, but this is a post-constitutional country.

      1. Good grief. What’s the public mood over there? How can this possibly end well? Isn’t there just a sense of rage against the madness? Aren’t parents fearful for their children’s futures, regardless of their ethnic or cultural demographic?

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