A Very Weak Reply to Arizona Supreme Court

You would think that in a modern country, the law regarding voting would be specific and easy to follow. One party in America, doesn’t actually need to follow the law and is perfectly happy to make up new law at any point of their choosing. The other party is at best, better at following the law. The courts, on the other hand, do whatever they want to. I have no idea why lawyers need a license excepting to keep them in line while completely idiotic decisions are rendered.

Kari Lake asserted that receipts were not collected on election day at Left-wing Runbeck corporation that apparently illegally took possession of all of the ballots in Maricopa. Per Arizona law, ballots are required to move from the ballot collection areas to a county counting center with multiple party observers. This illegal activity was sanctioned by the county and is not Runbeck’s fault. Runbeck scanned AND STORED all of the identifying information on the envelopes and provided data to the county for “verification” – where other unlawful processes were continued. During Runbeck’s possession of these ballots, there were no observers. There were no controls preventing Runbeck from altering signature information – I am not accusing them of that. In addition, there are no controls or observers preventing Runbeck from sharing signature information, not that I’m accusing them of such. There is nothing to prevent the Democrats from gaining access to this information and filling out stacks of ballots in future elections. I have no information that Democrats are doing that, but why the hell wouldn’t they?

For my democrat readers, would you let me have this information? You can trust me.

During early voting, Runbeck practiced ballot receipt procedures where the number of ballots coming in were counted before scanning. On election day, these records have not been provided and even after MONTHS, Kari Lake cannot get access to them.

Kari has filed to the state supreme court in the hopes that some dude in a dress will follow the law. Good luck to her on that one. Now only conservative lawyers may not lie in court, it is perfectly acceptable and even expected for leftists to lie.

Moreover, she is asserting this new factual theory for the first time in her Petition for Review. Indeed, in her Complaint, Lake alleged that the chain of custody records for early ballot packets dropped off on Election Day did not exist. (Lake

App. at 062, Compl. ¶ 112(a).) Now that Lake’s allegation was definitively disproven and those records admitted at trial, she has changed the allegation and mischaracterized the record to make yet another fantastical claim.

The missing information was definitively never addressed, and the lawyers are playing games to cover this up using other documents in proxy for the ones which are supposed to exist. The receipts in the boxes are not the form required of the receiving facility as SHALL be provided under Arizona law. None of this should be a real question as Maricopa could just provide the documents and the problem goes away.

The problem for Maricopa is….

the documents do not exist.

Because the law was broken.

On March 21, the court will decide if the court is willing to decide. That is all it is doing. This whole documents exist or not is just a sideshow but is in fact, a major breach of chain of custody. The arguments presented by Maricopa are for dismissal without hearing and fail to address the numerous complaints in the Lake filing. Without consideration by the supreme court, this will end just like the first judge did to 8 of 10 counts in Kari’s lawsuit. Refusal to hear arguments on vote fraud has been the Democrats ONLY defense so far. If the extreme court of Arizona allows the judge’s terrible decisions regarding the burden of proof to become precedent, there will be no successful challenges to vote fraud claims in AZ ever again. Another dictatorial utopia is born.

The short filing by Maricopa is here:

Remember the rule — a court decision must not make sense.

More Bullshit Statistics

I get grumpy when people say stuff. Just because you want an election to go your way, doesn’t change facts or statistics.

Oakland county gained 127,000 votes from 2016-2020. During that time period, they only gained 22,000 in population. The new, first time voters in Oakland went 2.5:1 for Biden. Ballot harvesting was completely illegal in Michigan at that time, but we have video of the ballot boxes being stuffed, so we don’t have to worry about harvesting. Nor do we have to worry as to whether shenanigans were being played, because we have video and cell records showing quite clearly that there was a lot of fraud in Michigan.

The only real questions we have are, can we detect the problems statistically, and were they enough to change the election. The other questions about fraud are known facts at this point.

Ohio had a fairly clean vote as shown below. This plot uses a log axis and despite there being numerous cities, lots of downtowns and industry in a state adjacent to and of the same size as Michigan, they have a clean bell curve.

Michigan, on the other hand, suffered unconstitutional changes to the voting methods. They allowed ID free voting for the first time in the state and treated in person voters completely differently from mail-in voters. When combined with voter rolls full of people who have moved and no longer exist, this creates a lot of surplus ballots that can be collected easily and voted without fear of reprisal. This favors high-density population areas and it cannot be countered by the conservatives, no matter what they claim on TV these days. All forms of redress were completely removed from the process and almost no signatures were rejected.

They call the pro-biden points on the right side of this graph below a long-tailed distribution. This is a non-normality that is actually quite severe and should call the voting data into question by itself. When you realize how non-normal it actually is, that is when we go into stupid land.

Below is Biden votes/Trump votes on a log scale.

This next plot is the same data as the Michigan plot in graph 2, showing only the Biden favored vote returns. The difference is that I’ve simplified it so you can see the linear (non-log) ratio’s of Biden/Trump. The farthest right point says that for every Trump voter in this return, there were 23 (see X axis) Biden votes recorded. This single return represents a very heavily pre-sorted block of ballots that is statistically not a subset of the voters in Wayne county. For comparison as a whole, all voters together in Wayne county voted 70 percent Biden which is right in the middle of the bell curve on the far left side of the graph where it belongs.

The Wayne county block of ballots is the single largest return recorded in the state of Michigan. It was also reported at 6:30am on the 4th. This block of voters voted more Democrat than nearly everyone in the entire United States. You thought San Fransisco or Washington DC, were leftists? Nope. Just this group of Detroit folks are. Keep in mind, overall Wayne voted only 70% Biden which is well inside the bell curve on the left. Wayne lost 20,000 in population during that same time period and still managed to add 113,000 new voters that went to Biden at just over 2:1.

The green arrow in the last plot indicates the second largest return in Michigan and it is from Oakland county. In total, Oakland voted 57% democrat which again is fairly normal for Oakland and well inside the bell curve on the far left. What makes Oakland so stupidly out of whack in 2020, is that they added 127,000 new voters while increasing their population only 22,000. Pretty good work for a state without ballot harvesting IMHO. They then reported this single vote return (green arrow in the last plot above) in the 12:1 range for Biden which was waaaay outside of the bell curve and they did it at 4am.

Taken together these ridiculous return ratios flipped the state of Michigan to Biden. They are not the whole of the problem either. In graph two, you can see a non-normal distribution representing two bell curves overlaid in the plot. A bimodal disrtibution. This second hump indicates an entirely different subset of vote returns than the main group. This bimodal pattern is what you would expect to see if ballots were injected into the election.

If these voting patterns are normal, why doesn’t it happen in these states?



New Hampshire

Ohio above.

It’s easy to answer actually, states already voting left didn’t have Zuckerbucks used to buy votes. Battleground states needed the fraud to flip them. Ohio required ID.

Arguments that don’t make mathematical sense.

  • People don’t like Trump
    • Some don’t some do, this argument is one of magnitudes and statistical impossibilities.
  • They voted that hard left before
    • In some cases this may be true, however the fact that statistically demonstrable fraud has happened before doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen again.
  • You assume all voters are the same
    • Not true. The bell curve represents the full distribution of the voters. This argument could not be made without taking the distribution of voters into account.

No matter what you want to believe, we still have the ballot stuffing tracked by cell phone, on video and in confessions. These statistics prove that it was sufficient to flip the election in Michigan.

Below are images of mules putting multiple ballots into drop boxes in Detroit Michigan. Every one of them is taking pictures of the ballots as they are placed. These pictures were used to collect payment.

The Most Interesting Article On the Internet

Conservative Treehouse has an article up reanalyzing the capitol protests of 1/6 giving the only plausible explanation I’ve heard for what was going on with the lack of security and timing of events. This was left in the comment threads by Another Ian and is absolutely worth everyone’s time.

Why did the police allow people into the capitol?

Why did they unlock security doors giving access to the building?

Why did the feds break windows for the protestors?

Why didn’t Nancy allow the national guard to protect the congress?

We all know darned well that nothing happens in Washington without a plan. The whole thing needed to happen in a carefully timed manner and CTH may have figured it out.

Fauci Lying on CNN Yesterday!!

I can’t actually even believe this. CNN, has Fauci openly lying about the lab leak of COVID 19, making up ridiculous explanations such as, someone gets the virus doing research in a cave, brings it to the lab, and then leaves the lab infecting others causing a “lab leak”. Good lord, please tell me that nobody is dumb enough to believe that.

And “everyone agrees” that the virus was not engineered. Well, everyone who actually funded the creation of the virus which killed millions of people agree, that’s for sure. They are using ‘engineered from scratch’ as a ridiculous cover story now – no serious person has ever claimed that it was engineered from scratch. It’s like saying I didn’t make the baby from scratch, I just got her pregnant.

CREDIT: Liberty Daily.

The real news is that he admits someone MAY have taken a virus, manipulated it a bit and then that is what leaked. Which is a perfect description of gain-of-function bioweapon style research rejected by DARPA, and allowed by Fauci’s NIH to be done directly in the WUHAN lab. It is truly amazing how a muli-billion dollar NEWS organization of the quality of CNN or MSNBC, cannot find or understand these leaked documents.

EDIT: the Air Vent is still the only place on line I have found this paragraph from Peter Daszak’s application to the NIH to create COVID 19.


Specific Aim 3: Testing predictions of CoV inter-species transmission.  We will test our models of host range (i.e. emergence potential) experimentally using reverse genetics, pseudovirus and receptor binding assays, and virus infection experiments in cell culture and humanized mice. With bat-CoVs that we’ve isolated or sequenced, and using live virus or pseudovirus infection in cells of different origin or expressing different receptor molecules, we will assess potential for each isolated virus and those with receptor binding site sequence, to spill over.  We will do this by sequencing the spike (or other receptor binding/fusion) protein genes from all our bat-CoVs, creating mutants to identify how significantly each would need to evolve to use ACE2, CD26/DPP4 (MERS-CoV receptor) or other potential CoV receptors.  We will then use receptor-mutant pseudovirus binding assays, in vitro studies in bat, primate, human and other species’ cell lines, and with humanized mice where particularly interesting viruses are identified phylogenetically, or isolated. These tests will provide public health-relevant data, and also iteratively improve our predictive model to better target bat species and CoVs during our field studies to obtain bat-CoV strains of the greatest interest for understanding the mechanisms of cross-species transmission.

Anthropocentric Anthropogenics AKA Osmotic Learning

A characteristic of one political class is that they always double down on fake claims, even when proven wrong, and it doesn’t matter how absurd it gets. For instance, there is absolutely no such thing as transgender. When one mask fails, just use two!! You cannot be a cat just because you want to, at least with current technology, and your idea that your sexual fantasies must be held by others is incredibly selfish of YOU, not us. And don’t even get me started on economics. When things go wrong with their made-up facts, these people don’t seem to learn anything, they just stomp their feet, call you a racist or a bigot and demand YOU change.

World-renowned idiot Greta Thunberg, predicted five years until the end of the world based on her one hundred percent study-free understanding of global warming Climate Science™. Her lack of study (osmotic learning) has again come back to bite her in the (gender part of her choosing) and she was forced to quietly delete her prediction from 2018 that the world would end by 2023. Whell, one would suspect that as this fateful day approached, it would be time for a bit of self-reflection or perhaps an increase in study and acquisition of knowledge such that embarrassing errors could be avoided in the future.



that is not the case,

not this time.

That is not the way this is done…

Instead, what you do is you delete the offending tweet, and replace it with a new prediction. Ala Al Gore.

Now the world will end in 8 years, which I do have to admit probably sounds a lot better to a person who has only lived for like 20 years but to those of us past the half-century mark, it doesn’t seem that far away. What her lack of study has caused, however, is a much bigger problem than she realizes. Not only did the world FAIL to end, no actual climate change was detected. There has been no measured warming whatsoever since 2015.

One hundred percent of climate models overpredicted warming.

There has been no change severe weather of any kind throughout all of human measured history.

There has been no change in the rate of sea level rise throughout all of human measured history.

Polar bears, penguins, fish and butterflies have not needed to respond or adapt in any way to anthropogenic climate change, because it simply didn’t happen.

Those of a more serious mind are left to wonder, what will exactly cause this ending of the world when nothing in climate is changing in any measured way. With an osmotic learner having the caliber of Greta, such things are obvious, and it is YOU educated studiers who are the dim-witted ones who need to listen to her “more natural” form of thought. When you think of it, study is kind of racist and misogynistic anyway.

The left is nothing if not vain, whatever it is, it is humans fault and the solution is always the same — socialist takeover of freedom. The projected narcissism of assumed superior thought is literally nauseating. Below is another example of the left “teaching” us how to think.

The helpful professor by Chris Drew PhD who claims to provide expert “consensus” study techniques for stupid people. We do love ‘consensus’ thinkers around here at noconsensus, don’t we. If you want to know how to study — do it. If the information doesn’t stick or doesn’t make sense, do it again or maybe try basket weaving. EDIT: I would write a book on how to study, but it would only have one page.

The thing that got me is how Chris Drew is literally his own meme.

We fail to make drastic changes as a species to preserve ecological balance.

The good doc is so brainwashed, that he literally uses the example of Athropocentrism as valuing human life above all others, while failing to recognize that he just assigned the responsibility and blame for all of the bad things in ecology to those very same humans. The ignorance, narcissism, vanity and (self-own style) antrhopocentrism in the same space simultaneously is actually spectacular. Imagine being a student subjected relentlessly to this soft bigotry of this widely accepted yet objectively false propaganda.

Anyway, that’s the end of my screed this morn’. I get wound up about the dumbest things with the tiniest brains.

COVID 19 Lab Creation Summary

  • Documentation of intent to create the virus in the form of multiple approved NIH grant applications to Ecohealth Alliance. This work was performed in the Wuhan lab.
  • DARPA rejected funding because it was gain of function research. NIH approved.
  • Lab demonstrated creation of virus using the same techniques in Boston University 2022.
  • Sworn testimony by Director of the CDC of coverup of the virus in Wuhan lab
    • Deleted virus sequences
    • Changed command and control from civilian to military
    • Let contractor change the ventilation system
  • Per recent testimony, in 2014, the lab in Wuhan published the creation of humanized mice having human style ACE2 receptors in their cells, paving the way for research into development of virus to attack those cells.
  • COVID 19 attacks the ACE2 receptor of the human cell.
  • COVID 19, has a bat virus body yet it cannot infect bats leaving no evolutionary host to infect humans.
  • Virus was first discovered in the Wuhan population, adjacent to the lab.
Some sort of cooked bird.


The treasury could bail out this bank, protect the businesses and individuals and restore the problem as early as Monday while losing no money long term — for a tiny fraction of the wasted cash we sent to Ukraine.

Of course, they may even be able to secure some Democrat campaign contributions along the way. If they don’t act, I’m very concerned as to what this means going forward.

Logical Environmentalism

I don’t recycle aluminum anymore. As a kid, they started aluminum can recycling programs as a road cleanup system. It worked amazingly well. There were cans everywhere on the roadsides and almost overnight, they vanished never to return. At that young age, I used to worry that we didn’t have enough aluminum or where would we get more when it ran out. Then I found this out:

In the Earth’s crust, aluminium is the most abundant metallic element (8.23% by mass) and the third most abundant of all elements (after oxygen and silicon).

That is a lot of aluminum and now I don’t worry about it anymore. I don’t care about the dime per can, even were it a quarter I would do the easy thing and chuck them out. No matter how long humanity inhabits this rock and no matter how big our idiotic population grows, we simply cannot use up all of that aluminum. This saves me the trouble of taking care of sticky pop cans, where everyone else in the country is feeding them back into machines for the refunds. I don’t litter though, so excepting for this blog, you won’t even know about it.

Where does this go wrong? Well artificial limitations of energy production created by the planetary doom religion of leftism. If the leftists prevent or even slow the release of the wildly abundant usable energy on Earth, we cannot get to the aluminum in the manner we need to. Aluminum is a fantastic material for its strength to weight ratio, conductivity, machinability and wide spread availability, but it requires quite a few Joules to be extracted from ore. I would suggest we produce energy and extract this wonderful metal as cost-effectively as we can.

Other things I don’t recycle include — glass, water, steel, plastic and in my personal life — paper. At work we recycle more paper than I can even explain. There is an absolute pulp shortage on Earth and we have reached a near limit to how much paper we can produce and waste.

Like fracking, plastics have also produced no real damage to the environment. They do make a horrible mess when dumped stupidly in the ocean and yes a sea turtle may have eaten a straw, but when the big damage in a science paper is that plastic reduced the ability of a species to adapt to a non-measured change in climate, you know they are stretching too far. To date, plastics have been one of the least harmful things humans have created. Of course, that doesn’t comport with the ‘recycle me’ crowds religious opinions on gaian nature and there is always an example of some kind of harm which is very localized or may eventually manifest.

I don’t like polluting water. That seems to be my thing. Now again, humans can produce plenty of very clean water with energy through distillation processes, but animals will be stuck with what they get and reliance on government for water, is not going to work out any better than reliance on government for medicine has. The politics of authoritarianism will ruin that too. Costs will skyrocket and freedoms will be limited. It will be best if we simply don’t pollute the water in the first place.

I suppose that makes me an environmentalist anyway though, at least at some level.

Covid September 2019

Damning changes in Wuhan lab in September 2019

  • Deleted virus sequences
  • Changed command and control from civilian to military
  • Let contractor change the ventilation system

We have heard reports that COVID was out earlier than we thought, you have to wonder just how early.

Dr. Redfeild “in 2014, this lab actually published a paper that they put the ACE2 receptor into humanized mice”

Placing the ACE2 receptor into “humanized” mice is actually a Wuhan specialty. This forms the foundational test bed for the gain-of-function COVID research which preceded the application by Dr. Peter Daszak’s Ecohealth Alliance to create COVID using those very same humanized mice.

Dr. Redfield was kept from all discussions by Fauci based on his understanding that this was not a natural event. Fauci then used government money to create a single narrative amongst the other scientists.

I was only the CDC director, and I was sidelined. – Dr. Redfield

Everything proving the devlopment of COVID in Wuhan lab is in writing. We have numerous other avenues of evidence as well. We know Fauci gave out huge grants, days after prominent doctors changed their minds to state the virus was of natural origin. It’s well past time to see some prosecution of those who caused this pandemic, and further investigation as to how or why this virus was released. This goose is cooked.

Tax the Rich

I used to be a nearly single issue voter. That was before the Democrats went hard fascist and began to steel elections in plain sight. My issue was taxation. The theft of people’s money to overpower a group of entitled DC bureaucrats unconstitutional and illegal regulation making and creation of marxist class-based schemes. I’ve long contended that you could eliminate over 50% of the Federal government and without the hyperventilating media, nobody would be aware it had happened.

There are two pieces of a tax hike that the fasicst left are preparing to reveal. Taxation of capital gains and unrealized income. These are both forms of personal property that you have already paid taxes on once, before you acquired them, and they are not actual cash in your pocket at the time of taxation. Basically, the government wants to charge you money for you to be allowed to own property.

Only the rich of course.

Unrealized income, is non-existent income based on some asset you hold. If you have too much property, you should pay extra tax to keep it. This means, you don’t own it, the federal government does. You find this fact out when you don’t pay them. Capital gains are created on the sale of property for a value greater than when you purchased it. Property being things like stock or buildings or homes etc.. You earned the money, paid your taxes, invest the money and pay taxes on the investment if the government decides you have too much.

Even the fascists understand that they want to tax CO2 to reduce CO2, because it creates a cost for CO2. If you tax stock, do you not reduce ownership of stock? If you tax the wealthy, do you not reduce the wealthy?

If you reduce ownership of stock, does it not decrease the value of the stock? If you tax the wealthy, do they distribute more or less in the economy?

There are levels to the game. They first create a class called ‘wealthy’ based on an arbitrary yet unattainable line. This group is small and does not have the voting power to prevent the theft of their own property. A second class is created called the rest, who imagines themselves the beneficiary of this boon. A third class of politician, no longer has as much competition for money creating greater power in the central government. All bad things to those of us who understand the Constitution of the United States.

What really burns me though is that taxation of the wealthy is too complicated for anyone who hasn’t experienced it to understand. You literally need to own big stuff, or do taxes for the wealthy, to find out how bad tax law actually is. Trump’s tax returns are a perfect example. It is so bad that the fascist know-nothing group, truly believes Trump paid no taxes. They don’t understand that those tax returns, illegally leaked by the government represented a micro-fractional piece of the Trump business group.

I can give you a few facts from my own history which many will not believe. Our businesses have never paid a penny of income tax. Additionally, I have paid income tax into the federal government greater than my personal take home pay for more than a decade. At times, federal tax alone was over 4 times greater than my take home. That is because I am a shareholder in an S corporation, which is a pass through entity.

Over 50% of the “wealthy” are pass-through corporation owners.

That means that the income you report isn’t what goes into your pocket, nor is it even remotely related to what goes into your pocket, it is in fact the income from the corporation and the corporation does not pay tax — ever. This is per tax law as the shareholders pay the tax directly.

What does this mean to the chicken brain tax-the-wealthy folks? It means that by demanding we ‘tax the wealthy’, you are screaming!!! TAX THE BUSINESSES!!! Strengthen central government and eliminate our freedom!!! Yup, I said it, eliminate our freedom. Laugh at your own risk dumas.

Tax the rich, is a hidden tax on the employees of the business.

That’s all it is.

You want to know where manufacturing went? Something like six decades ago, before my time, when you bought a piece of equipment, it was an expense. Then they came up with the bright idea to force businesses of $5 million or more in sales to expense everything over time. You spend a million on equipment, you send 40% to the federal government and hope to get it back over 7 years or something. Investment is heavily penalized by a negative interest high-risk loan to the federal government. This works ok for large C corporations who trade stock in order to gain capital, but when you need to borrow from a bank, things get very tight very quickly.

Trump’s tax plan, which we are still operating under (people forget that), did very nice things for small and medium sized businesses, allowing for up to 5 million dollars in equipment to be expenses and lowering the top tax rate. It didn’t go far enough, but the boot on our necks was lifted a bit.

Remember over half the top tax rate folks are actually businesses.

This is all too complicated for leftists who don’t even have the chops to work out what a confidence interval means. It is my great hope that the fascists fail in this attempt to raise taxes further. Don’t forget that if the politicians do nothing whatsoever, in 2025 many of the Trump era tax cuts expire.


From the very first year after Trump tax cuts were enacted, the Federal government income tax revenue increased based on the growth in industry. This shocked many of us as we expected lower revenue at first. Instead, we immediately saw lower tax create more federal income. Art Laffer was and is, still right. We are on the wrong side of the income maximization point for the federal government, and higher income taxes will reduce federal tax revenue from whatever it would be, at the expense of your own quality of life. Although it may have a few year lag. This means that things like the penny plan or paygo become inverted in effect. Raise taxes to “pay for something”, no longer makes math sense.

Don’t worry about me though, I will be fine.

Crystal Ball

Reader Another Ian left a post from Market Ticker.org quoted in part below. This has to do with the very short bits of recording released by Tucker Carlson that were denied to all defendants from January 6. Many of whom have spent years in prison having committed no crimes whatsoever.

This is a serious problem for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the number of people sitting in prison — or convicted on connived, false claims with no ability for their defense to access the evidence proving that in many cases they were escorted.

At worst most of these people are guilty of trespass, but even there you likely can’t make it stick as trespass is voided if you’re invited or chaperoned, and its quite clear that at least in some cases — they are.

There’s another problem too: The Brady decision by the USSC makes clear that the prosecution must turn over all evidence they have which exculpates a defendant. It’s not optional and it dates to 1963. The violations here are severe and in fact it appears basically universal.

Indeed the definition of malicious prosecution is to bring a case before the court where you know the exculpatory evidence is so strong you’d never win a conviction and you intentionally withhold it from the defense. That opens up the DOJ and even the individuals involved to personal liability.

This is significant in that all of the convictions of anyone on January 6, must now be overturned simply to follow US law. Additionally, the activist judges who disallowed venue change, grouped offenders with non-offenders to run up the numbers, disallowed access to attorneys, must now be censured quite severely and in many cases disbarred or we will nave no rights whatsoever in the foreseeable future.

Happens quick when you steal elections doesn’t it?

When the police invite you into the capitol, even helping you open the doors, isn’t there a presumption that your actions are allowed? When the FBI is mixed in the crowd, not as observers but inciters of violence, is that not entrapment?

We are at the beginning of the fascist takeover, my crystal ball shows some ugly stuff in the future.

Exculpatory Evidence — Denied

Shaman Dude Thanks Police for Helping Them Into the Capitol

I haven’t posted much on the fake insurrection because the evil horrors committed by our government leave me speechless and angry. Anyone of conscious knows what really happened that day and the lack of outrage at the abusive and illegal treatment of the inmates and protestors is beyond disgusting. The lie factory perpetrated by the Democrats and the Uniparty Republicrats and fake news media, disgust me to no end. These video’s were denied at trial for any of the victims of this persecutorial un-elected government – for no other reason except that they are exculpatory.

Yesterday, Tucker Carlson released an unseen video of police escorting the Q-anon shaman (crazy dude), previously seen at numerous rallies across the country, straight into the senate chambers. They led him through the building and tried multiple doors and even held doors for him as he went into the floor of the senate. Never once even suggesting he should not be there.

Thank you heavenly father for taking the inspiration needed to these police officers to allow us into this building.

How about instead of shooting them or imprisoning them after opening the doors and welcoming them into the building, you simply suggest they leave?

Interesting Table from Cochrane

I thought this was fun. The Mask study fun continues. This is the only plot from the Cochraine report on the efficacy of masks to block viral spread. The row titled “viral respiratory illness – inflenza/COVID-like illness”, shows that among 276,917 people, The conclusion was a risk ratio of .95 and among the laboratory confirmed cases 1.01.

What is interesting is that the ONLY reason that they didn’t give this first line a ‘high certainty’ as shown in the table below, was because the people wearing masks ‘knew’ they were wearing masks, not for the blindingly obvious statistical evidence that they don’t actually do anything.

a Downgraded one level for study limitations (lack of blinding).

Not to say that the ‘moderate certainty’ as defined below means that there is very much concern about the results being accurate. But this downgrade is based on a ‘feeling’ rather than statistics. There was no identical downgrade applied to the laboratory confirmed cases even though laboratory confirmation folks obviously were also aware they were wearing masks as well.

Also interesting is that the laboratory confirmed cases were 40/1000 whereas untested cases were 160/1000. A 1:4 ratio with perfect balance of illnesses between each of the two populations.

EDIT: — Adding this because I can.

The downgrade from High to Moderate certainty was stated to be because people in the study knew whether or not they had a mask on, which is a real world condition for mask efficacy. Whereas if you had a condition where you didn’t know if you had a mask on or not, would be completely unrealistic and WOULD potentially bias the data requiring a downgrade.

Therefore, this downgrade is scientifically false and we should absolutely reject it. This leaves us with the only remaining conclusion that we know with high certainty that people in the public wearing masks will have no better outcome than those who don’t.

Jeff Id