Didn’t Some of You Just Tell Me This is Not Possible?

Democrat Charged with ‘Wide Scale’ Election Fraud in Philadelphia, ‘Forgery of Signatures’

Crews is alleged to have forged “thousands of signatures” to qualify his clients to have their names included on the ballot for some local 2019 Democrat primary races.

So it has been my contention that ballots are being manufactured with forged signatures en-masse in the general election. This is statistically proven by the changes in certain areas of the country like Atlanta and Oakland, as well as the impossible extremeness of one-sided voting in areas like Detroit. We have now seen that Maricopa had hundreds of identifiable fraudulently deposited ballots in just one ballot box. Now articles are coming out explaining the methodology they believe is happening. I think they are getting closer to the truth, but I believe even these aren’t quite there yet. They might have it mostly figured, but the reality is that they are saying the same thing I’ve told you for two years now.

Votes are being manufactured, not harvested.

This article, is worth reading. It does falsely lump republicrats in with the Democrat fraud machine, even thought we are obviously approaching a 1:99 ratio of fraud between the two. The stated equivalency that both parties commit an act is an insult to those of us who can differentiate the magnitude of an act. exempli gratia – Stealing a national election vs a local election. It also claims that the republican SOS was in denial. We don’t really know what the SOS was thinking but it doesn’t even take an entire chicken brain to figure out that the likelihood is that he was not denying the crime, but rather was unwilling to take the risk of doing something about it.

Can you imagine the mess if you as SOS went after fraud and found out that it wasn’t severe? Can you imagine the mess that would occur if the investigation took you past the certification date?

This paragraph really hit home for me.

It is exasperating to listen to the moaning in Arizona where the Maricopa County election fraud factory did precisely the same thing in 2022 as it did in 2020 – stealing an election from a group of promising candidates. 

For me it was beyond frustrating, so is the milquetoast reaction of Democrats and Republicans alike as YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE HAS BEEN SURRENDERED. Readers will recall, I have been loudly predicting that Kari Lake will lose the election by fraud even when she was up by double digits in the polls, I did not back down. Although I admit to having a glimmer of hope that her lead could overcome vote manufacturing processes, nobody’s perfect and I would really like to have been wrong on this. I also predicted that conservatives would not win the senate and that I did not believe they would win the house. I did mention that the house is harder to game, because you need a lot of individual fraud zones to win. So I missed on that one, by a tiny amount.

All the experts predicting a red-wave and the one blogger engineer had the right answer.


If we don’t see any correction of the system, I will be right next time too.

The Case Against Ballot Harvesting

Recently, the Republican mantra has been that they need to get better at ballot harvesting, which in my opinion, is a complete misdirection of the issue and will lead to yet more failure. Ballot harvesting is the process of picking up ballots from voters and delivering them for the voters. Ostensibly to make the voting process easier.

The positives of ballot harvesting are that in ballot harvesting, the voters actually exist and in a unicorn world, they have actually intended to vote for the candidate that is expressed on the ballot. The negatives are too numerous to list in this article. It is my firm opinion that this is not the major effect we are seeing in America’s elections.


In ballot harvesting, to game the system you pick up ballots from areas which are more likely to support your candidate. Democrats like this because cities contain high concentrations of democrat voters within short travel distances giving the method an inherent advantage for them. However, in legal harvesting you get some votes for each party with the hope that you get more for your own. In 2020, we found numerous instances of statistically 100 percent one sided votes. This means that “pure” ballot harvesting was not the cause.


In ballot harvesting, to collect the millions of ballots you are acquiring ballots from actual voters with correct signatures. In Maricopa county, in 2020, Dr. Shiva preformed a reasonable analysis that found that over 200,000 ballots had non-matching signatures. Non-matching signatures between ballots and voter registration, is a huge red flag that harvesting is not what is happening. Nothing was done to correct this issue so there is no reason for the practice not to have continued in 2022


In ballot harvesting, to collect the hundreds of thousands of one-sided ballots found in the 2020 election, huge teams of people would be required to knock on doors, call phones and make trips to retrieve ballots from individuals. There is no evidence that these organizations happened in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, or Georgia as they are illegal in all of those states. The organizations would be massive to retrieve those quantities of harvested ballots.


In ballot harvesting, it is not typical for the harvester to take pictures of the ballots to turn them in, while wearing masks and gloves.


In ballot harvesting, ballots need to be collected from people who are physically awake.

During the Runoff Election period, in six counties in and around Atlanta, 552,987 cell phones came within a narrowly defined distance of ballot drop boxes during our study period. However, 242 unique devices made repeat trips to drop boxes averaging 23 trips each. These same 242 devices also went repeatedly, averaging eight trips each, to specific NGOs.

These 242 individual devices went to drop boxes a total of 5,668 times with approximately 40% of the visits occurring between the unusual hours of 12:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.


In ballot harvesting, the individual collecting the ballot is the one who usually places the ballot in the ballot box.

John Doe’s assignment included collecting ballots, both from voters in targeted neighborhoods and from NGOs that had their own ballot collection processes, delivering those ballots to other NGOs, picking up designated ballot bundles from the same group of NGOs, and depositing ballots into drop boxes spanning six counties in the metro Atlanta area. Each drop box delivery would typically include between 5 to 20 ballots. John Doe described a payment validation process which involved taking cell phone pictures of the drop box where ballots were deposited. Participants were compensated, typically at a rate of $10 per ballot. John Doe stated he had been paid directly by one of these NGOs.

Why the Republicans, or anyone, would assume this is innocent illegal ballot harvesting in the face of the mountains of evidence to the contrary is difficult to understand. We don’t have any evidence of how these ballots were picked up. We don’t have any chain of custody evidence as to who filled them out. We can see that even ridiculous signatures are not being rejected. We do have statistical evidence as to which party was the beneficiary of these (in-all-possible-cases) illegal ballots. We also know the practice was not halted.

What seems to fit the data better is that unused, unrequested mailed ballots were likely bought, dropped off, or simply signed and turned in. In Michigan, I know people who received seven ballot applications at a time, simply because they lived in an apartment complex. It is also possible that the overprinted ballots found their way into the wrong hands and were simply filled out by small teams and returned for typical non-voters.

In my opinion, it is obvious that this is ballot farming, not ballot harvesting

Without any action or prosecution, conservatives have surrendered future national elections and the idea that they can simply out-harvest an inner city with horrific voter over-registration is mathematical stupidity.

As anyone with a math-brain knows.

As Kari Lake has learned in Maricopa 2022

Literally Stacks of Ballots

How does a Kari Lake who was two digits up lose an election?

Like this:

From here

I want to know when my reparations will start. If I’m only allowed a 1/10th vote, someone needs to send me money.

I would like to remind those of you election fraud deniers, your vote doesn’t count either.

Actual vote fraud by actual criminals in an actual Arizona Drop box. More coming soon!!!

The need to take cell photos of the ballots is of particular concern as this was the means of garnering payment from the 2020 election. Here’s a person wearing gloves while depositing the ballots. Must be afraid of his own covid.

Without the right to vote, violence will not be far off.

Catching on yet kids?

Remember, a quarter of a million signatures did not match the voter registration in this exact county in 2020.

The Fraud Continues

Gateway Pundit is one of the very few organizations reporting on the vote fraud. They have two brand new articles worth your time. This first is a video of a vote machine changing its votes AFTER polls close. I thought these weren’t supposed to communicate outside of the building.

This second article is Adam Laxalt having the election stolen from him as counts continue.

I believed Nancy Pelosi when she said Biden was going to win. I believed her again when she said Democrats would keep the house. I believed Biden after the election when he said this was the end of the Republican party. The Democrats make excuse after excuse for the illegal handling, delayed counting and elimination of all effective security measures. With the complete lack of transparency and legal investigation with true consequences for the fraudsters, this corruption will do nothing but expand.

Socialism leads directly to corruption, which then leads to poverty. Of course you Dems will continue making excuses all the way to the bottom. Just like Chicago, San Fransisco, St. Louis and Detroit. The country will look like the destitution it will be. It’s the Democrat way.

Cult of the Government

Leftism is cult across earth. They don’t believe in science or logic, they only believe in authoritarian control. For instance:

There has been no damage recorded from antrhopogenic climate change. Each time it has been attempted the effect is so small it fails. Leftists demand elimination of oil.

Nine years until the end of the world

There has been no damage from oil spills. The left eliminates pipelines.

There is no possibility that windmills and solar can even moderately dent energy usage and additionally no demonstration that they are actually better for the environment. So we must do that.

There are dozens of genders because feelings are more important than genetics and you must recognize them.

Full grown babies are not alive

We can get out of inflation by creating money

Free speech only applies to things they want to hear.

Slavery reparations are needed based on skin color even though they have never met a slave owner and never been a slave

It’s not racist to be racist against whites and it’s not sexist to be sexist against men.

Electric transportation has the ability to replace gas

Businesses should be required to pay people who don’t work

Government money doesn’t corrupt science but industry money does

The CDC is a science organization

Wearing a cloth mask reduces viral spread

Republicans were the slave owners and simply switched positions with the Democrats

The government of any country doesn’t operate for the self-interest of the government first

I can do this for hours. It’s a cult of unscientific morons, nothing more and it is absolutely disheartening to see what the left has done to reason and fairness. Our children are being fed this nonsense in droves through school. It’s all fake. Every single line, yet our children (and adults) are required to believe in all of this to be good people.

Republicans Won the Election and Lost the Cheat States

The fraud is very present in this election. I will keep trying to find the data to attempt to suss it out again, but it was literally on video, stats, fake signatures, admissions, even a movie last time and YOU still didn’t figure it out. This time, without the data I can tell that when a candidate is up by 10 plus points in multiple polls and counting is being dragged on days after, maybe it’s not ok. Combine that with the hundreds of thousands of fake signatures from the same counties which were NOT addressed by rule changes, and why do you expect something different?. I know I don’t. Those on the left will find out the hard way, when they no longer have any food and finally vote differently, but those paying attention already know.

Police political gulag’s have already started for Jan 6 (and others) but the federalies are also completely ignoring the fourth amendment. No knock warrants should be 100 percent illegal, but the FBI agents are so crazy, they are even doing it to bloggers. Lives will be lost right along with the complete and utter destruction of our country.

I’ve predicted Lake will lose too. Two to 4 more days of surprise counts, for an election that only 8 years ago, happened in a few hours. So many similar situations across the country.

Now they are on full Trump attack, RINO’s saying nobody likes Trump. It’s working too. I had a conservative coworker tell me that and they also know Trump won the last election. I told them that he had more votes than any president in history. How is that ‘unpopular’? No answer for that. Republicans even won the popular vote this year, for the first time in ever, but lost the mail-in cheat states this year and apparently NOBODY in the media can do that sort of math.

I get that leftists and Rino’s (especially those on the take) don’t like him. I even get that pseudocons are falling for the 8 years of continual completely fabricated attacks on Trump by this fake unelected government. This does not change the fact that Trump DID win, and Trump can win again too but he can only win the voters, he can not win the vote count. He, nor any other conservative, will be winning the count in the next 20 years. That also doesn’t change the fact that others may be better in the job.

FAKE NEWS, FAKE GOVERNMENT.Fake patriots, and dumfux who don’t know that we have literally lost everything.

If you don’t know that, I’m looking in your eyes right now.

Tay appension MORONS.

My “Free Speech” Zone is Anywhere I’m Standing

I think today will be another Gateway Pundit day. Today we find that journalists, who were declined a pass to take a video camera into Maricopa county election area for a press conference, because they are conservatives who walk toward the fire and report on fraud. In this case, they were forced to stand in THE free speech zone, many hundreds of yards away.

Leftist cameras were given their pass but I have no idea what was filmed or deleted.

Kari Lake won the state by a ton, but I still believe she will be denied the Governorship. Over the past 200 years, Maricopa, was able to count ballots quickly. Since the inception of fake COVID ballots in Arizona, it takes a bit longer to count. — 15 times or so longer. By some very simple analyses, over 225,000 fake ballots were entered for non-voters in the 2020 election in Arizona in just this single county. Images from 2020 of FAKE ballot signatures are below.

It is happening again – because nothing changed.

More here.

Rest assured, every trailer mom is a natural graphologist. Your votes are in good hands. Good night folks.

Gateway Pundit has the Data

I can’t find the data yet, so if a reader can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

These two ballot dumps don’t actually look statistically suspicious to me except for their magnitude but I don’t have the data. The difference is that it actually looks like Detroit turned in some FAKE Republican votes this year instead of just 100% Democrat votes. Maybe the crooks are getting better. The second circled event may be Wayne county but both have a significant fraction of republican contribution. Without raw data, I can’t produce graphs like the one below from the 2020 election with CLEAR proven widespread fraud at the far right..

(UPDATE: since writing this, I’ve realized that the Detroit vans of the original post are timed perfectly with these two events. – see below)

By the way, if that point on the far right ceases to exist in 2022, it would be more evidence of my being completely correct in 2020, and from this first graph above, I think it vanished. The 23:1 ratio of voters doesn’t seem to exist in the above plot, there is always a Republican component in 2022. As though one of the largest left-wing voting blocks ever seen in the history of the world, left the planet.

This is what it looked like in 2020. The blue arrows indicate nearly exclusively democrat steps/ballots. There were more unusual events in Michigan 2020, but I only picked the crazy ones.

I’m not visually seeing that in figure 1. What Nepal? Where did the huge one sided Democrat votes go? Giggle.

The below image, however, is VERY suspicious, more than suspicious even, and has been standard operating procedure for the FRAUD for the last 20 years in Michigan. Reported exclusively by the Gateway Pundit. If I ever find myself standing next to this thing, I’m tearing every box apart with a camera in hand. I won’t, because I’m old and they would arrest me — rather than arrest of those stealing our rights.

You should understand, with zero doubt, that sucker right there — is probably full of fake ballots. It absolutely was in 2020. I have no data yet this year but the white van has been discussed in Michigan news for over 20 years now.

As I have repeatedly told you, this was going to happen, and here it is again.

We can exclusively report that the City of Detroit was handling and beginning to process a significant number of ballots at 11:30 PM on election night.

The Gateway Pundit

We can exclusively report that the City of Detroit was handling and beginning to process more ballots at 1:22 AM on election night.

The Gateway Pundit

Below however, is the money paragraph.

Every Michigan ‘drop box’ is required to have a high-definition camera covering its location at all times. Michigan Patriots painstakingly examined the video from 2020 to determine how many legal votes could reasonably have been cast by dropping off ballots in the drop boxes, and the last hour of operation in 2020 the answer was about 100. The entire last day of operation showed that less than a thousand cast ballots by dropping them in ballot drop boxes. So there is no realistic way these observed ballots came from that source, and if they did not come from drop boxes, where did they come from?

In 2020, there were hundreds of thousands of ballots turned in after midnight, but the cameras only could see a few voters. These ballots are 100 percent fake. Fake ballots, manufactured in huge numbers by the citizens of Detroit Wayne county for non-voters and fed into machines. Numerous Detroit residents did report this year (2022) that someone someone had already voted for them. This is why we keep finding machines hooked to the network, the lists of non-voters are being transmitted and ballots are being manufactured.


Every state should delete their voter database today and have re-registering with photo id, including photo identification each time you vote. The shift in voter demographics would shock those of you who listen to leftist news. Dummies would be very disappointed with the next election.

Id Was Right Again — Part #3

One of us bashed the polls. One of us said we have lost the right to decide who the deciders are. One of us here put his butt out there and gave no sht’s about the FIB. One of us has been contacted by the rubber glove globalists, for this exact same blog.

I can’t even pay for the vote data this time. They won’t take my money.

I have shown you proof that Biden did not win, I can tell you that I don’t believe Whitmer won. Nor do I believe that Kari Lake lost. — she hasn’t even officially lost at this point – but she will.

I did tell you this a long time ago so as the data flows in from this election, remember what I said.

I don’t care which side you are on, we have LOST the right to vote.

It’s fun watching people be surprised and pretend to be surprised. Some of us are not surprised. One of my several hundred readers is an aeronautical engineer and part-time data analyst. — not you josh. Yeah, its me.

The news started the lack of Republican turnout message before 7 pm. The local voting center was 3X the last vote. Everyone waited in line. They had stickers, hats and whatever else just FYI. Lack of turnout is a FAKE message.

The giant red wave, which is absolutely the WILL OF THE PEOPLE has been negated

two times.

Can’t wait for the dummies to figure out that when they are starving, hands out for Democrat checks and try to change their vote.

I wrote all of this post today on fraud at this exact moment with zero voting data other than anecdotal, and the claims of Dem success. It will be fun when/if I can get a hold of the data. That is the point of this post, when the data comes in, like Mrs Cleo, I am “future” predicting, as opposed to the other kind, that it will rival the statistical stupidity of the 2020 Trump election.


I’m an Environmentalist Whacko

Like all of the climate bloggers I have ever met, we actually care about the environment. For us climate skeptics, the difference in ‘caring’ is that we care where it matters. Water has always been my thing. I have a friend who studied hydrogeology and taught me several things about underground water. It’s amazing how it makes sense. Check this out..

That cone of depression is a serious advantage for humans during cleanup from the random asshats who dumped chromium plating solutions DIRECTLY onto the ground in the 70’s. THEY STILL DO IT TODAY IN CHINA. I have personally seen it. This simple looking drawing has enough detail to talk for at least 20 minutes on.

If you imagine a brownfield of dirt, fully contaminated with say Uranium 236. A caring person such as a normal non-internet human, would need to get it out of the dirt. Rainwater would mobilize the element and how would you then collect it? The drawing above shows how it is done.

The reason the cleanup works is that if you pump enough water from the ground, it flows to the well and cleans the ground over huge amounts of time. The water needs to be sent to a treatment plant capable of removing the pollutant. In our area, we have a fantastic filter plant, or so the government has told me. Massive, contaminated water, is sent there before release back to the city or ground.

They have a “brownsite” we considered building on. it has a big pump which reverses groundwater flow for MILES around. Massive water movement, mentally visualize a cone affecting MILES. From that experience, we learned that the reason you cannot use a brownsite is that the federal government considers you liable for the pollution ON that same site. You literally accept all financial blame, even though it is fully recognized to have happened before you owned it. How stupid is that?

I’m very lucky (a two direction claim). In that case, not buying the brownsite turned out very nicely for me as it drove us to somewhere much much better. If I had my way, the chromium dumping guys who don’t learn may even be looking at nooses. Not joking, it’s a huge dangerous mess.

So an oil spill sounds like something I would be very worried about, but I am not. It turns out that OIL, unlike chromium, is a hyrdrocarbon. Decayed plant matter. Rotten leaves. Million year dead stuff and such. There is a lot more plant mass than animal in the ground, from that aspect, plants are the lords of this world.

You could take 17 tankers of oil and dump them all in the ocean and I would roll over in bed. Locally, the oil is consumed by bacteria at a rate which kills the fish by oxygen starvation. Think about that. The fish die because the oil is consumed that quickly.

Birds definitely die and beaches look like crap.

Geophysicist Kelly Martin knows better than me.

In warm water, like the Gulf of Mexico, microorganisms eat the oil, and we only clean up what we can trap at the surface or the animals that get ‘slicked’. The main goals of clean-ups in warm water are to 1) Limit the oil that reaches beaches and wetlands, since those are a pain to clean up; 2) Limit the size of the dead zones created when the oil-eating microorganisms use up all the oxygen in the water; and 3) Keep pictures of suffocated birds and dolphins from upsetting the public.

In cold water, the natural degradation of the oil is much much slower. Oil soaked into the sand and mud of Prince William Sound, and very little in the natural environment breaks it down. For years after the spill, someone went out every summer to clean the oily sand exposed by the changes winter and spring weather bring to the beaches. Over time, they cleaned most of the areas regularly exposed by storms.

Now the remaining oil is mostly stuck in the subsurface along the beaches. It will probably take decades for it to degrade and for the resulting compounds to disperse. Scientists think it is better to leave the oil sequestered in place now, rather than spending a lot more money digging it out. Since it is now rarely exposed at the surface of the sediments, the oil’s presence poses little hazard to animals and the area’s ecosystem.

Chromium causes centuries long damage, can ruin your life, oil is a visual thing which gets consumed by bacteria in something like 10 years. Unless you identify as a bird or a fish, you are very unlikely to be harmed by spilled oil. Deepwater Horizon was likely worse than anything humans have done previously with oil. AND THE BIGGEST, MOST OVER-FUNDED EXTREMISTS LITERALLY COULD NOT FIND ANY DAMAGE.

If you recall, Deepwater Horizon went on for months. Blasting raw oil into the ocean water. Afterward, they sent many submarines of activists/scientists, who even dug into the ground looking for oil. The activists goal was to find DAMAGE and charge BIG oil BIG money. They found NOTHING….. Had to be the largest, ugliest, most uncontrolled oil spill in the history of the planet.

Nothing was found.

No damage at all.

The reason nothing was found is because the OIL contains a large amount of chemical energy, and biology will eat the hell out of it — no matter how you feel about it.

Oxygen + Oil = Zero

Nothing New Under the Sun

The big post this weekend got picked up by Citizen Free Press, and Gateway Pundit. Well over 10,000 views, thanks much to both of them but the big thanks goes to Dr. Spencer who identified the modeling problem in the most simple graph possible. People don’t understand how hard it is to make things simple.

This post however, deals with GRAVE injustice done yet again to those who would dare question this increasingly fascist and unconstitutional American government.

BREAKING: Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips RELEASED From Prison – Here’s The Latest…

This may be the first time in U.S. history that Americans have been jailed in a federal civil defamation suit.

Why were they imprisoned? Because the judge, using the powers of complete stupidity, treated them as enemies of the state rather than understanding what he was looking at. He treated them as the January 6 protesters are being treated. Automatic guilt for the AUDACITY of questioning an election.


Reborn in America, where the government has more money and power than god.

At least they are free — for the moment.

Kane at Citizen Free Press wrote that tomorrow’s election is an IQ test.

He’s not wrong.