The Future of America

I do love Trump.

He did nothing wrong and shouldn’t panic. The problem is that he still wants to run so he’s afraid of the lack of support. Same problem a lot of politicians have.

In my opinion, the presidency is a job you take ONLY when you really don’t want the job. The fake conservative party is the true road kill this time. We see them very clearly right now. It will change my votes from now until the end of time. None of those conservatives who did not fight for truth are good enough. Not one.

The fight now shifts folks. Now we need to organize and fight for the citizen right to vote. Voting as a human right. Voting only once, as anything else is the theft of anther’s most basic human right. If each invested party (citizen) votes once and only once, then common sense will win and the uni-party fails.

Today common sense is wholly owned by true conservatives. Those who believe in the conservation of rule of law as a means of governance and believe in following and conserving the constitution as written. The left today isn’t John Kennedy’s party and doesn’t have a nickel’s worth of sense to rub together. There is no gray area where Democrats meet that low bar today so by its nature, this is a conservative (not Republican) cause.

It will be a long battle but the battle exists and must be met. I plan to find any organization, any method, any people who are like minded and will do my part to correct this destruction of human dignity. It cannot stand, or there will be war and strife for our children. Decisions cannot be made by a minority or those with no stake in the outcome. We left our children massive debt, a pile of laws so large that you cannot follow them, and a dysfunctional POS government which doesn’t adhere to its own law.

Time to fix it.

What drives me personally is data. Simple calculations from this election show that the vote fraud by Democrats was 20 million illegal votes. These are 20 million actual humans who’s right to vote has been stolen. Their most basic dignity taken in the dark of night such that bad people can alter government for the sole purpose of self. This is 30% over what their true support was in this election. We have two to four years to clean it up. No more.

It isn’t impossible, but it’s damned close. I will not yet go to war physically, but the cold war that we are forced into needs an army. We must monitor, expose and place everything we find in the eye of the public. Every rule must be examined and corrected. Lawyers, programmers, analysts, arm-chair sleuths. Anyone with an interest in fairness, human rights and the correct application of the rule of law now has an obligation.

I’m sorry for your new jobs folks. You lost a lot of your future time but the cause is just and you were not given a choice.

Find any way you can help.

do it.

I will.

16 thoughts on “The Future of America

  1. I will do my part too.

    One thing we have to realize is that we are completely free now, Trump freed us. The social contract has been broken. We are no longer obligated to play by any set of rules and it will be to our detriment if we do.

    The solution is not to try and change the system from within, we tried, we played by the rules and failed.

    The answer is to say no to what we individually don’t agree with. We will no longer obey and if they try to force us to obey I will use force against them.

    We are 100 million strong, all we have to do is get off our knees and stand up like men.

    Just say no.

    1. “We are no longer obligated to play by any set of rules ”
      Except we are in a boxing match wearing 16 oz gloves and our opponent is using brass knuckles and a baseball bat and the referee is the brother of our opponent.

  2. 1/2 of our country either doesn’t know the election was stolen, doesn’t care or they even approve of it.
    That’s not what frightens me.
    The fact that every single elected republican did not defend the President is what bothers me the most.
    I still don’t know that I can accept the fact that a Presidential election was stolen in plain view.

  3. Does anyone know all the states that publicly admitted changing the election rules without the Legislature’s permission? They unwittingly declared (practically bragged about) violating Article 2, Section 1. Their facts aren’t disputed and the law is clear, so even voter fraud is irrelevant in those states because their electors are automatically null and void. Did anyone get 270 electoral votes? Since Congress has declared the Constitution null and void it doesn’t matter, I’m just curious.

  4. In the State of Washington the Secretary of State’s office is in charge of elections. In this “Blue” state (west of the Cascade Mtns. + college towns), a Republican – Kim Wyman – is Sec. of State. She likely has more experience with elections than anyone else you could name.
    The State has a long history of mail-out ballots and information, with returns by several methods.
    Numerous other states have asked about how the mail-out procedures work. Her answer is that “it took WA several iterations to make it really good – and you can’t do it in ½ a year.” WA has done an almost 100% mail-out system for 11 years, some counties longer.
    Citizens of WA, and a few other states, watch the news from other places (with long lines and all the problems) and we wonder what the &*%$#@ are those people doing.

    So to answer Akbbear (above): Not an issue in the State of Washington.

    [for the record: I second Jeff’s comment – I do love Trump.]

    1. You know Phil, your comment here gives me some peace. At least some folks can still see data and understand that we don’t get to choose whether something is true or not.

      Were this election data clean, I wouldn’t write about it and I would argue against the fraud. Unfortunately for thinking folks, this is extremely obvious.

  5. Term limits are the only way your going to achieve the desired outcome. No one can be trusted, especially not political parties. You could probably exchange the libertarians with the republicans and get about the same outcome after a certain amount of time. Also, you cannot have lifetime Judges, they need to be frequently evaluated relative to the constitution, otherwise, they just become another form of dictator. I do agree with you though, SKIN IN THE GAME, has become a HUGE HUGE problem. Donald Trump’s time would probably be better spent pursuing this outcome, it does not matter if he is re-elected. The presidency already exercises too much power anyway. WE NEED BALLOT MEASURES TO ENACT THIS. I am personally actively promoting this, otherwise, you are never going to actually drain the swamp. Direct democracy would also be on the wish-list. If you stick with the current system, your gonna continue to get the same e-ffing crap you have always gotten. Rearrange your thinking too, provide the incentives and I will give you the outcomes and only then can you see the light. It is not necessarily the cream that rises to the top, and as philosopher John Gray has mentioned, it is not necessarily good people that pass on their progeny either.

  6. The longer a judge is on the bench, the longer folks have to find or manufacture the skeleton in the closet. True for any politician, especially those folks that take dollars from lobbyists and PACs to support their campaigns. That was one of the things I liked about Trump, he didn’t appear to have any ties to those sorts. This is also probably the main reason the deep state hated him so much – they had no levers at all. At least their behavior made me think they also thought that he couldn’t be bought or persuaded.

  7. May not be, but I believe this CIA report was issued to warn dissenting Americans that they (the CIA) have been spying on American citizens for decades. The CIA holds you and all you hold dear in its hands. Tough to be you if you interrupt important plans. But maybe I’m just too suspicious after the last four years.

    Intelligence: Big Brother Spies On Spies

    “The CIA has concluded that their overseas espionage efforts have suffered long-term damage as a result of several hacking operations that obtained personnel records for most of the U.S. population. …”

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