11 thoughts on “No More War Please

    1. I see no win.

      No purpose.

      Lots of dead young men.

      Makes me angry. So many thefts of rights and the leftists destroy on as though we shouldn’t notice.

      The sky will be on fire and they will demand free sunblock and reparations but never admit guilt.

  1. This video is shameful apologism for a murderous war of aggression. And it isn’t even well argued.

    “The truth is coming out that this war was not started by Russia. That Russia begged us not to try and drag Ukraine into nato. We ignored Russia. And Russia made it very clear that they were gonna defend their national interest. All they wanted was neutrality for Ukraine.”

    Ukraine is a sovereign nation. Russia has no right to enforce neutrality on it, nor to choose Ukraine’s allies for them. Therefore protecting that “right” is not a valid pretext for invading Ukraine, shelling their cities, stealing their land, and murdering their civilians.

    Russia did start the war. Obviously, they rolled tanks across the border. My god, what a twisted logic to claim otherwise.

    Finally, the idea that Ukraine is obligated to remain neutral, after Russia invaded and stole their land in 2014, is laughable.

    Absolutely shameful.

      1. While the linked video paints Russia as the victim, and you are implying their role is equal to America’s, the truth is they are the aggressor. Only one “side” is invading another country and slaughtering their civilians. It’s not so complicated…

        You may have posted about this before, but what is your ideal resolution to this war, given you cannot change Russia’s actions? You would have everyone stop giving supplies to Ukraine? Presumably resulting in full Russian conquest?

        1. I simply want no more war. I’m sorry if you feel that I’ve implied that the leftist Russia or the leftist Ukraine is some kind of good guy.

        2. I think a good leader could finish this war pretty quickly. It would come through some negotiation but funding a war with no stated intent or requirement to finish said war, is stupid.

        3. I also want no more war, but how do you propose that be accomplished? Russia is an autocracy and will do whatever Putin wants. Putin wants to conquer Ukraine and will kill any number of Ukrainians to do so. We’ve pretty much exhausted the standard diplomacy which is sanctions. Can’t credibly threaten direct US military involvement. What is your proposed next move?

          As for the intent and goals of the war: the intent of supporting Ukraine is for them not to be conquered by Russia. The requirement for finishing is for Russia to pull out of Ukraine.

          1. The right leader would have threatened involvement before it started.


            I think a proper phone call demanding this needs to end before someone gets really hurt would be a good beginning. That could at least start the conversation. But the conversation isn’t even happening.

            I don’t believe the colonel that the US is out of weapons. We do use and give away far too many of them.

          2. So threaten escalation to direct us involvement. But do you actually think we should follow through on that threat and directly attack Russia?

            If not you are proposing a bluff. Russia is smart enough to call a bluff and ignore it until an attack actually occurred.

          3. “If not you are proposing a bluff. Russia is smart enough to call a bluff and ignore it until an attack actually occurred.”

            I don’t think it would be a bluff and Europe would be required to handle the mess they helped create. Nato didn’t need Ukraine and it forced Russia’s timeline to take the thing they wanted.

            You now need to draw some line basically carving the port chunk Russia really wanted and negotiate for an end. At this point, pushing Russia out completely is a non-starter as Putin personally would lose everything and has few reasons not to escalate. So now people who don’t want to be Russian can move east. Other than that, I would force Europe to do their part or absolutely let Putin take Ukraine rather than keep this stupidity going.

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